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Hosted Email – Truth About Corporate E-Mail Hosting Revealed


There is a brand new hosted email service supplier that internet marketers are excited about called Imnica Mail.
The founder of Imnica Mail is a self-proclaimed online advertising junkie… and he developed this service particularly for internet marketers. Therefore, if you’re seeking to get the absolute most out of your email advertising campaigns (high open rates and higher clickthru prices ), this autoresponder process is quite appealing. And one of the best corporate personal email hosting services (InfusionSoft) is very expensive and not affordable for the masses. So a new hosted email service was required, also Imnica Mail appears to fit the bill.

best email hosting uk
This email autoresponder service is surprisingly robust considering its cost. Everything from A/B split testing (coming in April) to detailed tracking (opens and clickthru rates) to automatic blogging notifications offers up a attractive package for your typical email marketer.
Now if you’re looking for plenty of bells and whistles and need working with a huge business, Imnica Mail is not for you. Imnica Mail is a tiny firm. And also the creator targets purpose instead of looks. But if you are looking to send out thousands of emails in a fraction of what it used to price, Imnica Mail might be for you.
Here are the best features of Imnica Mail:
Relaxed opt-in settings
Many hosted email providers let’s double opt-in generates the very best subscriber. However, that’s not necessarily correct. You have the choice to send emails to people who either confirmed their subscription (i.e. double choice ) or solitary opt-in. A lot of internet entrepreneurs have analyzed both options and locate a single opt-in setting creates more revenue when compared with some double opt-in setting.
Better yet, if you choose to slash your autoresponder monthly charges, your list is never going to learn about it as Imnica Mail transfers your email list to their system FREE… without the need to confirm this with your subscribers. Most other best email hosting uk solutions call for a confirmation (which is a surefire way slash the amount of subscribers on your list).
This really is a UK-based mailing service, so it is not mandatory for the support to impose a”double opt-in” principle (subscribe AND click on a confirmation link) under the CAN-SPAM law here in the States. . This does away with affirmation links (which raises the number of readers on your record ). Double opt-in confirmation typically slashes the size of your list.
Here is the dirty little secret about email marketing. The larger the list, the bigger your earnings. Period. The idea that individual who affirms their subscription (double opt-in) is a much greater chance than a man who doesn’t (single opt-in) just isn’t true.
High delivery rates
From all accounts this ESP is heavily committed to shipping rates.
Imnica Mail uses several automated cleansing systems to insure your email gets delivered. And Imnica Mail is registered with,”… Every white record service we could find” to ensure the greatest possible delivery rate.
The biggest problem with email deliver normally comes from providing to AOL and Yahoo!… these users love to strike on the”This is spam” button instead of your unsubscribe link. If a lot of hit the”spam” button, email could be delayed as small as a couple of hours or even as much as a few days. Imnica Mail keeps in touch with AOL and Yahoo and proceeds to bat for one to remove these roadblocks.
Being new to email delivery is not simple. When you first start out, AOL and Yahoo! have significant trigger fingers… deflecting a great deal of mails to their user’s spam folder. However, as time goes by and trust is gained, you’re able to receive a higher percentage of your email via their spam filters.
Just last January, Imnica Mail was tracked to have 94% of their emails delivered. Today, that rate is currently at 99.7% (100% is impossible to achieve).
Multiple language support
In addition to the standard English option, you can choose between Turkish, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
API stands for “Application Programmers Interface.” It allows software companies to”hook to” Imnica Mail’s system and offer added features. As an instance, third-party applications products such as Delavo, LFM, DLGuard and Nanacast work seemlessly with Imnica Mail via its API alternative offering added benefits such as moving subscribers from one list to another list, unsubscribing a subscriber from a list, or, from many lists.
Offering API is like Apple offering programmers to create”Programs” because of the iPhone — and Apple now boasts the accessibility of over 133,000″apps.”
Imnica Mail is the sole autoresponder service currently supplying API access.
Locked-in pricing
You are rewarded for devotion as existing clients are locked in for life in the cost they signup at (regardless of what new features are introduced). You get each new feature at no extra price. Your monthly fee now will be precisely the exact same 10 months from now or 10 years from now.
Convert blog traffic into readers instantly
The Imnica Mail WordPress Plugin makes it a cinch to bring a lead capture form on each blog page you produce. Just download the plugin, login with your username and password, choose a list to connect with, and slide the Imnica Mail Widget precisely where you want your form to display. It’s really nifty.
Most autoresponders concentrate on drip mailings… prescheduled emails which are sent at times you choose. But Imnica Mail offers innovative broadcast linking… either send a spur-of-the instant email in just a couple of clicks or mechanically send teasers of any blog post you create for your own email list.
Site intellgence
Discover your average open rate, click through rate, subscription speed and unsubscription speed in just a few clicks of your mouse.
Plus, receive detailed tracking reports on each campaign you email.
Most email providers offer basic tracking – telling you that a potential clicked a link. But with Imnica Mail’s Google Analytics integration, then you’re able to monitor everything a contributor does once they clicked a link from inside your mails… see if they signed up to a new record or even purchased a product you offer.
Quick and charming tech service
The organization is found in the uk and provides us with equally charming customer care. For instance, I contacted tech support and got a reply back in less than two hours… ready to help answer any questions I had. That is really impressive.
Improve response mechanically
An email marketer’s best-kept key to generating the best responding emails is to test marginally different versions using A/B split testing.
In April, Imnica Mail will supply A/B split testing. In simple speak, you’re in a position to create a slightly different email message and monitor the best acting. Testing reveals changing your email title (while keeping the rest of your email the same) can double or even triple response.
The best part is Imnica Mail monitors the best-performing mails and then”throttles up” the winning campaigns automatically for you – everything from behind the scenes. That is brilliant.
Bottom line: Is this email autoresponder service for you personally?
The bottom line is Imnica Mail is equally as fantastic as the favorite autoresponder services AWeber Communications and GetResponse, but in a fraction of the price. Because once your listing exceeds 10,000 readers, these more expensive services charge over $65.00 per month (in which Imnica Mail is just $15).
If you are unhappy with your present provider, or maybe you’re trying to find a new low-cost, high-deliverability modern autoresponder then you may want to try out Imnica Mail for another month…
… There’s no reason for you to battle with finding a great domain and email hosting provider. If you’re ready to slash your own autoresponder prices without sacrificing quality, then you might want to take advantage of Imnica Mail’s complete 30-day trial for just $1. And If you’re prepared to acquire new ideas to assist you with your next email blash, you might want to catch these email marketing [] g tips, methods and techniques.