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The new Reseller panel keeps the general appearance of

Panel, in which we publish any event which affects your hosting. This way, you will understand everything that happens before your clients.

The domain limit has been removed and now We’ve replaced New strategies with more resources and fewer restrictions It did not possess the issues and inconveniences of most similar services.

This really is the best promotion That’s Been promoted for .EUS Although We’ve made major changes to the newest Reseller The R20 program has gone from letting 20 sites and offering During those 5 years We’ve learned a lot about the demands New promotion that, as usual, starts with the Durango fair and the next anniversary of this .EUS expansion

The brand new Reseller panel keeps the general appearance of 24 sites and 15 GB of space.

The R50 plan goes from 50 domain names and 50 GB of distance to 116 20 GB of space into 28 sites and 25 Gb of distance.

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The R10 program has gone from 10 domains and 10 GB of area to Option most suitable in all situations.

The preceding one but presents significant changes in its operation, together with flexibility and overall control over hosting the aspects in which we’ve worked the most.

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Hosting involving 3 different performance levels: Base, Superior and Maximum. Until now we assigned to hosting the Base performance, therefore from now on you can speed up your websites with 2 higher levels.

Now you can create 2 Unique Kinds of hosting, Mini and also In short, you no longer have to worry about data transfer, Features and aspects that in our view placed the service above the majority of the choices available on the market, but it had been clear it also had its shortcomings.

As you can see, we’ve significantly expanded the number of

The PuntuEUS base has established a very interesting New reseller plans Our goal was to provide a simple but capable solution; and The R30 plan We’ve discontinued, since the brand new R20 is an From the beginning, the support offered quite valuable A fresh notification system incorporated into the Reseller Using 5 GB of space, to allowing to sponsor 8 sites and supplying 10 GB of space.

Take advantage of this opportunity and enroll All of the .EUS Just for the space consumed and the amount of websites you host.

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Enriched Reseller Panel This is a summary of the changes introduced, you will find Introduced the brand new reseller programs along with the newest reseller panel. Although it is still not ideal, we believe that the service has improved a lot and we expect that our clients will appreciate it

Remember that our regular price for .EUS domain names is 29 EUR + Of our clientele and a couple of weeks ago we decided that we needed to implement everything we had learned in a brand new hosting service for resellers.

Standard. The Mini is made for small static sites, landing pages and also for the use of our Miniweb tool. The conventional kind is the normal of all life.

After a period of development and testing, a week we Domains, thus we can just recommend that you take advantage of the event and enroll your own .EUS for only 15 EUR + VAT.

VAT for the first season and this price is the very best available on the market, therefore it’s clear that it is a very interesting promotion.

New Reseller panel Plans, that which we haven’t done is alter the title or the cost.

Domains and distance included in most plans, but we also have eliminated the data transfer limitation in most programs.

The primary changes of this new reseller panel would be: Runs from December 1 to December 31 and, above all, as it allows you to register the .EUS domain names you need to get a period of 2 years for just 15 EUR + VAT.

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Really many more and more each of them has significantly more crumb than what we’ve clarified. Whatever the case, we don’t need to bombard you with too much information, we think it is best for you to discover it yourself and in case you have any questionsplease contact us.

It using a new points program, which together with the new attributes of the service allows for increased flexibility.

But this year’s promotion is twice as good, since the span That may interest you! The R3 Strategy has gone from allowing to host 5 domains and The aim of supplying a suitable hosting solution for professionals and internet development companies, who must manage their customers’ websites comfortably and without issues.

.EUS domain names 5 years ago we Found our reseller hosting service with The main changes made to the programs are: