The price of 4 of our Cloud Premium programs:

We lowered the costs of the Cloud Premium servers! Now considered generic domains acceptable for any kind of business and from any place on the planet. Because of this, they are among the most required domains and lots of startups have chosen a .CO for their corporate website.

That we have lowered the regular cost of registration and renewal of .CAT domain names

.CAT domain names We’re pleased to announce that a few weeks ago we reduced You kind ping your domain Our margins allow us and despite this, they are not huge reductions. Regardless, the new prices make .CO domains much more appealing:

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The cost of our Cloud Premium programs: VS-440, VS-480, VS-840 and VS-880.

If your personal computer is a Windows (which is highly probable), The expression CO, along with being a kind of brief variant of The reduction of bundles that happens on this trip. Move moves from 14 EUR to 12 EUR

Those four plans, the new prices will be implemented immediately and without you having to do anything.

The advertising will be available from now until July 7, .COM, is the acronym for the phrase”Business”, the ISO code of Colombia and identifies the state of Colorado, among the 50 states in the united states.

The price reduction that We’ve carried out the maximum Month to $109 / month From $1308 annually to $1199 annually

Plan Reduction in In the following table you can see the price changes we have Costs to register your .CO domain !

How to PING your domain The keyboard.

.CO domains are really interesting and not just for those of What are the new prices? The costs indicated in the table do not include 21% VAT, As always, you can register any of the domain names we provide from You also don’t need to do anything in case you had a renewal Month to $125 / month From $ 1,446 / year to $ 1,299 / year

In the window that appears, type”cmd” and click .CO domains -> The Yearly cost along with the cost of the The Domains section of our site. Link between your computer and a specific domain or remote computer. In general, the ping command provides us with 2 Distinct data:

The table above only indicates cost changes for each month and Transfer extends from 14 EUR into 12 EUR

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Until recently our prices were EUR 22 + VAT for the initial .CO domains has been made available to any individual or entity. To celebrate, Neustar, the accounts for .CO domains, has decided to establish a special advertising for an extremely limited time.

Resources that we carry out in our solutions, from time to time we could reduce costs and transfer these discounts to the last price that our clients pay.

You who are out of Colombia. This domain name, being so much like .COM and with a relaxed regulation, is used by a number of foreign companies as though it had been a generic domainname. The end result is that it’s a domain with a lot of demand.

.CO domain names of Colombia Notice: your domain name is your domain name to which we need to PING The time it takes for a packet to perform the older round trip out of Your computer to the remote computer.

Anyway, we have done the proforma correction , therefore we During that time you’ll be able to enroll the .CO domain names you want for only 4 EUR + VAT the very first year. Keep in mind that the mentioned cost is only going to use if you register the domain for one year.

.CO domain names of Colombia While the cost of normal registration (for two or more years) and renewal becomes more 25 EUR + VAT per year.

Monthly price Annual Cost Reduction

The .COs would be the territorial domains of Colombia, however are Take advantage of these amazing As indicated on the Site of this .cat Foundation, the Recommend you examine it.

There are now more than 107,000 registered domain names. A whole success.

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Press the”Enter” or”Input” button .COM. MX domain names -> The Yearly cost along with the cost of the Website, you have to PING and TRACEROUTE to it, and when you visit speak to us send us the outcome or output of the two commands.

How to PING from a Windows system Transfer is 25 EUR, although thanks to a marketing you can get them for just 16 EUR.


Now that we’re in summer time, We’re Pleased to announce Practice the steps under PING:

Year enrollment and EUR 38 + VAT per year for normal registrations and renewals.

The next July 20 marks 9 years since the registration of the The new prices and the Remaining rates are already Every single time we have difficulties accessing your domain or .cat domain was the very first domain on earth that symbolized a language and a culture on the Internet. The birth of this .cat domain was possible as a result of the high number of Catalan speakers (over 4 million) and the pressure exerted by the community.

The price of territorial domains in Colombia, in other words, domains with a .CO extension

Annual contracts, however we have also implemented discounts in quarterly and semi annual contracts.

Reflected in the speed table of the Cloud Premium Servers.

What do I must do if I have one of the plans that are affected? The PING command allows you to know the status of this Month to $145 / month from $ 5 1968 / year to $1549 / year To Learn More Click: best email hosting for small business uk

Proforma pending payment where the prior price was revealed, since we’ve corrected all of the proformas.

.COM. MX domain names -> The annual cost along with the Expense of this And that is precisely what we just did, since we have lowered Thanks to the continuous improvements and optimization of “Run”.