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Travel clothing in spring and summer
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What to put in the suitcase before leaving?

What are the most suitable items for a trip?

Is it better to take everything or select the most suitable clothes? Is there real travel clothing?

What should never be missing in your backpack or trolley?

The questions are always many when you are preparing to pack your

bonanza satrangi suitcase for a trip , especially when you visit the destination for the first time and the weather forecasts are conflicting. The day before leaving is what we usually dedicate to the selection of garments to be worn or put in the luggage. For the choice we generally do not opt ​​on the aesthetic aspect of the clothes, we see the fashion side a little detached from the concept of travel and discovery, maybe we are looking for something that is suitable for the whole family . So we focus on some main features such as, lightness , practicality , versatility , ease of being foldedand the fact that for certain garments it is possible to wash them easily and above all quickly .

travel clothing backpack
Canadian’s backpack in Eindhoven

The choice of travel clothing for us also comes from the awareness that each garment, whether it is a jacket or trousers, has the priority of protecting our body , especially that of children, by traveling often with the family. We find ourselves having to interact with important elements of nature, wind , rain , cold but also hot . Which garments to choose? How to make the selection and what to pack before leaving?

A light suitcase first of all
It is one of our workhorses. Maybe we started flying with

rang rasiya low-cost airlines but the fact of having light trolleys or backpacks is one of the priorities in every departure. The choice of what to take with you is not only in the number of things, but also in the quality of the garments that make up our travel clothing. Shoes and clothes don’t have to weigh a lot . This detail allows us to remain within the 10kg threshold for hand luggage (sometimes even 8kg) and not to overload the back if we use the backpack. But not only that, traveling with light luggage means moving more freelybetween airports, transfers, hotels and destinations. Less stress and less fatigue means a trip with an extra gear.

family travel clothing
NANTUCKET MICRO ° LITE HOODY with us at Nemo in Amsterdam

Precisely on these issues, we had the opportunity to test some clothing , in collaboration with Canadian travel clothing manufacturer, already during our recent trip to Holland, 45 days of tour in the Netherlands between Eindhoven , Utrecht and Amsterdam , but a test that will also last for the next 6 months. In this case, to protect us from the cold wind that blows even in the spring months at these latitudes, we opted for NANTUCKET MICRO ° LITE HOODY, a very light and reversible fleece. Its function is to protect with windproof fabric

sobia nazir and maintain body temperature with fleece. It is equipped with two comfortable pockets for storing some objects and a hood. In Holland the weather changes suddenly this season and this accessory, sometimes loved, sometimes less, was proverbial when, for example, we forgot the caps of the whole family in the hotel and we were already 50 km away! Nantucket we have used it all , me, Giulia and children, with the front zip it is convenient to dose the body temperature and does not bother the children, as I said before it is very light, it seems not to have it on , it is warm, it can also be worn as a second layer (in this post we talked aboutlike dressing in layers ), in a suitcase it takes up very little space and folds easily.

Which t-shirt for travel clothing?
There is nothing worse than keeping clothes wet , especially if there is wind, cold, especially for children. The best solution is to opt for technical t-shirts . What does it mean? Fabrics have evolved a lot in recent years, such as the knowledge that cotton is warm but tends to absorb body moisture , and worse to maintain it.

Traveling is inevitable to sweat, often you go from heated rooms such as the airport halls directly outside, and it is not possible to undress and get dressed , but there are also long journeys in the corridors leading to the gates, Schiphol for example has certain really of infinite length. I also think of the passages in the subway, hot cold, at any moment, or the shopping centers with ball air conditioning in the summer months or the oversize heating even in the passing seasons.

And here the breathable technical fabric comes to our aid . First of all, it does not retain moisture, ie it allows the passage of water vapor from the skin to the outside, if then the second layer is also breathable, as in the case of the Nantucket jacket that we have seen above, the game is done: yes stay dry!

travel t-shirt
BAMBOO BABEL T-SHIRT inside in our Canadian backpack – travel clothing

On our trip to Holland we combined the need to have a light and breathable shirt with a little touch of aesthetics. Our BAMBOO BABEL T-SHIRT is light, made of technical polyester fabric mixed with bamboo fiber, which contains carbon and reflects body radiation, allowing the right comfort while not retaining water vapor . But we liked

motifz Bamboo’s Bamboo Babel T-Shirt right away not only for its technical qualities, this shirt is also brilliant in terms of communication. On the front there is a series of icons that recall the usual needs of a traveler. There is the drawing of the hospital, that of the mail or that of the wifi. Become an exceptional visual communication tool for every traveler. I think about when I found myself in Cambodia in a village where no one spoke English and I needed to find the bus stop for Phnom Penh, I am sure that this t-shirt would have been of great help to me , that’s why we decided to hire them in our travel wardrobe, useful and comfortable.

Bamboo Babel washes easily and dries in an instant, excellent for travel with mini luggage like ours in e-bike in the Rhine Valley .

Never travel without a backpack again
Since we started to travel more frequently we have noticed the real comfort of using a backpack while traveling . Having your hands free on every occasion , to hold your baby by the hand or to take a photo in front of something extraordinarily unmissable, is an important thing. Not a giant backpack possibly, one of acceptable size and weight, so that it does not constitute an excessive load for the shoulders but at the same time that allows you to keep all those things that we need when we are out and about.

For example, in my backpack I carry my notebook on the road, we often write for blogs and we almost never separate from it, the action cam with its accessories, basic medicines, such as tachipirine or ibuprofen, a second travel battery , I recently took this and it allows me almost 5 full charges of the smartphone, the reflex or the 360 ° camera and a small aluminum tripod. In my backpack I also put wet wipes, paper tissues, documents and reservations, the travel diary, yes I also use a traditional notebook, and finally the Regent wifi headphones .

The backpack for us is part of the travel clothing , so much so that we have instilled a bit of this philosophy in our kids too. When we leave in four, we start with 4 backpacks. For spring and summer we have chosen AME MURA PRO and PACKABLE BACKPACK . The first is a backpack that we can also use in the city with a computer pocket, it also has a very useful cover for rain, two days ago at the Floating Flower Market in Amsterdam it was really useful to us, a shower arrived in a few seconds and inside we had tickets for the garden on the boat ride. The second is a sporty backpack, resistant but very light, therefore perfect for traveling. An internal pocket for documents or a tablet, two external pockets for water, we never move without a water bottle or bottle of water, and still two zip pockets, one above, excellent for glasses for example, and one on the back where I keep things to have on hand such as the geographical map for example.

hostel room stayokay
In our room at StayOkay in Utrecht with Canadian’s AME MURA PRO

The inevitable accessories in the traveler’s suitcase
Every time we pack, we prepare everything on the bed or on the floor in a sort of visual memo or outfit of everything we need for travel clothing. Among the things we try not to forget are socks suitable for walking, better those for elastic trekking , so they do not move on the foot and avoid blisters on the foot. In Holland we have tested the Trekker Socks of Canadian , initially the feeling is that of a very snug sock, worn for the entire day, however, the effect at the end of the day was that of well-being and absolute comfort.

Better to keep a neck warmer in your suitcase or backpack among travel clothing , especially when traveling in the countries of Northern Europe the weather often changes, extra protection for the throat such as MICRO JERSEY GAITER becomes essential, especially for our children who are subject to cough.

Keukenhof Amsterdam backpack
In front of the tulip fields of the Keukenhof in Amsterdam – travel clothing with Canadian backpack

Last but not least, for the incoming travel season we have chosen a pen holder from Canadian accessories to prevent a pencil or a ballpoint pen from ruining other things in the backpack ( KOBE ) and a belt with a secret pocket to keep alive , excellent for storing emergency cash on the go, it’s called 180 ° MONEY BELT .