How to use floral print: Looks to get inspired!

Cover of the post on how to use floral print.

The spring arrived (starts today!) And with it the floral print back to being the darling of the moment among fashionistas!

The print that is the face of the season brings a jovial and romantic look to any look, besides being democratic and allowing countless combinations.

Floral prints can be used in any season, and are found in the most diverse pieces, such as blouses, dresses, skirts and accessories! It is a very striking feature in the piece and can sometimes be difficult to combine with other patterns.

We have gathered in this post some tips and inspirations that help you to use this cheerful print to put together great looks this season.

The dress is a classic piece and already associated with the romantic style. The models with the floral print have this extended feature. It is perfect to use at any occasion, whether during daytime or evening events and even more formal events.nishat linen

The skirt is a casual and casual piece, but its floral version gains a refined and delicate touch.

It is a timeless and versatile piece, besides having several models that please all types of tastes and biotypes.

The floral blouse or shirt is an elegant and sophisticated piece. It gives a different touch to any look, and can be combined with pants, skirts and shorts. For more informal scenarios jeans are a great option, while  khaadi tailoring can be the best choice in more formal settings.

The set is a perfect choice for those who want to get out of the obvious without leaving style aside. Be it the combo pants + blouse, shorts + blouse or skirt + blouse, they are great for informal occasions during the day and also on the hottest days.
The floral print never goes out of style and comes with even more strength in this new season. Any woman can incorporate it into her own style, there are no restrictions when it comes to putting together the combinations! Do you like to incorporate it into bonanza satrangi  everyday life? Tell us in the comments!