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Although animations had already become fashionable lately even years – this season they’ll be much more so. It is an effect which gives the website a great deal of dynamism, but its use must be done carefully so as not to reload the websites.

Below we’ll explain in brief steps, the way to bring an extra domain name to your hosting account.


Among the latest trends is modular layout. The concept is that each element is presented as an independent module, because it’s inspired by Pinterest. By using this tutorial you can add a domain to your hosting accounts quickly and easily. EXCLUSIVE DESIGN FOR MOBILE DEVICES

Though reactive website design is the method that’s been taken in the past few decades, designs in mobile versions will grow more and more widespread. At times the elements are not completely adjusted to the different screens, as we’d prefer, something that doesn’t happen when creating a mobile version of our website.

2017 endings and enjoy every year, it is a good idea to review what is coming during the next 365 times concerning web design to know about what your site needs. And it’s that web design is constantly evolving, thus discovering new structures and formats to make a web page. Loa Heros are thought as covers of a site and their outcome is visually quite attractive.

Premium Vector | Composition with giant tablet pc, letter in envelope on  screen, group of working people or team of marketers. email marketing,  internet advertisement, online promotion. flat vector illustration.

Hero website design

Two – When the above is done, you must enter cPanel and select the option DOMAIN / Additional Domains

In INC we’ve got a whole group of experts who will help you 24/7 so that you can manage your hosting accounts in the very best way and make your business grow online.

Are you considering making your business site? In INC we tell you exactly what the trends are to this 2018 and be successful with your online enterprise. The purpose is to occupy few design elements to be able to focus the objective that the website pursues, be it selling a product, getting a quotation or getting a user to complete a form.

Minimalist website design

One of the main advantages when it comes to having an extra domain is that you can handle your entire sites from the same cPanel, which makes it far more user friendly and comfortable for you. GRADIENT COLORS

Another impact that will be accepted this year is the gradient colors in certain backgrounds or in some elements of a web site. As with the previous point, it is not a good idea to load the layouts with gradients, but if they are handled with intelligence and quantify, they supply a creative touch. Take a Look at responsvie website design vs. Mobile model by clicking here

In short, animating buttons or some details of this site gives a contemporary and clean air, but you have to be very careful when doing it.

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An extremely relevant recommendation when implementing these fonts would be to utilize them in logos or prominent regions of your company’s site, like the headlines or internet header.

Extra Domain Tutorial It is apparent that web design isn’t an specific science or someone has the complete truth on the subject, however, in case there are some trends that have begun to reveal and that during this year, they will be observed with greater emphasis. Let’s see exactly what they are…

4- click on”Add Domain” and with this your extra domain will be configured, the files of the internet page of the domain has to be added in the Root Directory folder.

Added domain 2

Mobile version website design

By way of example, if you have the simple SSD hosting program, with delegated 7GB of space and your primary account only occupies 3GB, you’ll have 4GB to your additional domain , as well as most of the tools your hosting.

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We are aware that the world of web hosting can be somewhat complicated to comprehend, so many times we do not end up taking advantage of it. For this reason, at INC we would like to offer you all the necessary information to produce your web hosting function 100%. CUSTOM FONTS

Another facet that has been evolving lately and that is going to continue to be developed during the next season is personalized or handmade fonts. This, since they give an exclusive personality to your small business, another touch that’s very essential today. In INC we encourage entrepreneurs with their business online, whether with internet hosting, corporate emails or just with the necessary information so that your business reaches the top. Don’t wait any longer and skyrocket your sales!

Depending on the contracted hosting plan, you will have the choice of hosting more than one domainname, but you need to take into account that each new domain added to your hosting accounts will share the resources you’ve contracted with your additional domain , including disk space, email accounts, monthly transfer, etc.. Easy and MINIMALIST DESIGNS

Minimalism is a fad that has been dragging on for many years, always using the assumption that less is more. The main characteristics that stand out in these designs are related to white or very light backgrounds, a single typeface colour and a layout with few components. HERO

One of the most recent trends in web design are the so called Heros. These are essentially full width pictures to catch the user’s attention at a glimpse. Including reestablish the tendency of recent decades which were the slides with various pictures on the websites, because of the time that it takes for them to be displayed and the number of resources they have to be loaded.

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What’s AN ADDITIONAL DOMAIN? A fantastic idea is to make a gradient using two colours, one for your major one and the other as a complement.

The major characteristic is that the design arises from different elements with a square shape. Furthermore, the modular design allows a right adaptation to most devices, which makes it responsive.

The absolute most essential thing of all is that, even if it is using a mobile model or a responsive design, the user experience must be guaranteed when browsing.

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Customized typography web design

3- Insert the domain in the box that states”New domain name”, the subdomain and root directory will be generated automatically