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Snow clothing: a list of essential travel items

Winter Workshop: Snow Clothing

We are at the end of October and winter is already knocking on the doors in the Northern Hemisphere. In mid-December, our favorite season arrives with everything in the many destinations we love! There is a lot of smart traveling Mammoth who is already eyeing this and preparing the trip to enjoy many freezing adventures. And you, reader or reader, already know which snow clothes to choose? If you still have doubts, come with us and check out all our tips!

Before you start, to get everything to your destination, see how to assemble your winter look in layers. This is essential to keep the body warm and prevent heat loss to the outside. See the image below and if you have any questions be sure to talk to us!

How to dress in Ireland’s winter

Snow clothing: thermal clothing
Thermal pants for the cold

Thermal clothing is the first layer of clothing and essential for the look of those who will travel to the snow! Although there are many thermal clothes available on the market, you must pay attention to the characteristics of each piece before choosing. The Super Thermal of Oficina de Inverno is our best thermal for intense cold and stands out throughout Brazil. This is a versatile, durable piece with a number of advantages:

* Produced with double layer of protection. The first has a plot developed in the laboratory to allow the absorption of skin sweat, leaving the skin dry. The second is responsible for thermal insulation, so that there is no loss of natural body heat;

* Plush inner fabric and flat stitching, which allows sweat absorption khaadi;

* Thermal insulation, so that there is no loss of natural body heat;khaadi summer sale

* Antibacterial system allows the piece to be used for 7 consecutive days! It does not cause odors!

* Thin and malleable technological fabric, which provides comfort and protection for your skin.

See some customer testimonials:

Winter Workshop: Snow Clothing
The feedback from our Traveling Mammoths makes our hearts warm! – Photo: Playback / Instagram Oficina de Inverno

Although the Winter Shop offers three types of thermal clothing, the Super Thermal is more suitable for snow than Basics or Soft. The latter two are recommended for mild and moderate cold.

Check out other tips on Super Thermal and the sweat control test here .

Snow clothing: Doudoune jacket
This piece is a classic on snowy walks, be it skiing, snowboarding or the streets of a city of your choice. The doudoune coat, which in French means jacket, is produced in polyester and in some cases has plush lining, which makes it even more warm. Check out some of our models below! To see all our models just click here .

Burnt doudoune jacket

The Long Burnt Jacket is a model with front opening that has two front pockets and two zippers that add charm to the model. It has a removable and adaptable belt, which can be used strapped or loose.

The garment also has a hood with adjustable synthetic fur (the fur band can be removable), which makes the jacket super charming and adaptable to environments. This doudoune model has a high collar preventing the entry of cold and wind.

At what temperature to use: 0 ° C to 15 ° C

Fur coat

Manaia doudoune jacket
It is also a model that has fur hood, a true winter classic! It is a long and padded doudoune model. You can use it with or without a hood. Ideal jacket for moderate temperatures with or without snow. This model is suitable for those seeking style and protection in winter!

At what temperature to use: 2ºC to 15ºC. For temperatures below 10 ° C (recommended) and 8 ° C (necessary), use the Super Thermal suit.

Classic doudoune jacket

Developed for those who will face moderate to intense temperatures, this jacket is great to take on the trip because they take up little space and fit in the suitcase easily. Its sporting style attracts the male audience a lot, as it combines with almost everything and warms up well without losing style.

It is a comfortable, stylish and versatile jacket for those who will live warm moments in the cold and want to keep warm with it for many winters!

At what temperature to use:
With Super Thermal Blouse: Between 10 ° C to -10 ° C

Plus size doudoune jacket

This is a classic model that appeals to all tastes because it is complete and yet very discreet. The Plus Size doudoune jacket is padded, with hood and zipper detail. The outside and the lining of this jacket are made of 100% polyester: it warms and protects from wind, cold and humidity!

At what temperature to use: between 10 ° C to -10 ° C.
We recommend using with Thermal Clothing below 10ºC. Below 8ºC it is necessary.

Tai doudoune jacket

This jacket is very versatile and is available in short and long versions. It has pockets with golden zipper on the sides and offers the possibility to use with or without hood. The bonanza satrangi  jacket is a padded model with a plush lining, making it very comfortable and warm!

At what temperature to use: 10ºC to -10ºC (don’t forget the Super Thermal, huh?).