22 article types that really bring visitors

22 article types that really bring visitorsThere are a number of different types of articles that you should know and that really bring visitors.

When I started blogging, I didn’t think about it and I don’t sit there today and look for a specific article type from a checklist.

But knowing the different types can help you to make your blog or website more varied and readable and to generate more traffic .

The agony of choice

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If you become aware of the differences between the following types of articles, you can write much better articles. One of the reasons for this is that many bloggers try to be anything with an article. But the more goals you want to achieve with an article, the less contour and recognition this article has.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense that different articles differ significantly from each other.

22 article types that really bring visitors

The following article types came to mind after a while and are of course based on my own experience. I hope I have not forgotten anything important.

(The individual article types are not ordered according to their importance, but are listed in a mess.)


Under promotional articles I mean internal articles that are intended to market a certain new feature, new content or other news of my own blog. For example, if you have started a competition, you should also promote it again in a separate article.

I also use it to make interim reports at blog parades or to present new projects, for example.


Interviews should be known. They always go down well with me and I regularly publish interviews, for example in my board game blog .


Do you have the latest news in your subject area? Then of course you can also publish a news article. It is usually not long, but short and crisp.

Later you can write a detailed article about it.


22 article types that really bring visitorsLists are very popular, both with bloggers and with readers.

You take a certain topic and make a list.

For example, the top 10 WordPress plugins for a specific purpose or the 10 most popular themes .

This can also be lists without links to the outside, e.g. 22 article types. 😉

Link lists

The link lists represent a similar type. However, the focus is on the mere listing of external links. This can be a useful collection of links for specific topics. There are often backlinks too.