Safest Cloud Storage Guide For You

Cloud storage is the name given to the technology that allows you to transfer your company data via the internet or another network and access it when necessary. There are free cloud storage systems for individual use and a paid and professional service can be purchased for corporate use. In cloud storage, security is at the forefront and for the safest cloud storage; the features of the service offered by the companies should be looked at. Cloud Storage and Features Today there are hundreds of different cloud storage solutions. In addition to personal purposes such as personal email hosting people’s e-mails or storing images, there are cloud storage solutions for the needs of commercial businesses. Cloud storage systems are shaped by considering the needs of the person or institution that will benefit from this service and the system is created by taking into account the customer needs of the authorization and access channels. There are three different cloud storage systems preferred by businesses. General cloud storage systems are used for unstructured data. The cloud storage system, which is protected by a firewall of the company and undergoes special operations, is called private cloud storage. The name of another system, which is a mixture of public and private cloud storage systems, is known as hybrid cloud storage. Cloud storage systems offer companies advantages. Thanks to cloud storage systems, which have important advantages in terms of cost and security, it is possible to access data at any time and place safely. If security is important to you in cloud storage systems, you can choose the safest cloud storage systems. You can choose our company for reliable cloud storage solutions If you are looking for the safest cloud storage systems for your company, you can choose us. Our systems, which enable file sharing and backup as well as English language support, allow you to access your data from all devices. Our expert engineers give you technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and your problems are solved instantly thanks to our specially appointed customer representatives. mail365 promise you a reliable service, thanks to our 100% redundant and uninterrupted access systems, with our contracted operators from abroad and abroad. Your data is in safe hands with our data center prepared in global standards. Is Cloud Technologies Necessary for Uninterrupted Business Processes? Companies are now looking for a proactive approach to adapt quickly to the digital world and changing market conditions. While the business world, which does not tolerate even a momentary interruption, is turning to new technologies, companies have now started to prefer approaches where losses caused by undesired situations will remain minimal. As such, cloud computing is the primary preference of companies with their standards and advantages. So, what kind of advantages do cloud technologies provide for the continuity of your business and operational processes? Flexible Working Opportunity “Flexibility” comes first among the most important advantages offered by cloud systems. With this technology, where you can easily access the documents and business applications needed anytime and anywhere, your employees can easily access the data as long as they have an internet connection and your business processes continue without disruption. While enabling fast and easy communication and team collaborations, your business and operational processes continue without disruption even in any disaster situation. Cost Advantage Cloud technologies provide your business with visible cost benefits, as it eliminates shrinking IT infrastructures as well as initial investment costs and regular maintenance expenses. You can also manage your expenses efficiently by paying only for the resources you use, thanks to the “pay as you go” system. Secure Data Backup Official work files contain a lot of basic and confidential information. You should be sure that all your business data from images to documents, spreadsheets to presentations are safely backed up. Only the backup system based on external servers or printed documents will cause problems or losses in the long run. With Disaster Recovery and Cloud Backup solutions offered by cloud technology, you ensure the security of your business documents and applications and prevent possible losses. High Efficiency Cloud technologies optimize the efficiency of your work environment by creating regular workspaces due to low device requirements. Besides, you can access the information and data you need from anywhere, at any time, and provides effective time management. Because cloud computing uses remote resources, you can access cloud-based data and applications with any device connected to the internet, and easily manage business processes outside the central office or between branches. Thanks to this structure that offers access from all over the world, you will increase the efficiency of your cheap email hosting by collaborating with your team. Teknotel-blog-for-continuous-business-processes-for-cloud-technologies-sart-mi-2-e1586240398220-300×194 Is Cloud Technologies Necessary for Uninterrupted Business Processes? High Innovation Performance Another reason for cloud technologies to become indispensable is the impact that companies have on innovation performance. uk colocation, which does not require physical infrastructure and the operational and labor costs that accompany it, eliminates the basic financial barriers for innovation and digital transformation that your business needs. Thanks to this technology, which provides fast feedback and new ideas as well as effective use of workforce and time, your employees can concentrate on developing their main business or generating new ideas. This helps your company gain agility against changing market conditions by having an innovative structure. Teknotel provides the right solutions by providing a professional colocation uk service to the institutions for all these processes that need to work without interruption. Tools that carry out distribution, procurement, and sales operations, and aim to understand the behaviour of the customer, provide an uninterrupted experience to the companies by working through Teknotel’s cloud platform. Teknotel’s Tier 3+ standards Telehouse Istanbul Data Center, which makes it a tradition to provide quality and professional services to many companies that touch us in our daily lives, provides business continuity and uninterrupted while providing business continuity and uninterrupted with Cloud Services based on strong references.    

How Does Colocation Affect Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy?

The operations and business processes of the companies are in continuous development in parallel with the developing information technologies. Today, economic dynamics direct firms to an infrastructure where access to every service is possible. As such, most businesses are using alternative infrastructure solutions that may include cloud solutions, data centers, or uk colocation options. Because while businesses want to take advantage of the flexible structure and cost advantage of the cloud, they also want to maintain the quality of their existing IT infrastructures. Why Should You Prefer Server Hosting? Server cheap email hosting (collocation) is a system that makes a big difference for companies. Having a colocation uk server in a data center means that you can have the entire infrastructure you need at low costs. Successful Hybrid Cloud Strategy = Server Hosting  Teknotel-Blog-Colocation-Hybrid-Cloud-Strategy-How-Affects-3-254×300 server colocation Hybrid Cloud Affects Your Strategy? The fastest and most effective way to create a hybrid cloud infrastructure is through professional best email hosting. Utilizing a data center to accommodate your hybrid cloud and applications that have many contributions to your company, especially flexibility and agility, will provide many advantages such as scaling, flexibility, and ease of management. There are many advantages of hosting a server for your company and your hybrid cloud strategy. Thanks to its flexible structure, you can quickly upgrade/downgrade your resources against the density that can occur in the corporate network. Besides, by using the flexible structure of the cloud and the high-security feature of collocation, you will make your business more agile against changing needs. You have continuous and high access. The initial investment cost will be very low as it will eliminate costs such as data center setup and operation. Since you will have the physical and cyberinfrastructure measures you need, you get high performance from uninterrupted business processes. With professional management support, you have more time to create and deliver innovative services. A powerful Data Center infrastructure is a must for you to get the most out of Cloud technologies. TEKNOTEL Vmware Certified Professional offers the most reliable cloud solutions to your organization with the partnership of ‘Data Center Virtualization’. Teknotel’s Telehouse Istanbul Data Center, which has made it a tradition to provide quality and professional services at world standards, provides business continuity and uninterrupted to companies with redundant cloud services in cooperation with global solution partners. Thus, you can access your data, which is important for your business, without interruption at any time and from anywhere. The key point for the continuity of the Data Centers; Is security. A data center should be able to withstand any imaginable problems. To this end, precautions to be taken against natural disasters and fires are the first points to be considered when designing data centers. With the cameras to be placed in data centers, you can both provide security and have a quick chance to move against the problems that will occur. A PRIMARY BUT EFFECTIVE METHOD: CAGE The method of caging your servers is also a solution to many problems. Besides this solution, the manpower in the data center should be used 24/7 and your servers should not be left blank. Relying only on automated systems and computers can be a mistake. For this reason, trained personnel are the main protectors of data centers. Security in cage-540px Colocation Providers CREATING A CENTRAL following THE LAW Physical security can be achieved in this way, but ‘how can computer security be provided against abstract hazards?’ we seem to hear what you say. You can start this process by increasing your security with services like DDOS. Network security, antivirus protection, and additional programs that detect threats are indispensable for data centers. It is also a requirement to create centers under the laws in the regions where the server will be installed. For this reason, data centers and servers that comply with the legal regulations are to prevent future problems for you. Teknotel provides the right solutions by offering a professional Cloud service for smart businesses that need to work without interruption. Tools that carry out distribution, procurement, and sales operations, and aim to understand the behavior of the customer, work through Teknotel’s Cloud platform, providing a seamless experience for both customers and institutions. Teknotel’s Telehouse Istanbul Data Center, which has made it a tradition to provide quality and professional services to many companies that touch us in our daily lives, at global standards, makes business processes smart while providing business continuity and uninterrupted with Cloud Services based on strong references.    

Latest Designs By Bonanza-Summer Collection 2020

Fashion celebrates 50 years of Earth day“We embrace the earth” this is the warning of Earth Day which regarding the day’s April 22 celebrates its year that is fiftieth of understanding and education, to protect the earth.A cry directed at becoming conscious of the importance that nature has inside our everyday lives. A brand new environmental awareness, consequently, which can be also and above all desired by the world of fashion, today engaged in the creation of “sustainable” collections and initiatives, for an increasingly green globe.Rang rasiya bonanza online lawn provides various designs of yard suit. Today the lockdown, despite placing a stress on the human being, has allowed the planet to “breathe” thanks to the significant drop in pollution. The world of fashion, which has always been considered one of the main sectors that pollute, today moves towards a sustainable route with numerous initiatives.Beginning with Vestiaries Collective using its ‘ Wardrobe Reality Check ‘: through the it asks all fashion lovers to create a ‘sustainable’ wardrobe through a challenge month nishat linen online.Through your website, Vestiaries invites one to see what may be the real impact on the environmental surroundings of everything you have actually in your wardrobe in terms of the sort of materials, treatments and washing systems used, not limited to: introduce the re-selling associated with garments unused, “true type of sustainable shopping” according to Vestiaries.Precisely some of the US supermodels were involved, including Arizona Muse (alongside colleagues), to examine their wardrobe then resell their clothing whose profits will go to charity.The e-bay portal and Legambiente additionally introduce a campaign that is common market sustainable purchasing: during the ‘Earth Week’ which runs from 20 to 26 April, for every item offered for sale by private users in the platform because of the hashtag #eBayDonaPerTe and offered by May 26, eBay will donate € 1 to Legambiente changhong ruba led.For the occasion, e-bay will even launch ‘ Sustainable e-bay ‘: a typical page of its internet site totally dedicated to green initiatives, with a variety of eco-friendly items.Rang rasiya offers the latest lawn collection. Even Napapijiri has become active in the battle for sustainability using the launch of Infinity Rainforest aided by the creation of a fully recyclable jacket thanks to its single-material composition.But not just that, Napapijri invites customers who purchase the particular jacket to return it after two years so that it can be transformed into new yarns and new products. And for transformations of the Dondup yarns for the occasion, it launches its 3D Stretch Couture: a selection of garments made with a recycled nylon fiber, coming from the data recovery associated with forgotten fishing nets in the seabed.A group with vibrant shades of fuchsia, purple, red, lime, blue. The“Green Collection PQ-Bios “, PiQuadro also uses Econyl motifz, a nylon thread obtained from the transformation of waste such as fishing nets and textile fibers to create lines of accessories with a line entirely made of recycled materials. The materials acquired are very first regenerated, then changed to produce a new, eco-sustainable item. Among the fashion brands, FALCONERI also makes its contribution to environmental protection by actively taking part in organizations that protect the environment and people in favor of the interests of consumers and producers while maintaining the integrity of cashmere. And it is thanks to cashmere, silk that Falconeri creates his collections to protect the environment, placing the importance of “green” clothing at the center.Bonanza satrangi provides new eid collection 2020. If you want to purchase the collection you should visit bonanza online.With a collection entirely made with recycled materials, the ” Green Collection PQ-Bios “, PiQuadro uses the use of Econyl, a nylon thread obtained from the transformation of waste such as fishing nets and textile fibers thus creating totally eco-friendly travel accessories. Sustainable, infinitely recyclable.But in addition packaging and merchandising were created in order to avoid the employment of polluting materials, hence choosing totally green paper, inks and cotton.Even Patrizia Pepe is in support of safeguarding the environment by releasing a capsule collection that winks at the planet: the garments are designed with an organic cotton devoid of chemical elements. The “Emo Teen” that represent the various facets of the universe that is female religious, healthier, aware, rebel, glam.Knitted fingerless gloves are better to used in this year sobia nazir.Stylish garments additionally become eco-friendly: Freddy launches a completely manufactured in Italy line with garments designed for yoga together with Brugnoli , a company specialized in technical fabrics such as polyamide worked through Br4 technology. The result is an elastic, innovative and light fabric designed for yoga clothes, with jogger pants, tops, leggings, sweatshirts and tees.Not just fashion: the home decor industry has also launched “earth” themed creations Buccellati, in reality, has created themed furniture components, such as for instance ashtrays, empty pockets, home items that represent normal elements such as for example animals marine, flowers, plants.Comfortable quarantine style: comfy add-ons and items to be home moreThere are many features of the period that is difficult. Even working from home has advantages: you don’t necessarily have to wake up at run into a train full of people or have to get stuck in traffic dawn.Comfortably at home, it’s simple to perform Smart that is certain Working from the comfort of your desk. Yes, “comfortably”, in a version that is new of “home” style we could phone “comfy “. Therefore room for imagination in this quarantine, dressing and beautifying oneself could be one of the most creative things of the day.Here are some super clothes that are trendy add-ons for design, even yet in quarantine. SWEATSHIRTS The sweatshirt is one of those garments that can also be worn with trousers with a classic, chino or cropped cut with or without hood. Solid color or with images, it is among the symbolic items of street wear, ideal for residing at house in a “comfortable” variation.From the classic models with logo, through the sweatshirts with nylon inserts and contrasting prints, to those inspired by the 80s…

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latest collection by bonanza online

Women’s pajamas: create the perfect outfit to stay at home «Let’s be home more and rediscover the joys of night looks … the outfit that is perfect this quarantine includes ladies’ pajamas, comfortable overalls, and casual slippers» The invitation from the Italian government to stay home has changed our lives in no time. To the sound of smart working, schools, and universities closed, we spend our days at home and our outfits benefit from it night. The ladies’s pajamas, nightgowns, and suits have become our best friends, who’ll accompany us in this quarantine, plus they took the accepted place to clothing, sweaters, coats, and stylish shoes. Comfort reigns supreme and the most unthinkable combinations can be an excellent point that is starting liven up these boring times. Of course, if you are on (forced) holidays or if you follow the video lessons, suits and pajamas are the solutions to be comfortable if we are on a video call with our colleagues or our boss, pajamas are not exactly the most suitable garment, but if your job does not include video conferences. After all, who among us has never dreamed of going to work in pajamas? Knitted fingerless gloves are best to use in in 2010. The password, we repeat, is comfort, but also the grade of the materials ought not to be lacking, along with the design. To combine all of this, needless to express, Italian brands have constantly considered providing solutions of any kind: whether you are more sporty or you love an elegant style even at home, if you are a lover of logomania or if you are crazy about pastel colors, we are sure you will find the right women’s pajamas for you! And if something is missing in your wardrobe, you can always buy it online on the many platforms that are digital (unlike physical stores) remain functional. With Tezenis many of us are superheroes! The absolute most sparkling and cheerful Italian underwear brand ever returns with a new collection made of comfort and softness. The proposals range from long to short pajamas, passing through home ware clothing which proves to be the ideal choice for creating a perfect lazy look. Between satin and microfiber, lace, and floral patterns, the cornerstones of this super cheeky collection, women’s pajamas inspired by Wonder Woman, peep out. Cheerful, colorful, and suitable for all needs, to even remind us that at house we are able to transform ourselves into super-heroes! Sobia nazir collection is now offered by lailoo. Super glam into the bonanza satrangi We come straight away to your proposal associated with true home outfit for all fashion addicts. It is not about women’s pajamas, but comfortable and soft suits that could keep you business on these days. In the brand’s web store you will find many proposals to stay at home with style: from joggers to logomania track pants, through coordinated sweatshirts, oversized hoodies, and with the zip. All items are available in the classic black, white and gray, but in addition in blue, pink, blue, red, or yellow. And once more, you’ll select from the logomania collection, the one featuring an embroidered Chiara Ferragni mini-mascot or the one because of the classic wink logo. In short, you will only have to choose which style suits you best and which color you prefer. sobia nazir collection is now offered at lailoo. The absolute most women that are elegant pajamas are by Intimissimi For folks who prefer a simple and elegant style, without extortionate frills, the best solution is Intimissimi. The Italian brand of the Calzedonia group has, in fact, a selection of very refined basic pajamas by browsing their website you will find satin or soft cotton suits, silk kimonos, and bamboo nightgowns. An exclusive selection that incorporates the delicate type of the brand name and embellishes it with small style details such as for instance lace or floral prints.Update your wardrobe with nishat linen online summer collection. Super romantic utilizing the al zohaib Finally, if you can’t give up on romance and want to pamper yourself a little, Yamamay has thought of you! In addition to the classic basic models, we also find colorful floral outfits or the classic man style pajamas in light cotton. The treasure of this collection, but, is the three-piece pajamas (with long pants, top, and a shirt that is long-sleeved in satin, with a floral print in shades of pink. A triumph of elegance and romance, ideal for a relaxing day or for working in comfort. bonanza online collection has become available at lailoo.

Use the variety of types of blogs for good content marketing

The types of blogs provide a huge scope for your own content marketing! However, it is the subtleties that count. Because not every blog is really suitable for your own marketing. I have summarized here what is important and what details you should pay attention to for your content marketing. Use types of blogs for content marketing Content: [ hide ] What exactly is behind content marketing? What opportunities do the types of blogs offer for content marketing? How can the types of blogs be used meaningfully for content marketing? This is what matters when choosing a suitable blog A little trip into the variety of blog types Two practical examples You might also be interested in … What exactly is behind content marketing? Content marketing is part of online marketing. For example, companies want to Reach (new) target groups (and thereby also win new customers ), increase their reach and awareness or strengthen their customer loyalty . And companies want to achieve these goals through content that is useful for the target groups. This can be, for example, emotional, advisory, entertaining or informative content. Incidentally, this content does not only mean texts, but also photos, videos, (info) graphics or audio content, for example. What opportunities do the types of blogs offer for content marketing? If you want to use blogs as advertising space, there are basically two options: push marketing and pull marketing. About the Push Marketing one uses external channels for content marketing. These are, for example, sponsored posts or banner ads on external blogs. The pull marketing , however, takes place on the dedicated channels from. For example, this is content that the company publishes on the internal corporate blog. So if we look at the possibilities of the types of blogs, you can implement your content marketing on the blogger channels. If you rely on push marketing, it is usually a matter of paid advertising on external channels. Pull marketing, on the other hand, costs you to create content for your own channels. For example, on the personnel costs of the employees who write the texts. Or you can hire a freelance copywriter or blogger to create the content . How can the types of blogs be used meaningfully for content marketing? There are various options for content marketing on external channels. Because the content can not only consist of texts, but also, for example, of photos or videos. While the text is in the foreground on the blog, influencers in particular focus on image and sound. The influencers then spread their content (mostly with little text) in the social media landscape. For example on Instagram and Youtube. Even though influencers may seem more tempting, bloggers should not be underestimated. Because your texts on your own blog are sustainable. The text can be found permanently by searching on Google & Co. In addition, many bloggers not only create texts, but also their own photos or videos. And like the influencers, the bloggers scatter their content on the social media channels. If you want to cooperate with a blogger for your content marketing, there are a number of options available. Which of these makes sense is a completely different question. Because not every blog is really suitable to present your products. I have summarized how you can find the best blog for you under the next heading.

22 article types that really bring visitors

22 article types that really bring visitorsThere are a number of different types of articles that you should know and that really bring visitors. When I started blogging, I didn’t think about it and I don’t sit there today and look for a specific article type from a checklist. But knowing the different types can help you to make your blog or website more varied and readable and to generate more traffic . The agony of choice TarifCheck24 insurance partner program advertising If you become aware of the differences between the following types of articles, you can write much better articles. One of the reasons for this is that many bloggers try to be anything with an article. But the more goals you want to achieve with an article, the less contour and recognition this article has. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that different articles differ significantly from each other. 22 article types that really bring visitors The following article types came to mind after a while and are of course based on my own experience. I hope I have not forgotten anything important. (The individual article types are not ordered according to their importance, but are listed in a mess.) promotion Under promotional articles I mean internal articles that are intended to market a certain new feature, new content or other news of my own blog. For example, if you have started a competition, you should also promote it again in a separate article. I also use it to make interim reports at blog parades or to present new projects, for example. interview Interviews should be known. They always go down well with me and I regularly publish interviews, for example in my board game blog . News Do you have the latest news in your subject area? Then of course you can also publish a news article. It is usually not long, but short and crisp. Later you can write a detailed article about it. Lists 22 article types that really bring visitorsLists are very popular, both with bloggers and with readers. You take a certain topic and make a list. For example, the top 10 WordPress plugins for a specific purpose or the 10 most popular themes . This can also be lists without links to the outside, e.g. 22 article types. 😉 Link lists The link lists represent a similar type. However, the focus is on the mere listing of external links. This can be a useful collection of links for specific topics. There are often backlinks too.

Secure Serial Console Servers

REMOTELY MANAGE NETWORK SERVERS AND DEVICES ENSURING MAXIMUM NETWORK UPTIME Black Box’s secure Serial Console Servers allow IT administrators to access remote devices when the network connection is down. Console Servers are a complete and reliable solution that simplifies the out-of-band management of your network, server and power infrastructure in data centers and remote facilities, from anywhere, at any time. Comprehensive monitoring, diagnosis, and problem correction enable recovery of infrastructure connection failures to maximize network uptime. An intuitive device control panel with proactive alerts provides IT and network administrators with real-time status information on the infrastructure. Let us help you on your project We will respond to any queries related to your application! Our experts will call you back immediately. REQUEST FREE CONSULTATION PRODUCT FEATURES Multiple Network Device Management:     Access hundreds of console servers connected to thousands of connected servers, switches and routers at various locations. Out-of-band management and remote network troubleshooting:  Remotely manage multiple console servers, determine which devices have failed, and troubleshoot quickly, eliminating the need to deploy technicians on-site to troubleshoot. Maximum Network  Uptime :  Enable continuous maintenance and disaster recovery of mission critical IT infrastructures, even if the network is down. Enterprise-level network security:  Control network access through local and remote authentication, authorization, and accounting with RADIUS, Kerberos, Active Directory, TACACS +, and other security protocols. Centralized monitoring of network performance and VCMS software support:  Access devices, monitor status and troubleshoot from anywhere using a single portal, minimizing downtime and impact on your operations with support from the management system virtual central (VCMS). PRODUCT ADVANTAGES OFF-BAND MANAGEMENT Enable proactive and ongoing maintenance with mission-critical IT infrastructure disaster recovery, even if the network is down FLEXIBLE REMOTE ACCESS TO THE NETWORK Secure remote access to data center equipment via the Internet, traditional telephone network or mobile phone REMOTE ENERGY MANAGEMENT Unified power management of PDU and UPS equipment, which allows users to activate software shutdown of any server, thus controlling interruptions and overloads. REDUNDANCY THROUGH AUTOMATIC FAILURE AND POWER RECOVERY. Enable uninterrupted workflows thanks to redundant power and a secondary network interface for mission-critical situations where automatic fault recovery is required NETWORK PROBLEM SOLVING With VCMS (Virtual Central Management System) you will have proactive alerts, allowing you to detect faults before breakdowns occur, quickly troubleshoot and minimize downtime SERIAL ACCESS BY IP IP access and control of serial devices such as servers, network devices, security appliances, rack-mounted PDUs, virtual hosts, and wireless and telecommunications equipment OUT OF BAND, BUT NOT INACCESSIBLE Most IT organizations use network management systems (NMS), such as HP Openview, to manage and monitor critical network assets. If IT assets depend on the data network for connectivity to NMS and the network goes down, the usefulness of NMS would be limited. Console servers allow network administrators to use a separate out-of-band management network or communications link for configuration and troubleshooting, and this is independent of the data network, thereby improving diagnostics and availability of the net. Administrators can choose from a variety of secure WAN connection options, including Ethernet, mobile phone, and traditional phone modems. Use out-of-band management with console servers to remotely reconfigure, restart, and restore images: Switches, routers, servers or any device with an RS-232 serial console port Telephone switchboards, videoconferencing systems, firewalls PDU and UPS Environmental monitoring

Data center

Rittal has unveiled five trends in relation to cloud computing and data centers   that those responsible for IT departments of companies and institutions should keep in mind this year. AI in the data center The first trend refers to the fact that data centers have more control functions that are based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) . Without AI assistants, IT staff will not be able to operate large, complex IT systems that are safe. This trend is supported by research by the technology consultancy IDC, which indicates that in 2022 half of the components in large data centers will have integrated AI functions that work on their own, in a completely independent way. To support this transformation, IT administrators have to use predictive analytics and machine learning for optimal IT performance. These resources provide error predictions and promote optimized load distribution, so companies can ensure high availability of the IT environment. Edge Computing to process large amounts of data New wireless networks will increase the amount of data processed. In Germany, the 5G mobile network is scheduled to start operating in the second half of 2019. The number of repeaters required to deploy 5G means that it is necessary to increase the mobile infrastructure with Edge Data Centers . With the deployment of 5G technology, the data that network operators and other companies have to process will increase. According to the consultancy CB Insights, the forecasts for the year 2020 estimate that users will generate 1.5GB on average daily in data from devices with an Internet connection. The Edge Data Centers decentralize IT infrastructure and allow data can be processed at the source where it is generated. This achieves low latency in data processing, making it possible to provide live applications to control industrial robots or autonomous vehicle systems. In addition, to analyze information more concisely, Edge Data Centers connect to the cloud. In this way, organizations today should perceive that they are able to flexibly harness their IT power in one or two years and evaluate Edge concepts for this . The general trend towards standardizing processes is also a basic factor in this circumstance to ensure that the implementation and scalability of data center solutions are executed according to the time demands of the market. Cloud market benefits from hyperscale data centers In Germany cloud is increasingly accepted . The markets that have first opted for the development of the cloud are mechanical engineering and the construction of production plants. According to the association of IT companies, Bitkom, 50% of companies in the sector already use the cloud . In turn, worldwide, more and more investment is being made in hyperscale data centers . This is a clear indication that cloud computing is a general practice as an operating model. According to Synergy Reach, in 2020 there will be more than 600 hyperscale data centers in the world. At the moment the figure is at 450. With this information, Rittal suggests to IT managers that when they decide on their 2019 corporate strategy in this area, they strike a balance between Edge Data Centers on company premises and in the main data center and between cloud resources . In this way, companies will obtain a backup in the operation of the application and high availability. Optimizing technologies increase energy efficiency Energy efficiency is considered the second most important management problem in data center development, behind only the level of availability. The Borderstep Institute states in a report that in the past ten years new data centers have improved energy efficiency by 60 percent . However, the demand for energy has continued to increase as IT power expanded. In 2017, while servers operated in Germany required about 4.7 billion kWh, infrastructures such as refrigeration and UPS consumed 5.3 billion kWh. These data indicate that data center managers should optimize the energy consumed as a priority for this year. Hybrid refrigeration units, which consist of free refrigeration and refrigerant-based refrigeration, provide new initiatives for cost optimization. A location in the Nordic states reduces costs Northern states have become very conducive places for cloud and colocation providers. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden provide clean and renewable energy sources, a climate that favors the installation of data centers, a quality Internet connection and high political and economic stability. According to the most prominent analysts, until the year 2023 the billing that comes from data centers will increase eight percent annually in these Nordic regions. Against this background, IT managers have to evaluate the alternatives in the Nordic countries to install their data centers to develop planned cloud projects. Rittal is a strategic and technological partner of Lefdal Mine Datacenter in Norway , an innovative data center characterized by energy that comes from fully renewable energy sources, efficient cooling with seawater and minimal operating costs. All these characteristics make it possible for this data center to have an Energy Use Effectiveness Index (PUE) of 1.15, which translates into the lowest operating costs in Europe. How does Rittal provide its clients for development in the coming years? Andreas Keiger, Executive Vice President of Rittal’s Global IT Business Unit has stated the following at this point: “In addition to the trend towards greater standardization, in 2019 we will see companies increasingly decentralize the expansion of their IT infrastructure. This evolution fosters digital initiatives that today are an integral part of a successful corporate strategy. One way to achieve this is with Edge Data Centers, which, for example, can be launched very quickly as IT containers in company facilities, allowing digital transformation in all industrial sectors. Rittal offers a whole series of solutions for Edge infrastructures, from rack solutions to turnkey IT containers with connection to the cloud ”.