Assuming: what’s fabric? Fabrics for winter 2020Discover the main cloth trends for Winter 2020 with Donna Modelli’s hints!

Transparency Synthetic hair will be back together with all the glamor and sophistication that the cloth deserves. Fluffy coats and jackets with long, medium or short hair will be the stars. The fabric may also be utilized in details of jackets and boots and even accessories. Winter 2020 fabrics: model wearing a black knit blouse. Fake skin Winter 2020 fabrics: model sporting a black leather coat. Leather jackets are located in various colors, such as pink, yellow, blue and red. Synthetic and ecological leather are more sustainable and accessible compared to leather made out of animal skin. Knitting For the more conservative, transparency gives a romantic atmosphere. From the south of the country, temperatures do drop, but it is still not like the harsh winters of Asian, European and North American nations. So here we could perform fabrics in winter. Read the list of fabric trends for winter 2020 and stay at the top of what the fashion world provides! Transparency is going to be on the growth in khaadi sale winter 2020. For the more adventurous, the pieces with great transparency will change panties, like tops, cropped and bras, into a crucial part of the look. Leather is within all chilly seasons, but every year stylists reinvent it. They change models, accessories and sizes. This year they chose to play with colors! Leather The winter is now democratic. The majority of the country addresses the winter of a tropical country, with much more winds and rains than the cold of tooth decay. See, now, which fabrics are going to be in high fashion in winter 2020! The information! Fabric is the raw material of clothing. It is a material composed of artificial or natural threads. The fabric can be classified according to composition, weight, application and manufacturing technology. Examples of fabrics: cotton, viscose, wool, silk, jute, polyester, acetate, polyamide, jacquard and knit. Donna Modelli: women’s clothing from the newest Dona Flor. Donna Modelli: women’s clothes from the Unique Chic brand.Clarify your doubts with Donna Modelli Leather was featured in our post about women’s pret wear coats! Watch the other types that will be trending in the autumn winter of 2020! Winter 2020 cloths: model sporting a coral blouse using translucent sleeve. The knitting came from grandma’s closet to occupy street fashion and be the darling of all fashionistas. Beautiful, warm and versatile, the knitting is revived in coats with vibrant colors, different collars and whistles.


Complete Dictionary of Skirt Models – Know Each Cut There are several models of skirts that vary according to the length, cut, trim and even fabric and adornments of the pieces. Mastering these details about the fashion world will make you an expert on the subject and can help you make your sales. With that in mind, we have prepared this guide so that you can learn about each model. Check it out! Discover the main models of skirts The evolution of fashion and sewing techniques led to the creation of different models of skirts. From the famous mini cut, through the modern asymmetric to the elegant pencil format. SKIRTS Too many options! But, calm down, let’s explain the main types of cut: Evasé It has a marked waist and is slightly tight on the hips and thighs, widening more at the bottom. Some call it skirt A, because it has a cut that looks like the letter. Round Made with a circular cut and light fabric to give a swirled trim. One tip is to use it to disguise wide hips. Pleated One of the models of darling skirts by fashionistas. Made with pleated fabric – many small parallel folds. In manufacturing, very light fabrics are used, so they can open and close easily with movement. Draped The classic skirt used in countries like Hawaii, Bali and the like. It has several rang rasiya pleats on one side that create volume. It can also be called a sarong or a shroud. This model consists of many folds of fabric in the vertical direction. It also creates a rotated look. Skewed or Mermaid Another of the famous models of skirts is the mermaid shape, which is more adjusted at the top to the knees, then opens in imitation of a mermaid tail. The cut helps to draw the woman’s body. Pencil Long skirt, with narrower shape on the hips and thighs. It is usually made with more elastic fabric to allow movement. Right or Tube Much like the pencil skirt . The difference is that it is usually up to the knee and has a slit to allow movement. Mini A fashion classic, created in the 60s, which has a shorter length compared to other models of skirts. Envelope Created on an open cloth, where there is a mooring at the waist, forming a single side. The best thing about this cut is that it goes well with any body. Asymmetric It has a shorter side than the other. It gives an interesting effect in the production, since it shows the legs, but also has the elegance of the long skirt. Balloon It has a “puffy” look due to the type of stitching. The high waist models are a bonanza satrangi good choice, as they mark the waist and create volume only in the thighs. With males or godé This style of skirt has “fake” folds, which are actually fabrics cut in bias that create a full movement. Did you like the content? Now that you know these different models of skirts, you can indicate the best cuts for your customers. For more fashion and style tips, keep browsing the Colmeia blog .

Latest Short for summer collection

Summer days call for lightness, comfort and freshness when setting up productions. To enjoy the solar mood of the season, it is worth betting on pieces that leave the skin more exposed, shorten the lengths and enjoy. So bet on short looks and be happy! Single piece Want practicality and versatility when dressing? Invest in a dress and go! The shorter models bring the necessary freedom on summer days . After all, what matters is not to get hot and look beautiful. Get out now The fluidity and easy going touch that your look needs in summer can be found in short skirts. The combinations are endless, you can wear t-shirts , tank tops, croppeds . For every occasion of your day you have a skirt to call your own. Shorts of the time Shorts are one of the most beloved pieces of hot days . The outfit goes well with several top models and can go not only to the sand, but also to the party, in an uncomplicated way. Invest in accessories and choose between the low, jump or sneaker, but enjoy your summer! Still in the verve of unique pieces, the little monkey is another wild card when it comes to dressing in the warmer months. After all, whether printed or plain, monochromatic or colored, betting on the short piece is what makes all the difference in the summer look . After choosing your short summer looks, how about checking out our liqui khaadi clothes with up to 50% off ? This is the time to buy your favorite piece from the spring and summer collections. Enjoy! Daytime Party Looks January is really a festive month , we are full of willingness and willingness to live the days of light and sun. So it is common for the agenda to be full of celebrations. Outdoor celebrations are a way to make the most of the season. See our selection of looks for parties during the day! Lightness and freshness Our choices, of course, are clear and light productions, perfect for hot days. Dresses are our best allies. Whether for more formal events or even more casual parties, like drinks with friends near the sea. In celebrations that usually take place in the morning, such as baptisms and celebrations with the little ones, our tip is to bet on pieces with light sleeves . Delicate dresses , fresh in the right measure. The turn of prints More informal birthdays, graduations and weddings can welcome a little color and relaxation. Therefore, midi dresses , light floral and soft prints are our suggestions for daytime events between family and friends. Vibrant shades Day party looks Barbecues, lunches and brunches make room for more colorful, cheerful and casual looks. Printed dresses , with energetic tones and a more tropical vibe are our favorites for more lively parties during the day. But we can’t talk about a tropical vibe without remembering the summer parties. Drinks by the pool, parties facing the sea. In other words, a golden opportunity to use and abuse dresses with warm colors , flowers and bossa , as we do not give up this season.

Throwing my body (and soul) into the world

I get home and see a question mark shaped candle over the sink. My mom just turned 62. So I assume it was with this great wax doubt that they sang congratulations to her at work. As if putting her age there was an offense. A kind of passive-aggressive education, I would say. Then I realize that being a woman is a big question mark. At least, that’s how they taught us. Doubting our capacity, our beauty, our potency, our body, our self-sufficiency. In other words, above all, to doubt us. For example: who has never seen themselves in the mirror wondering if our clothes are suitable? Passing seriousness, but without being grimace. Attractive in size, without being vulgar. Young, without being silly. With personality, without being extravagant. Without trying to understand, first of all, what is our style. Meanwhile, the boys were educated to make paths with almost no restrictions and to conquer the world, we were taught to… conquer them. For many years, our script was defined by them. And in that way, our desires were set aside. are we, beyond the will of others, the expectations or judgments of others? What do we want to explore, what roadmap do we want to outline? It is not for nothing that we women today dominate the therapy rooms. After all, self-discovery and self-acceptance have never been more on the agenda. On this journey, every experience is valid. There are those who fly to the sides of astrology, others seek contortionism, yoga or, who knows, energetic alignment. And, why not, travel? In travel, we can plot our own routes. Escape the script, change streets, find new possibilities. Experience diversity, make plans and be surprised all the time. Literally opening up to the world. Change, grow, mature. As the Novos Baianos beautifully said: “I leave and I receive a little”. So today we share some transformative destinations here. Places that offer true spiritual immersions, which are an invitation to connect with yourself and make your story take on new meaning. Come on? Camino de Santiago de Compostela, Spain Destination that inspired our winter collection, the Camino de Santiago de Compostela is the longest pilgrimage route in Europe and welcomes people from all over the world. Due to its great length, about 800km, its routes are full of challenges that reach from the physical to the psychological. A true experience of immersion, self-knowledge and reflection on the khaadi sale meanings of life. Anyone who has ventured on the route guarantees that the place and its energy are unique. India alone is already a country that breathes religiosity and beliefs everywhere. Bodhgaya is one of the most sought after destinations in the region by Buddhists from around the world. But not only the followers of Buddha who enjoy the auspicious climate of the place. According to the story, there was the exact spot where Buddha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism, reached its peak of spiritual enlightenment. Therefore, the good fluids in the area are ideal for those seeking tranquility and concentration to meditate. The Vatican is the seat of the Catholic Church and one of the most visited places by religious of that faith. But the Italian city-state enchants everyone for its grandeur, architecture and the charm of the basilicas that exist there, such khaadi pret sale . Certainly, visiting the place is one of the attractions for those seeking a renewal of spirit and energy to follow their path. Also known as the lost city of the Incas, the Peruvian city is one of the most mystical destinations in South America. Its ancient buildings, combined with breathtaking natural landscapes, set up the perfect atmosphere to capture good vibes. The people who inhabited the region built their buildings with white granite, as they believed that this material emanated a strong positive energy. This is another good reason to explore the place in search of maturity and great reflections and connections.

Packing for the Vacation

For people who want to climb the mountain to enjoy calm days, our proposal is a bag full of comfort and charm. To appreciate walks in the woods, afternoons accompanied by a fantastic book and a glass of wine to complete. There are also people who prefer to make the most of Carnival to draw an urban route. Simply take the contrary path of the blocks and become involved in cultural lifestyle. Not just catching up on films in the cinema and seeing that display, but also enjoying dishes or with a drink with friends. Practical tips on how to pack your suitcase Path to the sea Our choices include olive green, colors of fresh grass and trees that decorate the atmosphere of tranquility. Ah, but the sobia nazir shore days deserve particular care for the body. Especially because the target is to reach complete until Ash Wednesday. Pay special attention to the skin, hair, stay hydrated to the maximum and make sure you apply sunscreen. Enjoy the carnival to the fullest without failing yourself! There are individuals who spend the whole year counting the times to fall in revelry. But there are also people who take advantage of this date to relish a dolce far niente. We prepare smart recommendations to package your travel luggage and enjoy the carnival your way, at the place you choose. Take items you like and that make you feel comfortable; For this, we created a modern suitcase, with minimalist skirts, functional tops and pants to win against the leg in style. Our bag asks for light dresses, white blouses and skirts which perform with the sea breeze. Pieces for a tasteful after-beach, for evenings outside and afternoons for drinks by the sea. In the opposite direction, in addition, there are those who can’t wait to spend the sea route. In reality, this is a fantastic time to enjoy the vacant beaches and great walks by the ocean. Therefore, we consider light garments, with fresh and soft prints, as the times on the shore demand. Use creativity when creating your own productions. You do not have to take a lot of pieces to have an awesome look  nishatlinen dress to enjoy your day off. Wild and versatile pieces go together and are your best friends. Selected itineraries and plays, now it’s time to go along a quick and practical plan so that you don’t miss a moment of the vacation . They will be more allies when it comes to putting together appearances for the day and night. And of course the bijus occupy little space in the suitcase. In addition to the scarves, which turned into a blouse, sarong or belt. Try and picture the accessories and clothes . Possessing the combinations organized is a good way to maximize your own time.

How to reduce the high turnover of employees in fashion making?

Fashion and clothing: how to find new customers and increase sales? A survey on the clothing industry in Brazil, carried out in 2017 by Sebrae, showed that the segment is characterized by a shortage of qualified labor and, at the same time, by high employee turnover, also known as turnover . According to the study, manual services – which are not artisanal – have been depreciated in the market, causing the loss of interest in the area, which, in most cases, is seen only as a form of subsistence and not as a profession. In manufacturing, keeping teams motivated and aligned is khaadi sale essential to avoid financial losses and loss of confidence in the brand. Fortunately, there are strategies that can be used to decrease this high employee turnover. Check out the following tips! Have a judicious selection process The process of hiring new employees must be assertive in all stages, with different strategies for each one, from the attraction of candidates to the integration of the new member in the team. high employee turnover To recruit talent, choose the most suitable channels based on the employee profile you want to attract. Select the social networks, platforms or job pages most used by your target audience, describing the skills required in the job description. In order to reduce the high employee turnover, it is recommended to carry out the screening based on the candidates’ skills and values. Bet on dynamics, behavioral profile tests or interviews with the immediate leader, ensuring that there is synergy between the values ​​of the employee and the company. Calculate the overall turnover of clothing There are several ways to calculate a company’s employee turnover. The most common general calculation is indicated for organizations that have not had a large growth in size in a short period. Here’s how to do it: Add the number of admissions and the number of dismissals in the last 12 months; Divide by two; Divide the result by the total number of employees in the company; Multiply the value by 100 to get the percentage. ployee turnover Garments with a turnover rate greater than 5% must consider all possible causes and identify all problems that can be solved by the organization. Promote quality training Lack of adaptation to organizational culture, low motivation and dissatisfaction with the benefits offered are three of the main causes of high employee turnover. Companies have total control over these causes and can devise strategies that reduce the high turnover rate, such as qualified training, good onboarding processes , constant valuation of work, among others. high employee turnover Integrating, training and engaging are functions delegated to the organization that ensure that employees remain productive and motivated , leading to the proper functioning of the clothing. Therefore, raise the main needs of employees and invest in courses and training specific to these requirements. fashion and confection MY BUSINESS Fashion and clothing: how to find new customers and increase sales? high employee turnover Offer career plan The career plan is a great way to offer growth perspective to employees, as they improve the performance of their tasks and functions, helping to attract and retain talent for the organization. high employee turnover Not knowing what needs to be done to progress within the company causes frustration and demotivation, leading to a high rate of dismissal of employees who do not find opportunities to develop. Having a career path ensures that khaadi summer sale they know where they are, where they want to go, when and how they will achieve those goals. In addition, the strategy facilitates the performance monitoring of employees, who must be guided and directed individually, through tangible goals and objectives to reach the next position. Read also: 5 fashion business management tips High employee turnover affects all areas of the company, negatively impacting both the internal and external environment, which can lead to the organization’s bad reputation.


Clothing tips to disguise your tummy Check out the clothes tips to disguise your tummy here on Donna Modelli’s blog, amazing looks for you to rock! Women of different ages, heights and different weights have a common discomfort: the belly that is marked in some looks. She is not a problem, since most women do not have their bodies sculpted in the gym. Yes, the tummy is normal! But we know that, from time to time, women look for a combination to make the region stand out. So, save this article with our clothing tips to disguise your tummy! Clothing tips to disguise the tummy: model wearing a white blazer with white skirt Tips to disguise your tummy Find your number The measurement of the belly is not always taken into account when making clothes. Often the pants that are comfortable on the belly can be loose on the rest of the body, or the one that you put on perfectly, it took some time to close the last button. To reduce this problem, it is necessary to know your body and make visits to the fitting rooms. Discover your real numbering! For some cases, a trip to the seamstress may be the solution. Avoid tight clothes Once you’ve found your number, put away clothes that are too tight. Clothes that are too tight and numbered less than yours will mark various parts of your body that you may not want to expose. Besides being super uncomfortable to wear an outfit that is not your size, isn’t it? Clothing tips to disguise the tummy: model wearing a loose set. Value other parts of your body One of the golden tips when composing the look to hide the tummy is to draw khaadi online attention to other parts of the body. For this reason, V-necklines, gipsies, overlapping pieces (a looser blouse and a female cardigan , for example) and necklaces that are at the height of the lap are welcome. Clothing tips to disguise the tummy: model wearing a tunic. Stretch Silhouette Looks that lengthen the silhouette cause a feeling of uniformity in the body and draw attention away from the protruding belly. Unique pieces, monochromatic models, trench coats and other elongated jackets will help you in this mariab mission. Clothing tips to disguise the tummy: model wearing a long coat. Extra tip: shaper panties Modeling panties are widely used with party dresses, which do not always give the opportunity to disguise the tummy. It won’t magically make the belly disappear, but it will even out the area to avoid the marks. Remember that the modeling panties must also be the correct size. Do not choose the smaller size thinking that the belly will be more compressed, as the effect is not the same and will cause great discomfort. Now that you’ve written down all the general tips, check out some models that you can include in your wardrobe! The waist too low will leave your belly exposed, in addition to giving more volume in the lower part. High waists, contrary to what it seems, can make the region stand out. So, prefer medium-waisted trousers, which will flatten the area and are more comfortable for people with more tummy. Clothing tips to disguise the tummy: model wearing medium pants and leopard blouse. The evasê dress is a wild card for all women, with a tummy or not! These models value the breasts with marking below them and a loose skirt. The evasê model does not mark the belly! The most used are those that reach the knee, but some models can be long. Pierced neckline The pierced neckline can be found in blouses and dresses of all sizes. The model creates a V-neckline that enhances the breasts with great elegance and makes a loose mid-waist mark, different from the evasé dress that has the mark just below the bust. The trapeze dress is elegant and gives a romantic touch to the look. It is comfortable and versatile, so it is used by women of all mannequins. The modeling resembles a trapezoid for starting narrower at the height of the bust, without making a mark, and being gradually more open in the continuation of the clothes. The model has a great fit and is great for enhancing the legs. Between right and wrong, choose your comfort and what makes you feel good Often the clothes to disguise the tummy can be uncomfortable for some women, since the bodies are not the same. Here at Donna Modelli we share tips, we don’t impose rules! Remember that you don’t have to hide your belly to be beautiful and elegant. The important thing is to be happy with your own body . To not miss other fashion tips, subscribe to our newsletter!

 women’s clothing from the Absolutti brand.

women’s clothing from the brand Dona Flor. Donna Modelli: women’s clothing from the Unique Chic brand.Clarify your doubts with Donna Modelli The Brazilian winter begins in June and runs until September. In that time, the population faces lower temperatures, in addition to having to deal with winds, rain and air conditioning in the workplace. You have no idea what to wear? We will help you! Check out our selection of winter looks to work with ! Best winter fabrics Winter clothes are made of denser fabrics to protect wearers. The raw materials for cold clothing are usually leather (animal and synthetic), knitting, nylon, cotton wefts and fake fur. See our article on winter fabric trends for the 2020 collection and start thinking about your winter clothes for work! Winter looks to work: model with an inspiring look for winter Winter looks to work with It’s time to think about clothing combinations to maintain style and elegance without being cold at work! Choose clothes and accessories typical of the season that match your look! Knitting cold blouse Knitting is one of the darlings at Donna Modelli. Our online store is full of models of jackets and blouses made of knitting to please all tastes and rang rasiya combinations. You will fall in love! Ponchos, coats and kimonos are some of the ideas to add to the list of clothes to work in the winter and that you will know better in our article! Winter looks to work: model wearing a look with knit blouse. Knit blouse V neckline braids Cardigan The cardigan is an open, popular coat that combines with several pieces and  nishat linen online favors overlays. It is lightweight, easy to carry in the bag and to wear when needed. Read our article on women’s cardigans and get to know what must be in your look to work in the winter! Winter looks to work: model wearing a female cardigan. Riding Pants The model of riding pants left the competitions with horses to occupy a prominent position in fashion outside the sport. It is similar to legging pants, but it is produced with thicker fabric and different modeling, usually valuing the high waistband. Some have a charming zipper that resembles the uniform of horsemen and Amazons. The riding pants are versatile: goes well with sneakers, boots and pumps. Thick pantyhose The thick pantyhose is a piece capable of enhancing a touch of romanticism in the work look and warding off the cold whenever necessary. For those who do not give up their skirts and dresses in winter, thick socks are essential. From the 80th thread, the stockings start to thicken and lose their transparency. Winter socks can also be used as a second skin. Combine with dresses, pleated skirts and even shorts, if the workplace allows. Leather Coats and Jackets The leather jacket is a piece that reinvents itself every season. It is not just an article of retro fashion; every year the models change the colors, the modeling, the length, the pockets and the types of zippers to suit the trends. It can be the piece that will give a cool tone to the work look. Matches dress shirts and plain or printed t-shirts. Winter looks to work: model wearing fake leather coat. Boot Being all wrapped up but with bare feet makes many women feel cold. Therefore, the boot is the darling shoe of winter. Waterproof materials are more popular so that your feet do not get wet after facing rain. Accessories The look to work on winter days will not be complete without the striking accessories of the season. Scarves, gloves, caps, hats and berets close the production of the look with a golden key to keep you warm from head to toe. Now that you know so many winter pieces, take advantage of creativity to insert each one in your winter looks to work! Here on Donna Modelli’s blog you get information about fashion trends and receive the best tips on how to use fashion to your advantage!

The long skirt has been following women’s fashion for centuries.

Like sneakers, they are versatile and can compose looks of all styles. Romantic, corporate and street fashion lovers will find a combination to call their own. No matter the age, the long skirt is a great choice to add a touch of femininity and comfort to your combination. Looks with accessories An accessory can be the transforming key of a garment. It can be the point of light for a composition, the perfect contour for a cleavage and the icing on a hairstyle. They are called accessories but, in fact, they are essential when putting together the look of the day. For those who don’t know where to start or for those who need new ideas, we have a post on the best way to harmonize looks with accessories , such as rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. How to compose looks with accessories: girl in profile showing the earring. From one extreme to the other: tips on how to dress in unstable weather You leave the house in the morning, the weather is closed, it is cold, windy, there is no sun. Therefore, you put on clothes that protect you from the cold. In the middle of the morning the weather is different: you are dying of heat! Do nishat linen you go through this? Well know that we made a post for you with tips on how to dress with the unstable weather ! These are timeless tips, since Brazilian women go through this at various times of the year, in different places in the country. FEMALE CLOTHES FOR WORKING IN THE OFFICE Women’s clothing for office workSome everyday items can be incorporated into your women’s clothing looks to work in the office smoothly. The time has passed when the modeling of women’s clothing to work in the office was monotonous, even dull and without style. Today it is possible to put together looks with personality to frequent the corporate environment, be it more classic and traditional or cool and fun. Often, all you need is to see with different eyes the pieces you already buy and even already have in your wardrobe. Some day-to-day pieces can be incorporated into production to work smoothly. A touch of color or a different accessory can also be part of the composition of women’s clothing for work. Want to know some cool tips and pieces to add to professional looks? So check it out below! Women’s clothes for working in the office: model wearing a black lace top.BUY NOW Women’s clothing for work: how to modernize the look? Incorporating some trend pieces into the office look will make the production more fashion and modern. We have separated some suggestions: 1. Different modeling for the pants Modernize the production with pants that do not follow the corporate standard. For example, high-waisted pants lengthen the silhouette and are elegant, while pantacourt pants and women’s pantaloons update the look. There are still khaadi sale options for flare pants and pantaloons. Women’s clothes to work in the office: model wearing green pants. 2. A touch of color If your goal is to keep the air of seriousness in the outfit, know that you can invest in colors anyway. The tip is that they are in more opaque, sober tones. The print, depending on your working environment, can also be more contained. It can come in shoes, accessories or clothing details. 3. For the hottest days In summer, some pieces can be fresh (learn more in our article on spring summer 2021 look trends ) and still suitable for the work environment. Dresses and overalls are great examples of this! Opt for pieces that have a more structured fabric and a longer length. Midi dresses are perfect in these cases! Look for pieces of light and soft fabrics, like linen and cotton. Model wearing a midi dress ideal for the corporate environment. 4. Skirts can also Skirts also cannot be left out of this list, especially on hot days. The more fashion versions, with discreet slits and asymmetry, can be part of the production for the office. Midi length skirts are also elegant and modern, perfect for the professional environment too. Model wearing a long black skirt with a black shoulder to shoulder blouse.

How to use floral print: Looks to get inspired!

Cover of the post on how to use floral print. The spring arrived (starts today!) And with it the floral print back to being the darling of the moment among fashionistas! The print that is the face of the season brings a jovial and romantic look to any look, besides being democratic and allowing countless combinations. Floral prints can be used in any season, and are found in the most diverse pieces, such as blouses, dresses, skirts and accessories! It is a very striking feature in the piece and can sometimes be difficult to combine with other patterns. We have gathered in this post some tips and inspirations that help you to use this cheerful print to put together great looks this season. Dress The dress is a classic piece and already associated with the romantic style. The models with the floral print have this extended feature. It is perfect to use at any occasion, whether during daytime or evening events and even more formal events. The skirt is a casual and casual piece, but its floral version gains a refined and delicate touch. It is a timeless and versatile piece, besides having several models that please all types of tastes and biotypes. Shirt The floral blouse or shirt is an elegant and sophisticated piece. It gives a different touch to any look, and can be combined with pants, skirts and shorts. For more informal scenarios jeans are a great option, while  khaadi tailoring can be the best choice in more formal settings. Set The set is a perfect choice for those who want to get out of the obvious without leaving style aside. Be it the combo pants + blouse, shorts + blouse or skirt + blouse, they are great for informal occasions during the day and also on the hottest days. tagram The floral print never goes out of style and comes with even more strength in this new season. Any woman can incorporate it into her own style, there are no restrictions when it comes to putting together the combinations! Do you like to incorporate it into bonanza satrangi  everyday life? Tell us in the comments!