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Spring Summer 2020 Fashion: it’s time to change your closet!

The spring summer fashion 2020 has been released!

Now is the perfect opportunity to learn more about trends and start reviewing your wardrobe pieces!

Women’s fashion always brings stylish news focused not only on what comes from catwalks in other countries, but on options that greatly value the Brazilian summer.

And this summer is sighing! It has prints and textures, classic or not, that you won’t want to leave out of your looks. Take a look at fashion that will suit different feminine styles frock design !

Prints for spring summer 2021

In addition to classic prints such as polka dots, stripes and flowers, summer 2020 comes with many other ideas. We separate those that will be on the rise. Look!
Striped Pattern

Sweethearts in the women’s closet, the stripes are super versatile and timeless. You can’t even imagine women’s fashion without them, as they fit into formal and casual looks with ease.

Unlike navy stripes, in blue or black and white, this season we will find the colored ones in warmer and lighter tones, very sweet, to compose from urban looks to beach wear.

A striped shirt, with a dress and a mix of prints with flowers are great to give a more feminine look to the production. The new colors will surprise women with fun options and the look of the season!ideas gul ahmed

Floral pattern
Impossible to talk about spring / summer without mentioning the floral! The flowers have everything to do with the Brazilian heat and each year they renew themselves, appearing in dresses, skirts and blouses.

For 2020, the floral print will be very tropical, with a larger pattern and with a beautiful mix of foliage , in addition to a romantic and delicate touch. See many models here.

01 floral ok

Tie Dye Pattern

Vibrant and creative, Tie Dye printing has colors played in a disconnected way, without a pattern, and can even cause difficulty when assembling the look.

This version, certainly, is not supporting in the productions. As the protagonist, she will be even more visible this season, with bright and mixed colors : pink, blue, green, orange and many others!

If you have a more classic and traditional style , you may have difficulty with this model. But rest assured that there is more news coming up!

02 tie dye ok

Pattern Ombré
The Ombré Print can be used by you, a more neutral woman, as an alternative to tie dye.

Ombré is the gradient that many people love! That color that starts delicate and clear and gets saturated.
The print will be found in more fluid clothes , with beautiful movement when walking, especially dresses, bringing the lightness of summer in an elegant and graceful way.

03 ombre ok

Vichy Print
The picnic towel print comes back in 2020! Unlike the red Vichy that we are used to seeing, in the summer we will have the pattern in different colors , but with lighter nuances, such as blush, light pink, water green, blue and various delicate and sweet tones, such as stripes.

As a member of the chess family, printing is very easy to use, unlike tie dye. For those who don’t like to draw a lot of attention, you can bet on the smaller squares.

04 vichy ok

Animal Print Print
We don’t even need to talk much about this one, do we? In 2019 we had a rain of animal print in several pieces of the female wardrobe.

For 2021, he is back, so we can already celebrate!

If you invested in clothes with this pattern now in the winter, you will be able to wear it in the summer too.

But to give more life to your animal print, replace the brown and black of winter for vibrant and saturated colors , such as pink, blue, orange, red and yellow.

This mix with other shades will give that look up, making you more cheerful.

This type of printing will continue on all pieces: dresses, blouses, skirts and bikinis, with the classic leopard print and many other animals.

05 animal print ok

Textures for spring summer 2020

Many textures have remained and will be present in summer 2020, check it out!

Front buttons
If you have two garments that will remain firm in the coming spring and summer months, they are the skirt and the dress with front buttons .
Midi, long or shorter, in various patterns and colors, the buttons will be lighter fabrics, perfect for the heat!

The lightness of the linen cannot be left out of this warm season. The next collection promises several elegant and stylish looks with this fabric.

Linen dresses, skirts and blouses that will leave your look delicate and romantic.

06 front buttons

Wrap Dress
Dress full of ties, slits and ruffles, the Wrap Dress is the famous envelope model . Super feminine, this texture appears full of colors and prints.

Floral and striped are guaranteed. Light and beautiful, Wrap Dress is one of the trends that will come with great strength!