Dress with Coat – Get inspired by 4 Incredible Looks Ideas

Who said that the darling piece of summer cannot accompany you on the coldest days of the year? It is possible to create incredible looks by combining dress with coat to rock on the most diverse occasions. Depending on how you are going to complement the look, you can give it a stripped-down look and even add sophistication to night parties. Want to know more? So do not miss the ideas we have separated for you! 1. Bet on a dress with an elongated coat The dress with elongated coat is a combination that wears different types of bodies very well and is easy to get right. The jacket does not necessarily have to be the same length as the dress, but the effect is more visually pleasing if it is not larger than the bottom. In the days of more intense cold, you can complement the look with pantyhose , boots and scarf. Another tip is to use a cardigan or sweater in the same color as the dress to add another layer of clothing and ensure greater protection against low temperatures. 2. Invest in the monochromatic look Monochrome is a trend that never goes out of style. So, if in doubt, bet on the combination of several pieces of the same tone! All black, for example, is that sure look for the most diverse occasions, especially in the work look that calls for a greater level of elegance. If you want to dare, what do you think of adding a prominent ideas gul ahmed piece? It can be the shoe, the bag or a colorful scarf . 3. Create different look styles From the rock girl to the romantic look, you can play with the combination of dress and coat to create different styles of looks. Just invest in the right parts! For a more gentle effect, bet on lighter or pastel tones and abuse of delicate prints, such as florals and polka dots. As for a more rocker footprint , colors like black, burgundy, red and military green are the best options. Accessories such as boots, belts and jackets in ecological leather perfectly complement the look. 4. Make your look more sophisticated When we have a party to go and temperatures drop, many people are designer dresses pakistani unsure of what to wear. Right now, the combination of dress and coat is the perfect solution for a warm and elegant look. For this, bet on dresses made with nobler fabrics, such as velvet, silk or chiffon. A coat in the social style finishes the composition. Don’t forget to hit the accessories: high heels and clutch bags are ideal.

Winter clothes: know all the options and how to use them!

To have a warm winter, we always look for the best winter clothes . There is a great fear of passing a perrengue and, in general, the preparation is done well in advance. Everything to ensure that we will be well protected when the day of the trip arrives, from the aerolook to the clothes of each tour at the chosen destination. But do you know how to choose the right pieces for each situation? Winter clothes are made from different threads (which can be natural or synthetic) and fabrics, which are produced from these threads. So, we have winter clothes and accessories of knitting, fleece, leather, sweatshirt, polyester, mousse, acrylic … With such variety, you need to be super attentive! Remember that these clothes are useful even in other seasons . Autumn is already quite cold, as we have already shown in other posts, and spring also presents cold days – even with the occurrence of snow! Thinking about it, the Winter Workshop brings the different types of winter clothes and how to use them. See how to assemble your wardrobe or suitcase in the best way for the coldest – and dearest – season of the year! How the climate influences clothing choice As is common knowledge, winter has different characteristics depending on the city. In some it is very humid and it rains a lot – hello, London! In others, the climate is drier with sharp winds – Lisbon is a good example. In some places, snow is constant throughout the cold season. Thus, the clothes chosen for each of these places cannot, in any way, be the same. The climate crucially influences the choice of winter clothes. For the most humid places (with rain and snow), you should opt for moisture resistant or waterproof clothing. When the wind is intense, give preference to windbreakers. In addition, its thermal sensitivity must be taken into account. If you are more sensitive, heavier clothing will be needed to warm you up satisfactorily. For this reason, we usually provide the ideal temperatures for the use of each piece; we believe that this information makes all the difference! To help with this, it is worth checking the RealFeel option AccuWeather , which provides the actual thermal sensation in certain temperature in the place searched. It is quite a help! Winter clothing: Thermal clothing How to protect yourself from the cold in New York Our recommendation is that the part should be used primarily in cases where the thermometer measures pret wear less than 8 ° C. However, if you are more sensitive to the cold, use can already be made when the cold is below 10 ° C. For the mild cold, thermal clothing is not essential, but you can choose a second skin autumn outfit, which is more lightweight. In the Winter Workshop : Soft Thermal, Basics and Super Thermal are available, from child size to Plus Size adult. Basics is our thermal with the best cost-benefit. It is great for those looking for a good price without losing quality. It has a flat fabric and is heavier, with a plush lining. It also effectively performs the function of keeping the body warm in the winter. However, it is only suitable for use up to 0 ° C. If you are more sensitive to the cold or will travel to a place with negative temperatures, we suggest that you choose the Super Thermal. Super Thermal is our best option for intense cold and snow. This thermal has a series of advantages that will provide greater comfort during your trip. For example, it has a slim shape that guarantees mobility and flexibility of movements. You won’t feel that heavy feeling or that uncomfortable knee bend from over-clothing, you know? This is because, in addition to slim modeling, with Super Thermal you do not need to wear more than three layers of clothing to stay warm. The technological fabric of the piece is another highlight. It has a plush lining and is striped, which ensures sweat control and breathability. In addition, the fabric has silver nanoparticles, having antibacterial action. With this, you can use the thermal for 7 days without having to wash. It’s an extra comfort when traveling! With Super Thermal, thermal insulation is bonanza satrangi  guaranteed. It supports up to -30 ° C. Finally, Soft thermal has properties similar to Thermal Basics. The inner fabric is plush and this is an ideal second skin for moderate cold, which is one where the temperature is between 5 ° C and 12 ° C. It also has thermal insulation. To find out more information about our thermal clothes, visit our profile on Instagram and check out the highlight “Thermals”. In it, the mammoth Júlia Evangelista, who is one of the founders of the Oficina de Inverno, answers questions sent by our customers and followers about thermals and their importance. She explains the difference between the fabrics, the temperature indication and gives other usage tips. Cold blouses are the second layer in the look composition In the mild cold, you can wear short-sleeved or long-sleeved blouses from a light fabric (cotton, low-density acrylic thread, knit) with a jacket over it. Another option is to choose tricot blouses (high density acrylic yarn, polyamide) and not use the jacket. If the temperature is above 15 ° C, a thinner blouse may be more comfortable because indoors it is easy to take off your coat and remain comfortable. In moderate cold, always choose acrylic, wool, cashmere or plush sweatshirt to wear. In the cold, acrylic, wool or cashmere blouses are great choices, especially with a high collar. Avoid those cold sweaters made with cotton! Winter clothes: cold coats Fur coat Men’s winter clothing There are several types of men’s cold coats; in the picture, you can see the sweatshirt, the Italian wool coat and the doudoune – Photos: Oficina de For winter, the types of jackets are the most diverse and suitable for the most varied…

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The clothing for extreme cold recommended by experts

Types of clothing for extreme cold A lot of people worry about the trip, afraid of being too cold and ruining the trip. And it’s not for less! When protected and well warmed, the trip becomes a magical moment and full of happiness. On the other hand, when the cold is intense and we are not prepared, the trip becomes a real suffering. After all, nobody wants to plan and invest in the dream trip to get in a cold, right? For this reason, the Winter Workshop brings a special selection with certain indications of clothes for extreme cold. With these choices, you will be warm throughout your freezing adventures! What types of clothes are ideal for extreme cold? The extreme cold in many places frightens its visitors, while enchanting and inviting visitors. This characteristic becomes a peculiarity in such destinations. Who has never heard of the low temperatures in Patagonia or Alaska ? In these places, being well wrapped and warm is a matter of survival. After all, such low temperatures can cause a number of health problems and even lead to death. Therefore, in the extreme cold, we recommend clothes that promote thermal insulation (as is the case with thermal clothes) and that provide the barrier against cold, wind and humidity, in addition to being waterproof, as is the case with leather and polyester. . EXTREME COLD CLOTHING: Winter Explorer Jacket How to wear a jacket in winter This is the third most complete layer for those who are going to venture out in the extreme cold. Part of the Winter Explorer line, developed by the Winter Workshop for travelers who wish to travel to this type of frock design destination, the Winter Explorer jacket is 3 in 1 (available in male and female versions). Because it has two coats attached, the traveler can use each piece separately or in combination. In addition, the seam of the two jackets is sealed to prevent water from entering completely. The two jackets together face the cold of -15ºC, with the use of Super Thermal. EXTREME COLD CLOTHING: Doudoune jacket Fur coatFur coat The Winter Workshop, specializing in cold clothing, has a huge variety of doudoune jackets . With the expertise we have, we know that this piece is one of the most suitable for extreme cold. The doudoune jacket is also known as michelin jacket, for remembering the famous doll that is a symbol of the tire manufacturer. This piece is made of nylon or polyester and also features the fact that it is padded. For the extreme cold, it is one of the most used types of jackets. See our models here . In this excerpt from a special report produced by journalist Glória Maria for the Globo Repórter program, you can see that many people use this type of jacket in the extreme cold. EXTREME COLD CLOTHING: Blizzard thermal collar Thermal collar The Nevasca thermal collar is ideal for freezing or windy temperatures, and is suitable for cold below 5 ° C. The piece becomes essential in very cold places, since the technological fabric covers the entire neck, and if raised, it also covers the face and ears. Winter accessories The Siberian wool hat offers protection against the cold down to -40ºC. With high thermal insulation power, due to natural sheep wool and leather in its composition, the piece guarantees greater protection against the cold, in addition to having a super soft touch. Get to know the piece on this link! The Siberia Line, as its name suggests, is ideal to face the extreme cold, but without losing its glamor. The accessories are quite sophisticated, ideal for those who want to be well warmed up and in style. What are the best yarns and fabrics for winter EXTREME COLD CLOTHING: Blizzard thermal glove Thermal glove with touch The Nevasca Line has thermal accessories and thermal clothing essential for those who will face an intense cold and need extra protection. This is the case with the Blizzard thermal glove . The piece will leave your hands super warm! Made with thermal fabric, the inside is super velvety and soft. The elastic fabric will give you more comfort and suppleness to use the gloves, which guarantees a more comfortable use. The Nevasca thermal glove can be used under or over other gloves and has wind protection (cuts wind). EXTREME COLD CLOTHING: Super Snow thermal sock The Super Snow thermal wool socks are among our best sellers for use in trips with negative temperatures or below 5ºC and no wonder! The piece is produced with 40% natural wool, all of which is plush on the inside. Comfortable and very soft, this sock has guaranteed thermal protection. EXTREME COLD CLOTHING: Wool insoles The extremities of the body – head, hands and feet – are the parts that suffer most from the extreme cold. Therefore, it is necessary to redouble the care and keep these mega parts warm. For this mission, wool insoles are the most efficient, especially if combined with thermal socks. See, in the video below, the recommendation of the mammoth Júlia Evangelista, one of the founders of the Winter Workshop. She explains that the piece is produced with leather and natural sheep’s wool, an unbeatable pair to keep your feet warm! EXTREME COLD CLOTHING: Bota Winter Explorer Winter Explorer women’s boot The female model of the Winter Explorer boot (Photo: Winter Workshop) Winter Explorer is comfortable for winter hikes and water resistant because it has water-repellent material. In addition, it has a model with or without synthetic wool inside. The composition is 100% natural leather with plush synthetic interior. Ideal for travelers who want to venture into the snow well protected! Hikes and trails will take on new meaning. Always on the khaadi sale move, these travelers will have their comfort guaranteed!

Snow clothing: a list of essential travel items

Winter Workshop: Snow Clothing We are at the end of October and winter is already knocking on the doors in the Northern Hemisphere. In mid-December, our favorite season arrives with everything in the many destinations we love! There is a lot of smart traveling Mammoth who is already eyeing this and preparing the trip to enjoy many freezing adventures. And you, reader or reader, already know which snow clothes to choose? If you still have doubts, come with us and check out all our tips! Before you start, to get everything to your destination, see how to assemble your winter look in layers. This is essential to keep the body warm and prevent heat loss to the outside. See the image below and if you have any questions be sure to talk to us! How to dress in Ireland’s winter Snow clothing: thermal clothing Thermal pants for the cold Thermal clothing is the first layer of clothing and essential for the look of those who will travel to the snow! Although there are many thermal clothes available on the market, you must pay attention to the characteristics of each piece before choosing. The Super Thermal of Oficina de Inverno is our best thermal for intense cold and stands out throughout Brazil. This is a versatile, durable piece with a number of advantages: * Produced with double layer of protection. The first has a plot developed in the laboratory to allow the absorption of skin sweat, leaving the skin dry. The second is responsible for thermal insulation, so that there is no loss of natural body heat; * Plush inner fabric and flat stitching, which allows sweat absorption khaadi; * Thermal insulation, so that there is no loss of natural body heat; * Antibacterial system allows the piece to be used for 7 consecutive days! It does not cause odors! * Thin and malleable technological fabric, which provides comfort and protection for your skin. See some customer testimonials: Winter Workshop: Snow Clothing The feedback from our Traveling Mammoths makes our hearts warm! – Photo: Playback / Instagram Oficina de Inverno Although the Winter Shop offers three types of thermal clothing, the Super Thermal is more suitable for snow than Basics or Soft. The latter two are recommended for mild and moderate cold. Check out other tips on Super Thermal and the sweat control test here . Snow clothing: Doudoune jacket This piece is a classic on snowy walks, be it skiing, snowboarding or the streets of a city of your choice. The doudoune coat, which in French means jacket, is produced in polyester and in some cases has plush lining, which makes it even more warm. Check out some of our models below! To see all our models just click here . Burnt doudoune jacket The Long Burnt Jacket is a model with front opening that has two front pockets and two zippers that add charm to the model. It has a removable and adaptable belt, which can be used strapped or loose. The garment also has a hood with adjustable synthetic fur (the fur band can be removable), which makes the jacket super charming and adaptable to environments. This doudoune model has a high collar preventing the entry of cold and wind. At what temperature to use: 0 ° C to 15 ° C Fur coat Manaia doudoune jacket It is also a model that has fur hood, a true winter classic! It is a long and padded doudoune model. You can use it with or without a hood. Ideal jacket for moderate temperatures with or without snow. This model is suitable for those seeking style and protection in winter! At what temperature to use: 2ºC to 15ºC. For temperatures below 10 ° C (recommended) and 8 ° C (necessary), use the Super Thermal suit. Classic doudoune jacket Developed for those who will face moderate to intense temperatures, this jacket is great to take on the trip because they take up little space and fit in the suitcase easily. Its sporting style attracts the male audience a lot, as it combines with almost everything and warms up well without losing style. It is a comfortable, stylish and versatile jacket for those who will live warm moments in the cold and want to keep warm with it for many winters! At what temperature to use: With Super Thermal Blouse: Between 10 ° C to -10 ° C Plus size doudoune jacket This is a classic model that appeals to all tastes because it is complete and yet very discreet. The Plus Size doudoune jacket is padded, with hood and zipper detail. The outside and the lining of this jacket are made of 100% polyester: it warms and protects from wind, cold and humidity! At what temperature to use: between 10 ° C to -10 ° C. We recommend using with Thermal Clothing below 10ºC. Below 8ºC it is necessary. Tai doudoune jacket This jacket is very versatile and is available in short and long versions. It has pockets with golden zipper on the sides and offers the possibility to use with or without hood. The bonanza satrangi  jacket is a padded model with a plush lining, making it very comfortable and warm! At what temperature to use: 10ºC to -10ºC (don’t forget the Super Thermal, huh?).

The best legging for European winter is the Nevasca line

We need to be honest: winter in Europe is not easy! On the other hand, truth be told, you don’t have to suffer from the cold. We usually repeat this mantra here and those who accompany us already know that with the right information you can face even the cold of Siberia. Thinking about it, the Winter Workshop presents the leggings for European winter that nishat linen online  fulfills the mission of warming up with excellence: our legging Nevasca! This legging is one of the pieces of the Nevasca line, ideal for the intense cold. We teach everything about how to dress in winter here . European winter legging The piece is plush on the inside and an outer fabric with a thick and smooth fabric, the fabric has a closed weave, which does not form the terrible balls and does not let wind through as in knitting. Knowing that the European winter reaches very low temperatures and so that you can make the most of your travel destination , be sure to wear thermal clothing . We highlight the Super Thermal, which is also part of the Nevasca line, for double dose protection! ADVANTAGES OF LEGGING FOR EUROPEAN WINTER In sizes P, M, G, GG and Plus Size, the Nevasca legging is also available in different colors: black, brown, navy blue and royal blue. They are colors that work easily as different types of pieces, which helps to assemble a compact suitcase. For those who intend to take little on the trip it is ideal, since it weighs little and heats up a lot. After all, luggage costs don’t help, right? This is also why this is an excellent legging for the European winter. Versatility Versatile, this legging can be used as leggings or pantyhose, in addition to perfectly matching skirts, vest leggings or dresses . From the plane to the club, leggings can be used! European winter legging Comfort cannot be left out and it is also one of the attractions of the Nevasca legging. There’s no use in a super well-planned travel itinerary, if you get there you don’t feel comfortable with the chosen clothes. For long walks exploring a city like Paris, for example, it is worth combining leggings with lined boots and a warm jacket ! Nevasca legging withstands low temperatures mariab The Nevasca legging can be used in temperatures below 15ºC. We recommend that you pay attention to the temperatures at your travel destination. For this winter, we have already advanced this work for you and researched the averages of London , Paris , Berlin , Amsterdam , Dublin , Lisbon and Madrid . For other destinations, search here . Note that temperatures can vary throughout the day, so see the forecast for each day of your trip in detail.


Lately, the rush and lack of time are no longer a problem in our lives, on the contrary, we are currently having enough time to catch up on tasks and explore new things that bring us a sense of well-being. Have you ever thought about fixing your closet? If you have questions about how to organize your wardrobe, we at Upperbag have incredible tips that will help you a lot. Check it out below! Everyone has gone through moments of doubt what to wear and how to organize the wardrobe. Due to the disorder and many old pieces that take up space, we ended up wasting time when choosing a look . With this storage method that we are going to list now, this impasse is over. Therefore, in this text, you will learn: At first, the first step is to take everything out of the closet, empty all the drawers and other parts of your wardrobe. One tip is to take advantage of the fact that the closet is completely empty and clean it completely. In addition, if it is those wardrobes with mirrors, then you can use a cloth to make it very shiny. how to organize the wardrobe It is important to determine the space that each item will occupy in your wardrobe , so it is possible to store each piece in its proper place, avoiding confusion and mess. wardrobe with clothes and shoe Now, this is the moment when you are going to let go! Certainly, in your wardrobe there are many pieces that you haven’t used in a while, for several reasons, like tight clothes, pieces that have gone out of style or that are no longer part of your current style. After all, fashion is always changing and there are also those pieces that are already well worn after a lot of use. With these points in mind, the time has come to decide the pieces that really make sense to remain in your closet. Those clothes you don’t want anymore, so you have 3 option this is one of the best options for those who are detaching, since the donation can be for someone unknown or even someone you know who loves to borrow a piece. In addition, there is also the option of detachment groups that are found on social networks. Remembering that for donation the pieces must always be in good condition. 2nd SEWER: this option is for that piece that is not 100% in good rang rasiya condition, but you can still clean it up, we always have the little darlings that we can’t let go of, right? The seamstress is a solution. 3rd GARBAGE: this is a very radical tip, but necessary, so it is for clothes that are stained or torn and that you do not use at all. You can detach it and send it to the trash, they just take up space and help with clutter. woman arranging clothes ORGANIZING THE CLOTHING GUARD: WHAT GETS AND WHAT GOES OUT? After going through the screening, it’s time to decide what stays and what goes! The tip is to take it piece by piece and ask yourself: Do I use this often? ”. If the answer is yes, then this piece is ready to go back to your closet! how to organize the wardrobe rang rasiya lawn Photo: Unplash RETURNING PARTS TO THE CABINET this point, you will decide how to organize your wardrobe. Therefore, there are numerous options for storing the pieces inside your closet, so you can separate them by criteria of fabrics, colors and even functions. For example: Fabrics : from the lightest to the thickest. Colors : from light to dark tones. Functions : from work to party.

The lace collar hits the streets once again, redesigned and full of style.

Trend alert: Bow collar is back! It is known as Pussy-Bow Blouse, in Portuguese, a shirt that has a bow as a detail on the collar. This trend was again, in the most recent international fashion shows, and is bet between the most fashionable brands such as: Chanel, Valentino, Chloé, Bottega Veneta, Paul Smith, Gucci and Saint Laurent. This collar model makes the look much more feminine, romantic and delicate. It is always very welcome in more serious productions, such as an executive. Combining this model with the combo blazer + pencil skirt = the perfect combination of a serious look, but incredible for meetings or formal events. The lace collar is already being considered as a timeless model, a fashion classic. That way, there is no doubt about making an overinvestment in a lace collar model, which is so beautiful and elegant. Tips and Inspirations: The lace collars are super present in the work looks combined with pieces in tailor shops, making the production more sophisticated and serious without being straight, of course! laco collar blog via khaadi sale The lace collars make the look much more feminine and in many pieces many come with the trend of ruffles, which is another trend (which is another trend that rocks, we’ve talked about it here The overlapping of the piece with blazer or coats, gives UP the look and modernizes the choice of look. Third play: favorites for the mid season A super style trick to increase the look production . A styling trick to give a total UP to the basic look is the composition of the third piece. You can compose the ritual with a printed kimono for warmer days, the versatile and must have (must have), denim jacket, biker-style leather jacket or blazer, which can elevate your work look to happy hour without much effort. These pieces guarantee a stripped and modern look, and guarantee a smooth production for the coolest days, which we call mid-season. Get inspired by the suggestions of looks that we separated to create stylish compositions. The piece, in addition to lengthening the khaadi pret sale of the body, also provides a super-stylish and stripped production. pieces mid season blog via evangelica 2 A “must-have” for any wardrobe, the jacket provides a cool personality for clothes. pieces half season blog da via evangelica 2 It is the perfect choice to make the ensemble more modern and contemporary. Elongated blazer The blazer is not just for chic or formal work occasions. When the appropriate composition is made, the piece can be super relaxed next to a denim suit, for example.

Winter is coming: tips to look beautiful this season!

The colder season is coming, in some cities in Brazil it has already given the “air of grace”. And who here has never heard that expression. “Ah! In winter people are more beautiful ”, you have to believe that this is not true. But today the tip is for those who want to look even more beautiful and combine that wonderful look for cold days. Get ready to take the coats, socks and boots out of the closet. These combinations leave the woman more elegant and very beautiful, for those who doubt how to combine with skirts or dresses, we have separated an inspiration gallery and where to find the best looks for winter production. 1. Warm looks with overcoats, coats or trench coat: If you are a card fan of the coats this is a super tip, the coats and derivatives can leave your production a mess if the coat is shorter, use with skirts and an overlay of strong colors. If you prefer to use a trench coat style, choose to use only it with a high boot with socks or a short boot too, if you choose the short boot know that you are choosing a more stripped style khaadi sale. coats looks winter blog via evangelica 2. Overlapping looks The overlapping of max-cardigans, cardigans, sweaters or kimonos, always impress. Because this combination leaves the look more stripped and modern looks overlap winter blog via evangelica 3. Dress and skirt in winter? Yes! Skirts and dresses can be wild when it comes to production for cold days. The long skirts refer to the more stripped-down look with the casual boho style face. The shorter ones bring a modern and traditional style, but without fail. We are experiencing a peak of short boots, so use and abuse these models in the total composition of the look. dress skirts winter blog via evangelica 4. Winter accessories: This is the time of year when we use accessories, scarves, scarves, gloves, frock design caps, berets and hats the most. And they can be true allies to the cold and also to the modern look. For the most daring and stripped women, burrows, hats and berets can be part of the production. For the most classic, nothing like the good old scarf or scarf, to protect from the cold and also look even more beautiful. winter accessories blog via evangelica 5. Inspirations to look even more beautiful! Check out the inspiration gallery, so there is no doubt that you can rock winter productions.

Combining shoes with dresses: unmissable tips!

The dress is one of the most important pieces in the female wardrobe , with it we can make different combinations and productions, from the most casual to gala. But it is clear that every self-respecting woman always has that doubt of how to combine this very democratic and important piece with the shoe, another very important item when composing the look. As it is a very feminine and important article, we need to take some care when choosing the shoe that fits the dress model. That is why we have separated some tips to solve the recurring doubts. 1. Formal shoes ask for thinner dresses nishat linen: For special occasions, combine with your dress a more formal shoe, choose the ones with thin heels, such as pumps, two-strap sandals or peep toe, which are appropriate shoes for more formal looks. You should use this production at a wedding, graduation or gala dinner. matching shoes with dress blog via evangelica formal shoes goes with dresses blog via evangelica 2. Casual dresses: combine with platforms or flats. Casual dresses are perfect for everyday life, and nothing better than choosing a comfortable shoe to create a stripped and light production. Sandals with platform heels, flat shoes or sneakers, is an excellent choice to compose comfortable looks for the daily rush. matching shoes blog via evangelica 3. When is it possible to merge the styles? Fashion is very versatile it gives us women an infinite number of options. And dress and shoe production is no different. We can mention several combinations with dresses, such as: pencil dress + pumps = chic production, already the same dress with sneakers = unpretentious and comfortable looks. Long dresses with fluid touches and platforms make a devastating duo, and if you play that flat? Oh no doubt a perfect summer look.The dress is a wild and super feminine piece, which enhances the female khaadi sale silhouette, it is perfect for all seasons, in winter and summer you can make beautiful and devastating combinations, both for daily activities and for special events. Check out these inspirations that we separated for you!

Spring Summer 2020 Fashion: it’s time to change your closet!

The spring summer fashion 2020 has been released! Now is the perfect opportunity to learn more about trends and start reviewing your wardrobe pieces! Women’s fashion always brings stylish news focused not only on what comes from catwalks in other countries, but on options that greatly value the Brazilian summer. And this summer is sighing! It has prints and textures, classic or not, that you won’t want to leave out of your looks. Take a look at fashion that will suit different feminine styles frock design ! Prints for spring summer 2021 In addition to classic prints such as polka dots, stripes and flowers, summer 2020 comes with many other ideas. We separate those that will be on the rise. Look! Striped Pattern Sweethearts in the women’s closet, the stripes are super versatile and timeless. You can’t even imagine women’s fashion without them, as they fit into formal and casual looks with ease. Unlike navy stripes, in blue or black and white, this season we will find the colored ones in warmer and lighter tones, very sweet, to compose from urban looks to beach wear. A striped shirt, with a dress and a mix of prints with flowers are great to give a more feminine look to the production. The new colors will surprise women with fun options and the look of the season! Floral pattern Impossible to talk about spring / summer without mentioning the floral! The flowers have everything to do with the Brazilian heat and each year they renew themselves, appearing in dresses, skirts and blouses. For 2020, the floral print will be very tropical, with a larger pattern and with a beautiful mix of foliage , in addition to a romantic and delicate touch. See many models here. 01 floral ok Tie Dye Pattern Vibrant and creative, Tie Dye printing has colors played in a disconnected way, without a pattern, and can even cause difficulty when assembling the look. This version, certainly, is not supporting in the productions. As the protagonist, she will be even more visible this season, with bright and mixed colors : pink, blue, green, orange and many others! If you have a more classic and traditional style , you may have difficulty with this model. But rest assured that there is more news coming up! 02 tie dye ok Pattern Ombré The Ombré Print can be used by you, a more neutral woman, as an alternative to tie dye. Ombré is the gradient that many people love! That color that starts delicate and clear and gets saturated. The print will be found in more fluid clothes , with beautiful movement when walking, especially dresses, bringing the lightness of summer in an elegant and graceful way. 03 ombre ok Vichy Print The picnic towel print comes back in 2020! Unlike the red Vichy that we are used to seeing, in the summer we will have the pattern in different colors , but with lighter nuances, such as blush, light pink, water green, blue and various delicate and sweet tones, such as stripes. As a member of the chess family, printing is very easy to use, unlike tie dye. For those who don’t like to draw a lot of attention, you can bet on the smaller squares. 04 vichy ok Animal Print Print We don’t even need to talk much about this one, do we? In 2019 we had a rain of animal print in several pieces of the female wardrobe. For 2021, he is back, so we can already celebrate! If you invested in clothes with this pattern now in the winter, you will be able to wear it in the summer too. But to give more life to your animal print, replace the brown and black of winter for vibrant and saturated colors , such as pink, blue, orange, red and yellow. This mix with other shades will give that look up, making you more cheerful. This type of printing will continue on all pieces: dresses, blouses, skirts and bikinis, with the classic leopard print and many other animals. 05 animal print ok Textures for spring summer 2020 Many textures have remained and will be present in summer 2020, check it out! Front buttons If you have two garments that will remain firm in the coming spring and summer months, they are the skirt and the dress with front buttons . Midi, long or shorter, in various patterns and colors, the buttons will be lighter fabrics, perfect for the heat! The lightness of the linen cannot be left out of this warm season. The next collection promises several elegant and stylish looks with this fabric. Linen dresses, skirts and blouses that will leave your look delicate and romantic. 06 front buttons Wrap Dress Dress full of ties, slits and ruffles, the Wrap Dress is the famous envelope model . Super feminine, this texture appears full of colors and prints. Floral and striped are guaranteed. Light and beautiful, Wrap Dress is one of the trends that will come with great strength!