How Does Colocation Affect Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy?

The operations and business processes of the companies are in continuous development in parallel with the developing information technologies. Today, economic dynamics direct firms to an infrastructure where access to every service is possible. As such, most businesses are using alternative infrastructure solutions that may include cloud solutions, data centers, or uk colocation options. Because while businesses want to take advantage of the flexible structure and cost advantage of the cloud, they also want to maintain the quality of their existing IT infrastructures.

Why Should You Prefer Server Hosting?

Server cheap email hosting (collocation) is a system that makes a big difference for companies. Having a colocation uk server in a data center means that you can have the entire infrastructure you need at low costs.

Successful Hybrid Cloud Strategy = Server Hosting 

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colocation hosting

The fastest and most effective way to create a hybrid cloud infrastructure is through professional best email hosting. Utilizing a data center to accommodate your hybrid cloud and applications that have many contributions to your company, especially flexibility and agility, will provide many advantages such as scaling, flexibility, and ease of management. There are many advantages of hosting a server for your company and your hybrid cloud strategy.

Thanks to its flexible structure, you can quickly upgrade/downgrade your resources against the density that can occur in the corporate network. Besides, by using the flexible structure of the cloud and the high-security feature of collocation, you will make your business more agile against changing needs.

You have continuous and high access.

The initial investment cost will be very low as it will eliminate costs such as data center setup and operation.

Since you will have the physical and cyberinfrastructure measures you need, you get high performance from uninterrupted business processes.

With professional management support, you have more time to create and deliver innovative services.

A powerful Data Center infrastructure is a must for you to get the most out of Cloud technologies. TEKNOTEL Vmware Certified Professional offers the most reliable cloud solutions to your organization with the partnership of ‘Data Center Virtualization’. Teknotel’s Telehouse Istanbul Data Center, which has made it a tradition to provide quality and professional services at world standards, provides business continuity and uninterrupted to companies with redundant cloud services in cooperation with global solution partners. Thus, you can access your data, which is important for your business, without interruption at any time and from anywhere.

The key point for the continuity of the Data Centers; Is security. A data center should be able to withstand any imaginable problems. To this end, precautions to be taken against natural disasters and fires are the first points to be considered when designing data centers. With the cameras to be placed in data centers, you can both provide security and have a quick chance to move against the problems that will occur.


The method of caging your servers is also a solution to many problems. Besides this solution, the manpower in the data center should be used 24/7 and your servers should not be left blank. Relying only on automated systems and computers can be a mistake. For this reason, trained personnel are the main protectors of data centers.

Security in cage-540px Colocation Providers


Physical security can be achieved in this way, but ‘how can computer security be provided against abstract hazards?’ we seem to hear what you say. You can start this process by increasing your security with services like DDOS. Network security, antivirus protection, and additional programs that detect threats are indispensable for data centers. It is also a requirement to create centers under the laws in the regions where the server will be installed. For this reason, data centers and servers that comply with the legal regulations are to prevent future problems for you.

Teknotel provides the right solutions by offering a professional Cloud service for smart businesses that need to work without interruption. Tools that carry out distribution, procurement, and sales operations, and aim to understand the behavior of the customer, work through Teknotel’s Cloud platform, providing a seamless experience for both customers and institutions. Teknotel’s Telehouse Istanbul Data Center, which has made it a tradition to provide quality and professional services to many companies that touch us in our daily lives, at global standards, makes business processes smart while providing business continuity and uninterrupted with Cloud Services based on strong references.