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Ethical labor and fair production

If, on the one hand, the quality of our fabrics and timeless design has already become our trademark on the other, values ​​such as an ethically treated workforce and fair and sustainable production are also non-negotiable for us. Know a little about our partnerships of good – and, of course, the beautiful pieces that result from them!

In 2012, MyBasic was a pioneer in launching an e-commerce focused exclusively on basic and, at the same time, premium fashion. In other words, the idea was to offer pieces with classic and timeless designs, which would not go out of style, but without sacrificing quality: if it is made to last, the raw material also needed to be differentiated.

But the goals were not just those.

There was another, perhaps even greater: positively impacting the fashion industry, which is among the most polluting in the world and has one of its biggest problems in the use of incorrect labor.

Therefore, we started a constant journey towards sustainability, whose concept encompasses all those aspects that we consider fundamental: quality (to last and generate less waste), respect for your money (fair prices) and transparent production – more than correct, which benefit those involved, create jobs, and help generate income for those in need.

The path is long and we discover new issues every day to maintain production in Brazil, seek a fair relationship with the workforce, respect the principles of the slow fashion movement , and use technology to reduce the impact of our activity on the planet.sobia nazir

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The search for transparent, balanced and humanized relations led us to partner with the Ecotece Institute , whose mission is to generate creative solutions – to provide a way to “dress consciously” – and that connects projects related to sustainability and educational practices on

It started with a small project to donate pieces and pieces to the NGO. The idea was that leftovers were not discarded in the environment. In the hands of the seamstresses of Ecotece, the scraps became pieces that were purchased by MyBasic, enabling income generation.

In the beginning, the collaboration only contemplated the production of a t-shirt model. Today, Ecotece, through the training of seamstresses, produces pieces of various models for our brand – guaranteeing a qualified, charizma online humanized and correct workforce.

One example of this workforce is the staff of Sol Nascente, a cooperative formed by seamstresses from the community of the same name, located in the West Zone of São Paulo. “We take work to women who cannot leave the community for different reasons, including because they are responsible for sick relatives”, explains Lia Spinola, director of the Ecotece Institute. “It was with this demandthat they created the Sol Nascente group, and the result was great”.

Today the group is among our constant partners

– which is also essential in this type of partnership: the longer and more constant the more effective the results are. Case of work involving groups linked to the CAPS (Psychosocial Care Centers) network – also a partner of Ecotece. Among them, we already have demands with Oficina dos Anjos and Coletivo CUPINS (Central of People Inventing New Exits).

One of the (beautiful) examples of this work that has lasted eight years is the tailoring shirt Cortona , a basic model and at the same time sophisticated tailoring. Cortona is that type of shirt that goes with everything, from the most social work to a casual weekend – if worn under a strapless dress, for example, and a mule.

Cortona shirt: basic and sophisticated tailoring model, and hand made garment by women assisted by the Ecotece Institute.

Another movement we are most proud to participate, which develops products that positively impact the entire chain. The production of the initiative has zero waste and, by purchasing one of the products, you contribute to the sobia nazir generation of jobs and income for dozens of women imprisoned in the prison system or in a situation of social vulnerability and who seek, through work, a way of reintegration into society.

The twill pants with Volterra buttons are the result of this partnership. With straight modeling and perfect fit, it has a super high waist, which enhances the silhouette. Versatile comfortable and sophisticated. And when you buy it, you still contribute to the professionalization and empowerment of women who, when released, will be sent to the job market.