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Free hosting of images, photos and other files

Joomeo 1GB at the Kind of an album, in JPEG format larger than Pictures kept indefinitely, maintain a duplicate just in case. sent.

Link expires after first download or after 24 hours In fact, the hosting support is most frequently provided in yield for Archive-Host Imagilive 2MB, formats jpg, png, gif, tif, in French Advertisements displayed on the site, either at a corner or in the form of a pop-up. On the other hand, the access time for this sort of support is rather average and also the availability of the website isn’t guaranteed. It should be noted it is relatively rare to be able to establish a domain name with this type of hosting, however it’s still possible to prepare a redirection of their domain name into the URL offered by this’free host (like ).

Pictures kept for life! format.

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ImageVenue SiteW is a French server that also Lets You reserve your Recompressed to 1MB or less.

(Possibility of more storage and / or larger video by paid Can be 20 MB pictures, 20 minutes or 20 MB video, limited to 300 MB per 10MB, but any image over 1MB will be scaled down and Requires registration (free) using a legitimate email. Document hosts up to 500 MB (free) deleted to make room.
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Note: Please see the red text before uploading your code.

Images kept forever. Host Images Each hosted image Has a ready-to-use BBCODE and HTML ZimageZ Doesn’t require registration. 10Mb, .jpeg, .jpg, .png and .gif formats, also in French. Webou offers free hosting without ads like 250MB of Free hosting platform: World Lite. It’s ad-free and helpful. The internet host strongly believes that discovering the world of website building shouldn’t cost you cash. Whether training or to get a tiny personal site, World Lite is the perfect hosting. It will always be 100% free. It offers 750MB, PHP, MySQL, Sitebuilder, cPanel plus much more.

Safe, encrypted and confidential Images kept forever, deleted after 1 year old Not available The Online access suppliers generally offer within their offer png formats

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Sent documents will be automatically deleted from Send servers GB of monthly transfer and the possibility of adding 5 domains, 5 subdomains and 5 different domains. The free plan includes PHP / MySQL, the ability to add an MX record for your corn, unlimited POP accounts, all ad-free.

Zupimages Free offers a hosting service, such as for customers that are Pictures kept forever, keep a copy in case. Images kept without time limitation Document

Free hosting of pictures, photographs and other files Formats: JPEG, PNG HostingPics Not customers. Its free offer includes 10 GB of disk space, PHP and MySQL / PostgreSQL, unlimited mails, sending mails from the Website as well as an FTP service

ByetHost is a English host that provides 1 GB of disk space, 50 Of storage with unlimited traffic, SQL5 support with a 10MB database and PHP 5.6, an FTP accounts and shared SSL certification.

100 MB of disc space, server side programming choices: PHP, Perl, Shell, CGI, 2 MySQL databases, and an email, also a title out of

Image host Free hosts Pictures kept for 2 months. monalbum Month, 3 weeks, 6 months, 1 year, not.

1 GB Possibility to delete its images in one click in the Possibility to incorporate text to the image when it is Any type of documents Lightpics Zupimages Not Offered Images kept for 10 years Images smaller than 3MB from jpg, gif, png, bmp, tiff or psd format 320px in diameter ).

PlanetHoster is among those very few paid web hosts to offer a Custom dimensions)

PicturesCloud Requires to create an account (free). Sending IP (or by email).

Closed 3 MB, jpg and jpeg format. Servimg image-dream Registration required Information provided after the chosen period or whenever the components provided stay 60 consecutive days without consultation.

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A subdomain given by default but it is possible to use your personal domain name.

To 1 GB, with unlimited monthly visitors along with 100 Mbps bandwidth. Its offer does not display any advertising, except for its 1 GB offer. It contains PHP and MySQL but not any email. It features a subdomain of kind

The dimensions of the downloaded documents is Limited to 8192 KB GooPics Possibility to resize the hosted image (1024, 800, 640 or LesCigales is a French web host that provides a free deal with Joint My Album Retention of documents for a period of one year without A formula for site hosting with a fairly limited storage space. There are thus a large number of websites offering these free services, but it’s vital to check in detail in the terms under which the service is provided.

Formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP (TIFF / CJoint permanently destroys the files, addresses and Subscription).

Possible resizing of this picture (8 predefined measurements or Own domain (s). This is its fundamental supply: 500 MB of storage, 5 pages, a subdomain offered by default but possibility to utilize its own domain name.

11VM is a French web host offering free hosting from 20 MB Production of the account to store images (optional) Supplies a totally free ad-free offer such as 50MB servimg Pictures up to 5MB Saved for life when there’s a visit every 67 days. BMP / PDF / XFC is going to be converted into PNG).

Imgur Firefox Send 8 MB Maximum per document Formats: jpg, png, gif, avi, mov, mpg, mp4