Does migrating a small business to your cloud guarantee a significant reduction in the functional expenses of infrastructure?

How to migrate your mail365 from HTTP to HTTPS in basic steps

Until not long ago I was at a panic to migrate WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS I would lose the web positioning of my blog because I thought. And now I am very happy with the result that I have my cheap SSL certificate in the UK activated.

So when Paul Allen said to describe how to do it step by step, demonstrably and just, it was found by me great (and very useful) to have a tutorial like this on the blog. So you, and a lot if you dare, this will help.

  • Migrate from HTTP to HTTPS
  • Exactly what do HTTPS and SSL suggest?
  • Why migrate from HTTP to HTTPS
  • How to vary from HTTP to HTTPS in WordPress
  • Where you might get your SSL certification
  • WordPress settings to migrate from HTTP to HTTPS

By all, it really is known that at present the number of sites remains growing also it appears that this is choosing a long time … And according to data that are statistical multiple billion internet sites happily surf online.

Wide range of sites presently

Number of internet sites presently (real-time)

a sea where information abounds and, consequently, the real possibility that some “ready” let them have to take advantage of us getting information without our permission…

For Bing, cheap email hosting protection is a factor that is key which is the reason why it increasingly rewards websites that care about this factor, enhancing their placement somewhat.

Google loves security

And as I do not want yours to be less today I bring you a very practical article with which we will be able to give your website the extra security it needs, improve your SEO, offer more confidence and of course …

You are getting a famous basket that is little!

How well, migrating your online from HTTP to HTTPS very easily and without having a heart attack!

Exactly what do HTTPS and SSL suggest?

HTTPS is an version that is improved of best email hosting HTTP, information transfer protocol that establishes the technique through which users (through browsers) get information from different sites.

HTTPS corresponds to your HyperText that is acronym Transport Secure, an encryption technique utilizing the single objective of achieving the safest feasible data transfer.

 ssl certificate uk
cheap ssl certificate uk

Thanks to an encryption system in line with the SSL / TSL cryptographic protocols, you are going to make information that is vital any reader (example: username, passwords, etc.) a lot more tough to obtain from any computer attack.

Why migrate from HTTP to HTTPS

This is certainly a  question that lots of of us came to inquire of.

Is it well worth migrating from HTTP to HTTPS? Exactly how benefits that are many it bring me?

The clear answer is yes.

The benefits of going from HTTP to HTTPS are:

Authenticity: it’s a genuine and way that is direct ensure that the content of the internet site comes from a server colocation and authentic supply, with no been falsified.

Confidentiality: the game registered by an individual whom browses your internet site shall be concealed offering you the privacy you deserve.


the information will be safe. Especially of good use on websites online such as e-commerce or other where the movement of money is common.

Trust: you may convey the trust and credibility of your business needs. It is a proven fact that SSL certificates significantly increase user confidence.

Search Engine Optimization Rankings: cheap ssl certificate uk will reward you ultimately by improving your positioning since safety is a vital aspect for him.

Because of all of these reasons, how many sites being migrating from HTTP to HTTPS is increasing quite a bit because the last years.

The trend of web sites with SSL

Trend internet sites with SSL – Source: Therefore, my advice is that since it will only take you a few minutes to get it if you have not already done so, you can migrate your website from HTTP to HTTPS as soon as possible.

So … Are you prepared for the site become one of these? Come on, you shouldn’t be lazy that … Let’s start with the migration!

How to differ from HTTP to HTTPS in WordPress

The essential requirement to enjoy the advantages of HTTPS is always to have an SSL certificate installed and activated.

An SSL certificate is a document or title accredited by a authority that is certifying authenticates or confirms the identification of an online site while encrypting the flow of information between it as well as the host.

Where you might get your SSL certification

To acquire your certificate you have two options:


drop paste to a certifying company.

Totally free: through free programs such as for instance Let´s Encrypt easily obtainable in quality hosting providers.

Ok, well, let’s opt for the option that is second.

As an example, both Oliver and I utilize Raiola Networks.

That because? Super easy:

It has servers with SSD drives which make your site get like an attempt.

The technical support team is great.

Migration to HTTPS is super simple since the certificate is installed and triggered right from the star

In the same way, there are other options such as Webempresa that require a previous “manual” installation and activation on your part. If you want to investigate a little more, check out this list with other providers that support personal email hosting

Truth be told that then make the necessary settings in your WordPress if you do not use a WordPress hosting that already has the certificate installed and activated you will have to do it before and.

But don’t worry, it is a matter of accessing your provider’s information and asking them any relevant concerns you have.

Word Press settings to migrate from HTTP to HTTPS

Once you have your SSL certificate active and installed in your hosting, it is the right time to make a few necessary changes in WordPress.

1. Verify that the SSL certification is installed and active

Just how to do so?

Super easy: access your site utilizing HTTPS rather than HTTP.

If you manage to enter without problems it will mean that everything is correct. Otherwise, something must go wrong, so you will need to contact your provider to solve it.

2. Make a back-up

You ought not keep loose ends, much less when your business depends on your site as is my situation, so, first, make a back-up and heal in health.

Backup plugins

Backup Plugins: UpdraftPlus and BackupBuddy

Happily, there are currently plugins such as UpdraftPlus and BackupBuddy that may enable you to make a backup in just a few seconds.

3. Change WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS

The next step is to redirect all requests so that it always loads HTTPS instead of HTTP. We shall take action utilizing the Simple SSL plugin.

Simple SSL will detect your certificate automatically and work out the settings which means that your internet site constantly loads with this particular protocol.

Simply set it up, activate it and go.

Head to «WordPress> Settings> General». And replace HTTP for HTTPS into the fields that are following

Usually do not worry if, of these  modifications your WordPress session is disconnected, it is common within the redirection process.


When the procedure is finished, try not to erase the plugin to permanently maintain the redirection.

4. Modify the URL of one’s database

At this time, we shall almost have it done. We only have to make sure that all the sources of our site execute the demands in HTTPS.

Better Search Replace will be the plugin to utilize next. With Better Search Replace we shall be able to locate the info containing HTTP inside our database and change these with HTTPS.

The thing that is first have to do is locate the plugin within the WordPress repository, do the installation and activate it.

When that is done proceed with the following steps:

1) « Tools> Better Research Replace » to access the plugin control interface.

Be sure you have been in the “Search / Substitution ” tab .2) Enter your current URL in « Research », that is, with HTTP and in « Replace with » add the new one with HTTPS.

3) In “Select tables ” pick every one of these.

For this, make use of the Ctrl + Click commands on your own keyboard if you use Windows or CRMD + Click for Mac.4) we will do a first test search for the data stored in each table.

To achieve this, verify that the “Do you wish to run a drill?” is active.

5) Click « Run Search / replace «. The search will be over within a few seconds.

Click on the “click here “link at the very top to have a written report with all the current data become modified.

To really make the change to HTTPS simply duplicate the process that is above this time without selecting the “Do you intend to run a drill? «.

7) After a minutes that are few the replacement is completed sufficient reason for it the migration to HTTPS.


Having your site with HTTPS is becoming increasingly an indispensable requirement of any “serious” site that you would like to convert as time goes by, whether or not to have customers, clients, income, etc.

The advantages of performing the migration are many and the disadvantages are very few as you have seen in the article.

Besides, the information for WordPress execution while the right time you will have to devote are minimal.