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The Case for Using a Colocation Service for Your Server


Colocation refers to storing your dedicated server in a rack together with different servers, all which share a bandwidth allowance. You merely take your host to a uk colocation centre where it’s installed into the rack and then the centre provides the bandwidth, IP address and electricity to it. You can access and use the server from your office just as you would with regular hosting, but in this situation you own the server hardware. This is an advantage in itself, but there are a number of other benefits to using a colocation service which are described below.
Primarily, the very fact that you own the server hardware in colocation is great because it means you could update it any time. If you feel that your machines, and hence your website, is operating slowly or requires more memory then you can just buy and install an update, something that is not possible when hosting your website on a different server. In the example of hosting, you might nonetheless be able to upgrade but will usually be charged an additional monthly rental fee for this excess memory, which will work out more expensive overall than buying new hardware yourself.

Cheap Colocation UK
In addition to the hardware, then you also own all the applications in your server. In hosting one server is usually shared between multiple users as well as the applications owned by the internet hosting firm, which increases your dependence on the internet host. As a Cheap Colocation Uk user with your own server you have full control on which applications you would like to set up on your server and when.
Possibly the biggest benefit of working with a colocation service is the saving that you make on bandwidth. For the identical cost which you would pay to get a relatively slow, fundamental DSL line, you can set your server at a colocation facility supplying much greater bandwidth speed. You might even discover that you pay less with this service than you would for your own line. With regular web hosting you will generally also must pay a fee for going over your bandwidth limit and this can be very costly, therefore colocation is definitely the best option concerning a cost-effective bandwidth allowance.
Also very importantly, a colocation service is home to the servers of several distinct companies and if there was a power outage, they would have a lot of very unhappy customers. If you host your website from your office and do not have a backup power source, a power outage will mean your website goes down which might be quite expensive in terms of possible customers you will miss out on. Colocation is your ideal choice for peace of mind when it comes to knowing that your web host is safe and secure at all times, regardless of what happens on your office.
The majority of colocation services will also offer specialized maintenance, either contained in the cost of storage or billed individually. If you don’t have a particularly great understanding of IT yourself and do not want to go to the expense of employing staff who do, then this may be a fantastic, cost-effective remedy to make sure that in case of technical issues you always have help readily available. Most colocation facilities will include a few basic but useful services in their costs, for instance a complete system reboot or a KVMoIP session per month if necessary.
These are simply a few of the numerous advantages of colocation, or colo as it is known for short. Should you do a little online search you will find there are multiple different benefits and very few, if any, disadvantages to employing a colocation service to safeguard and store your web server. It is among the best possible alternatives to reduce risk and increase peace of mind when it comes to ensuring your site is fully operational and up to speed at all times. She strongly believes that the best option is to settle on a Server Colocation Uk service, or colo since it’s known for short, because of the improved security and safety it provides. For any company contemplating colocation, she would also highlight the excellent benefit of prevention of site down time during peak periods or an office move.