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Unlike traditional messaging systems like Gmail , , or even Yahoo , subscribing to an email host gives you a fully personalized email address.

You can now use an email address of the type “”. You don’t have to have a website based on the same domain name. Plus, it looks a lot more professional than “” and gives you more credibility.

So what is the best email host and for what budget? The answer below!

What services does an email host offer?

Email hosts in 2019 offer more than sending and receiving emails. A good web host should offer its services to you through secure servers . For maximum security of your data, your hosting provider should be required to back up your data in multiple data centers .

In addition, they must allow the management of your emails from a secure interface on the one hand. On the other hand, your host must be able to offer you access to your email from all your devices : PC, tablet or mobile phone.

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Why subscribe to an email host?

Whether you are an individual or a professional, having your own email address allows you to make a special distinction . You are remembered more easily, and it encourages you to visit your website if you have one at the same time.

In addition, you are not dependent on a third-party service and you can be sure that your data is not put in the wrong hands.

The free messaging you are using right now is probably using your personal data for ad targeting ! Remember the adage: if it’s free, you are the product!

What criteria should be taken into account before subscribing to an offer?

Not all email hosting offers are created equal. In addition to the price, the services vary from one host to another and this is what we will see below:


On the one hand, your email host should be able to provide you with a secure SSL connection . This ensures the confidentiality of your data.

On the other hand, your data should be stored on secure servers AND replicated in one or more other datacenters. This gives you an additional physical guarantee. Indeed, in the unlikely event that a datacenter is destroyed, your data will still be stored somewhere else, in a different geographic location.

The allocated storage volume

A sufficient size of your mailbox will allow you to store thousands of messages received / sent. A data volume of 1 GB to 5 GB is sufficient for text emails or with few images.

On the other hand, if you send or receive a lot of attachments with large files, your email may quickly become full! In this case, it will be necessary to favor a larger storage space or an offer with an unlimited storage space.

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The maximum attachment size determines how much data you can send through email. For example if it is limited to 20 MB, you will not be able to send more than 4 or 5 photos in high resolution.

The higher the limit, the better! favor offers with unlimited size.

Access protocols

Necessary for managing your email from email software or from a smartphone, access protocols allow you to access your emails without going directly through your service provider’s website.

The most common protocols are POP, SMTP and IMAP. The preferred one is IMAP. Indeed, the latter synchronizes with the mail server and all your sending / receiving / deleting messages are synchronized on all your devices.

The amount of email addresses included

Advantages : Unlimited storage + unlimited attachments, Newsletter included, SMS alerts optional.

Disadvantages : Price that climbs quickly by adding mailboxes


Of Swiss origin, Infomaniak has been the hosting specialist for more than 20 years. In addition to being extremely reliable and secure, it is very competitive and offers a high level of service for a very affordable price.

The basic offer starts at 1.5 € / month and offers 5 email addresses. The big highlight is the “all unlimited” service. Indeed, no particular restrictions on the storage space or on the size of attachments. This gives some peace of mind for the future as we never have to worry about the space available for your messaging.

In addition, Infomaniak gives full access to its “WorkSpace” tool, which allows you to manage not only your mailbox, but also your contacts, and your calendars in particular. In addition, you also have access to other tools like alerting and sending SMS worldwide (optional)

Synchronization of emails on different devices

Synchronization of emails on different devices

1 & 1 IONOS

Benefits : Personal assistant, 24/7 support

Disadvantages : Limited disk space per box (2 GB)


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The range of email products offered by IONOS is relatively straightforward. The basic offer starts at € 1.20 incl. Tax and includes only one 2 GB mailbox. It includes all the basic functions such as antispam, access to Webmail and synchronization on all devices. However, it does not include an antivirus which is reserved for Pro boxes.

If the 2 GB space becomes full, you can subscribe to an additional option for 10 GB more space for 3 € / month including tax. This amount should therefore be added to the € 1.20 including tax for a total of € 4.20 / month including tax for 12 GB.

The cheapest deal is only worth it if you are sure you only need one box. Otherwise, it is better to turn to the intermediate offer which includes 25 mailboxes for only double the price: 2.40 € / month.

The last offer is a professional messaging offer. This offers much more interesting features but costs more. At 6 € / month including tax by mailbox. Each mailbox has 50 GB of space, including antivirus, and push notifications on your mobile devices. This means that as soon as you receive an email, a notification is issued instantly. The basic offer just checks emails at an interval you set.

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Less expensive, the Basic offer of 1 & 1 does not advance enough arguments to justify a saving of only 30 cents.

On the other hand, if you need a pro mailbox with push notifications on your mobile in particular, and advanced collaborative working features, the 1 & 1 IONOS offer is relevant.