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MailChannels — Email Account Protection


At A2 Hosting, we utilize an email relay service named MailChannels. It helps us identify any spammers, improves email reputation and ensures reliable delivery of their clients’ email. It ultimately helps us stay one-step ahead of spammers.
How email hosting Customers Benefit
Email accounts are sometimes hijacked and used for spamming thousands of receivers. From the time this problem is identified. The damage is done. The standing of a business was tainted and future emails that are valid can be identified as spam, and never read or shipped back undelivered. MailChannels helps prevent this from occurring.
MailChannels was designed to alleviate the moment, cost, and frustration of protecting against blacklisting and dangerous spam. Spammers work with cybercriminals to exploit weaknesses in email accounts and use them to send waves of email messages which could be anything from simple marketing to offender phishing scams and even hidden malware. Such emails coming from your company could have catastrophic consequences. Having the capability to filter every incoming best email hosting for small business uk is a huge step in stopping cybercriminals from taking advantage of an email account.

cheap email hosting
Hacker and spammers are constantly coming up with new tricks, therefore MailChannels identifies spam by tracking outgoing mail with complex algorithms and learning AI to recognize spam-like trends in software and consumer accounts. The program identifies the exact account and shuts it down while sending alert notifications through email messages and web APIs to take action. A compromised account can be found within a matter of seconds.

1. Automatically tracking email rejection and IP blacklisting,

2. Clustered mail relay means any point of failure can easily be replaced, ensuring no downtime in providers.
Spam filtering may block outbound messages before they leave a network.
It may automatically route around blacklisted IPs to ensure deliverability for valid email.
Identify and block spammer accounts and send alerts in seconds.
Implement complicated policies to maximize email delivery.
Provide easy-to-use tools to monitor and report on email action.
What’s MailChannels Anyhow?
MailChannels relays messages while flagging spammers on a network. This helps preserve everybody’s reputation while helping to ensure that all messages are more inclined to make it to the intended recipients. This solution can also closed down endangered accounts and scripts to improve security. Unlike most email services, MailChannels can safely accept 100% of incoming email, spam or otherwise.
How Can Mailchannels Work?
MailChannels finds and blocks hijacked accounts also provides alerts to take action. Content filters and behavior-based coverage is put in place and enforced to protect your valid messaging and your corporate image.
MailChannel’s ResponseAnalytics™ tech uses the rejection answers out of receiving mail servers to analyze and improve cheap email hosting delivery across hundreds of tracked IP addresses. Outgoing email is automatically sorted into comparative risk categories. The system utilizes artificial intelligence to identify the sender of each message and tracks sender behaviour to restrict spamming from customer accounts. Each account receives some thing similar to a credit score to estimate the possible dangers of each user to the system. That applies to all accounts, whether from an active consumer, an application, or even a web page contact form.
MailChannels Techniques

A digital signature is used when assessing the contents of an email in real time from an upgraded database of spam criminals.
Repeating offenses may result in limiting or blocking messages from this account.
MailChannels additionally checks external databases such as domain tracking services to detect email messages related to known spam.
The system analyzes the response from the target server also uses this to identify possible spam for every single email, even those without known issues.
Additionally, it consistently tracks a variety of data for each sender linked to volume, validation issues, and suspicious content to aid in rating potential risks.
MailChannels allows for multiple passwords for SMTP authentication.
This stage logs information on every email delivered from a host making it easier to search a few weeks worth of logs to research concerns over email delivery.
MailChannels creates non-delivery reports for each rejected email for every single account to help identify potential problems.