In this category we include everything related to the makeup of your face as a canvas. That is, the use of makeup base, primers , highlighters, blushes, glitters, moisturizers and other beauty products to give a total finish to your facial look.

We recommend you explore the following products:

Make-up primer . Also known as primer , this primer will help you to “level the skin”, tighten pores and allow better absorption of the foundation.

Best foundation for wedding . Choosing your ideal base is complex because it depends on many factors: average or total coverage; with or without sun protection; in cream or bar; or with a roasted or natural effect. We also advise you to try using brushes or sponges to find out which one suits you best.

Ideal blushes for daytime events . Our advice is to go for subtle hints of pink and, if you’re more daring, add soft strokes of yellow, orange or blue, for example.

Face highlighters to highlight certain areas . Lighting is 80% of a photograph. The same goes for makeup. If you know how to illuminate certain areas of your face, you will successfully highlight certain characteristics, such as your nose, cheekbones or temples.

Contouring . Just as lights are key, so are shadows. In this sense, making certain areas of your face look a little darker can help you if you want your cheeks or nose, for example, to look narrower. But beware: do not abuse this technique, since in a day event it can be very ornate.

As an extra trick, we tell you that many influencers and celebrities related to makeup are innovating with the use of fake freckles . If you have an expert level of makeup, or have always dreamed of having these small marks on your face, which by the way give a more youthful air to anyone, we encourage you to try it.

After this long list of tips, tricks and tutorials for your day wedding, LIP MAKEUP TIPS

There are so many fashion makeup brands that it is very difficult to recommend just one pair, but in general terms we suggest you experiment with Korean lip makeup , as they are entering the Spanish market strongly and usually have a very delicate range of colors , subtle and worthy of a bride or a wedding guest.

The trend with this Korean makeup is to make a gradient on the lips or use the colors in a blurred format . Some of the reference brands are Tony Moly, Skin79, Missha and SkinFood, among many others.

You can also experiment with the wide range of colors and textures that Rihanna’s lip makeup offers. The brand is called Fenty Beauty and you can find it in Sephora stores. It is almost impossible that their product line does not have a shade that suits your skin type.HOW TO MAKE LIPS THICKER

If you do not know how to make lips thicker than they already are, then you will have to use other types of makeup techniques. Some ways to enlarge your lips without going through the consultation of a plastic surgeon are the following:

Choose dark and rich colors . A thick lip makeup tends to use powerful shades in the range of reds or very rich, such as plum, purple or burgundy.

Add a second tone . With a couple of touches of a second color on the inside of the lips you will generate a depth effect.

Temporarily increase the volume . There are specific products for temporarily enlarging lips, such as “lip volume” or “plumpers”.

And so, almost magically, you will get a thick lip makeup that will give an extra touch to your face.


The nude shades are all those that cover from taupe and mocha to beige, caramel and even some with orange tones. They are also known as neutral colors and are amazing for a daytime wedding makeup.