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I am pleased to announce that we have added a new Customer Testimonials section to our website.

If you are a client, we would appreciate it if you would access the new testimonials section and send us your opinion about our services and any recommendation on how we can improve, which is after all what is really important.

There are already more than 75 testimonials posted and most of them are very positive. The average grade that our clients have given us is 4.89 out of a maximum score of 5. The truth is that we are happy and we sincerely appreciate all the support you give us, this gives us more strength to continue working and improving.

In any case, the important thing is that we are able to interpret your words and that we can adjust our path to meet your needs in the best possible way.

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We have read all the testimonials, but above all we have analyzed all the tips to improve that you have sent us. We have already drawn some conclusions that we will share with you soon.

Thank you very much!

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A few days ago we added support for Ruby 2.6 to all of our hosting services, and although we hadn’t announced it, a few months ago we also added Ruby 2.5 to our services.

Ruby on Rails

The Ruby 2.5 stack incorporates, in addition to Ruby 2.5, version 2.7.x of Rubygems. On the other hand, the Ruby 2.6 stack is made up of Ruby 2.6 and Rubygems 3.0.x.

The 2 new stacks are perfect for use with the latest stable version of Ruby on Rails, version 5.2. Also, future Ruby 6 will require at least Ruby 2.5, so both stacks will be perfectly compatible with Ruby 6.

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Powerful and flexible Ruby hosting

We have been improving our hosting service for Ruby for many years, making it increasingly powerful, flexible and easy to use.

Currently, thanks to the stability and performance of our hosting platform, we can host from the simplest Ruby websites to large Ruby on Rails applications, capable of serving thousands of daily users.

In addition, thanks to the fact that we offer 8 different Ruby stacks and the ability to install almost any gem you may need, our service is extremely flexible, capable of hosting almost any Ruby application. For example, on our platform you can host from one Rails 2.3 application to another that uses Rails 6.

The 8 stacks we currently offer are:

Ruby 2.6: Ruby 2.6 and Rubygems 3.0.x

Ruby 2.5: Ruby 2.5 and Rubygems 2.7.x

Ruby Fox: Ruby 2.4 and Rubygems 2.6.x

Ruby Tux: Ruby 2.3 and Rubygems 2.6.x

Ruby Kon: Ruby 2.2 and Rubygems 2.4.x

Ruby Hai: Ruby 2.1 and Rubygems 2.2.x

Ruby Lur: Ruby 1.9 and Rubygems 1.8.x

Ruby Sua: Ruby 1.8.7 and Rubygems 1.5.x

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Last but not least, thanks to the improvement of the interface and the reduction of necessary steps, the procedure of deployment of Rails applications is becoming easier and faster in all our services.

Change in our Stacks naming policy

Until now we had always given short names to the different Ruby stacks that we were adding (Ruby Fox, Ruby Hai, Ruby Kon, …), but when we incorporated the Ruby 2.5 stack we realized that it no longer made sense, so in later the new Ruby stacks will be called simply Ruby 2.5, Ruby 2.6, Ruby 3.0, etc.

Originally it made all the sense in the world to give Ruby stacks proper names, since we had 2 different stacks with Ruby 1.8.7 and they were differentiated by the Rubygems version. But in recent years the Ruby ecosystem has improved a lot and it is no longer necessary for the same version of Ruby to use different versions of Rubygems, now each version of Ruby has its optimal version of Rubygems.