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Pencil skirt: a crystal of evangelical fashion! Learn to use!

For a long time, we saw pencil skirts as a super formal piece, which was restricted to use at work, at church or in even more formal situations, such as a wedding or a congress.

But, in fact, for some seasons now that this model has become a true fashion jewel. Not just evangelical fashion , but contemporary glamor fashion in general.

Even though they are beautiful, classic and traditional, the new models of pencil skirts can still be used with a touch of modernity, in super versatile visuals, which can accompany you everywhere. Just hit the combinations.

Speaking of combinations, let’s start thinking about each possibility and see how to rock the look with a nice pencil skirt?

Write down our tips!

Pencil skirt is for every body!
Just as we have spent a lifetime believing that pencil skirts are too formal to be worn in casual moments, we also believe that they look beautiful only on tall, thin women.

But in fact, with a few little tricks, they look great for little onesĀ  khaadi too. And if the problem is the belly, know that the production does not lose a bit of glamor because of it.

Look at our tips on how to use pencil skirt according to your body:

Pencil skirt for shorties
If you are short, surely you have heard someone say that “this type of skirt” does not suit you because it makes you “even shorter”. This thought is pertinent if we think of midi pencil skirts . Only in them.

A model that has knee length, combined with a heel the color of your skin, will visually lengthen you and still make you super stylish. If you are very thin, you can use the tight pencil skirt and enhance your curves.

Remember to do this in a moderate way or the look may become vulgar. Balance is essential to compose an elegant look.

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Pencil skirt for tall women
If, on the one hand, short women need to invest in skirts that lengthen the silhouette , tall women, on the other hand, do not have this type of need. Quite the contrary: Midi Pencil Skirt is excellent for them.

So, if you are tall, opt for midis. Not only in this model, in fact the midis are beautiful for tall women, in different styles. The jump here is up to you. If production is designed for work, for example, it may not be necessary.

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Pencil skirt to help hide the tummy

We know that hiding the breeches, the belly or disguising the hips is part of our daily concerns in looks. But, there is no reason to worry about that, some super basic tricks are enough to help us on this mission.

If you wear a thicker cloth pencil skirt, wider modeling and reinforced stitching khaadi summer sale you won’t have any problems with marking your belly. In fact, the effect will be the opposite, as the straighter models even help to disguise the broad hips.

In other words, the basic tip here is: avoid super-tight models, fine fabrics and very large prints. Bet on robust fabrics, small prints or plain colors, avoid volume in the hips region, investing in straight models.

In addition, you can still wear the blouse on the outside, as long as the waist is well marked. You know those cropped style blouses , but with the length that goes a little around the waist? They are perfect! In fact, choosing a beautiful and elegant blouse makes all the difference.

Speaking of which, how to choose the right pieces to match the pencil skirt? Let’s find out?

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Tips for looks with pencil skirt

One of the greatest qualities of pencil skirts is their versatility. It can be used in so many ways, in so many places that it is even difficult to say that it does not match anything.

However, some rules are well accepted in any type of look, let’s take advantage of them. Even because fashion works in our favor, right?

Printed pencil skirt
The printed pencil skirts are super feminine and cheerful. They refer to the woman’s delicacy and are easy to combine. Invest in floral prints or animal print, as both are trends that will not go out of style anytime soon.

The tip here is to use prints unilaterally. For example, if the skirt is printed, the blouse must be smooth. The opposite may also be a possibility. In any case, always use complementary tones, the plain and the print should go together.

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Pencil skirt with sneakers
This is the contemporary arm of the pencil skirt that we love the most. They look absurdly modern when used with sneakers. Anyone who thinks that the model loses its femininity when the jump gives way to tennis is wrong.

In fact, what happens is that the look is more stripped and comfortable , however, the charm remains there, firm and strong. Bet on a basic t-shirt, a sneaker without many details and let the pencil skirt shine in the look.

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Leather pencil skirt
Leather is a controversial material, isn’t it? We are always a little doubtful when using. He squeezes too much, marks too much, sometimes it gets flashy and gives an impression that we did not intend.

However, when used well, leather is extremely charming and elegant. So it is worth investing in a leather pencil skirt , especially if you don’t have any of that style yet.

The tip is to use leather pencil skirts with some more elegant blouse . You can also opt for a vest or other type of tracksuit to cover your butt, if you think it is too marked.