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Look 90s: inspirations for Christian women

Turns and moves clothing brands emerge with past trends. The most recent, related to the 90s, again brought the possibilities of building visuals with a striking personality without giving up discretion. Therefore, we selected inspirations of 90’s looks to help you be in fashion, however, according to your style.

But, before checking out the inspirations, get to know a little more about the history of this trend that is very successful both among young women and among mature women. Come on!

History of the 90s style

In the early 90s, fashion received almost imperceptible brushstrokes from major brands, given that we were leaving the decade of shoulder pads, puff sleeves and exaggerated accessories.

The replacement of exaggerated looks for the more discreet look happened mainly due to the influence of urban style , which had its peak while the satin dresses, ruffled blouses and jeans were charizma online  successful on TV and in big cities.

The 90s were also marked by supermodels, such as Kate Moss, who brought the concept of femininity more accessible with the possibility of wearing delicate and stylish looks without giving up discretion.


However, this is only part of the trend that boomed during the period and returned with everything in 2020.

Now, continue to know more about this time and get inspired with our suggestions for looks .

The brand Nítido Jeans has blouses and sets, in addition to super stripped plaid dresses sobia nazir . Being made entirely of soft and malleable fabrics, the pieces bring the true essence of the 90s.

The skirt and blouse sets, on the other hand, have their discretion guaranteed due to the length just above the knees and cut on the bust, strategically designed to combine very well with the basic blouse on the piece.

Our tip, in this case, is to choose blouses with neutral colors, so it is possible to contrast with the dress full of personality. Thus, it is possible to have a balanced look for different types of occasion.

To finish the look, you can opt for comfortable sneakers, giving even more a touch of style and, of course, guaranteeing much more comfort for you to be at ease during several hours of the day.

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Pantaloons: elegance and style
The fashion of the 90s was marked by the classic and stripped style and, therefore, the pantaloons were very successful. Currently, you find these pants made with super soft and comfortable fabrics, in addition to the loose modeling , characteristic of the piece.

This style fell like a glove in the wardrobe of evangelical women, because, as the pieces allow more freedom in movements while maintaining elegance and discretion, it can be used both in day to day and in more serious events at night, without scoring as much the silhouette.

Being synonymous with sophistication, the Principessa brand has trousers composed of polyester and viscose fabrics , in addition to bringing incredible details from the color of the pieces to the finish.

If you want to create a look for special occasions, it is worth investing in these pants models and finishing the composition with printed blouses and accessories to raise the level of elegance even more.

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Elegant and modern look: composition with blazer

The blazer is a piece known for bringing more seriousness to the look. However, fever in the 90s, was used to compose visuals with more stripped pieces, such as T-shirts and pants with more resistant fabric.

Nowadays, it is possible to find blazers with different fabrics and patterns, allowing for numerous compositions, from pants to pants or skirts of different cuts. In turn, t-shirts also come as the best choice to compose a 90’s look.

Creating a look with the third piece can generate some doubts, however, it also results in super elegant looks. Therefore, Via Evangélica created with an exclusive post on how to wear a blazer to help you with this task. Check out!

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Sets: versatility is the keyword

Following the basic and light look of the fashion of the 1990s, the sets appear in 2020 for their possibility of being used both with high-heeled shoes and with low sandals and sneakers.

If you love a comfortable look that is, at the same time, sophisticated, you will surely love the collections of the Jany Pim brand , which has uncluttered sets that are also suitable for special occasions.

Some of his creations are the union of skirt and blouse: one of the possibilities is produced in bardot fabric and has a completely straight model, with a zipper opening at the back and a slight slit in the hem .

The t-shirts of these sets of the brand have rounded necklines and zipper on the back with exclusive details. To guarantee the freshness of the piece, it is produced with viscose fabric begonia.

After these inspirations of 90’s looks, you already have complete freedom to compose your wardrobe with super elegant pieces that are still in fashion! After all, being fashionable means being comfortable, and with these tips you will surely enjoy all these advantages.

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