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Clothing tips to disguise your tummy

Check out the clothes tips to disguise your tummy here on Donna Modelli’s blog, amazing looks for you to rock!
Women of different ages, heights and different weights have a common discomfort: the belly that is marked in some looks.

She is not a problem, since most women do not have their bodies sculpted in the gym. Yes, the tummy is normal! But we know that, from time to time, women look for a combination to make the region stand out.

So, save this article with our clothing tips to disguise your tummy!

Clothing tips to disguise the tummy: model wearing a white blazer with white skirt
Tips to disguise your tummy
Find your number
The measurement of the belly is not always taken into account when making clothes. Often the pants that are comfortable on the belly can be loose on the rest of the body, or the one that you put on perfectly, it took some time to close the last button.

To reduce this problem, it is necessary to know your body and make visits to the fitting rooms. Discover your real numbering! For some cases, a trip to the seamstress may be the solution.

Avoid tight clothes
Once you’ve found your number, put away clothes that are too tight. Clothes that are too tight and numbered less than yours will mark various parts of your body that you may not want to expose.

Besides being super uncomfortable to wear an outfit that is not your size, isn’t it?

Clothing tips to disguise the tummy: model wearing a loose set.
Value other parts of your body
One of the golden tips when composing the look to hide the tummy is to draw khaadi online attention to other parts of the body.

For this reason, V-necklines, gipsies, overlapping pieces (a looser blouse and a female cardigan , for example) and necklaces that are at the height of the lap are welcome.

Clothing tips to disguise the tummy: model wearing a tunic.

Stretch Silhouette
Looks that lengthen the silhouette cause a feeling of uniformity in the body and draw attention away from the protruding belly.

Unique pieces, monochromatic models, trench coats and other elongated jackets will help you in this mariab mission.

Clothing tips to disguise the tummy: model wearing a long coat.
Extra tip: shaper panties
Modeling panties are widely used with party dresses, which do not always give the opportunity to disguise the tummy.

It won’t magically make the belly disappear, but it will even out the area to avoid the marks.

Remember that the modeling panties must also be the correct size. Do not choose the smaller size thinking that the belly will be more compressed, as the effect is not the same and will cause great discomfort.

Now that you’ve written down all the general tips, check out some models that you can include in your wardrobe!

The waist too low will leave your belly exposed, in addition to giving more volume in the lower part.

High waists, contrary to what it seems, can make the region stand out. So, prefer medium-waisted trousers, which will flatten the area and are more comfortable for people with more tummy.

Clothing tips to disguise the tummy: model wearing medium pants and leopard blouse.
The evasê dress is a wild card for all women, with a tummy or not! These models value the breasts with marking below them and a loose skirt. The evasê model does not mark the belly! The most used are those that reach the knee, but some models can be long.

Pierced neckline
The pierced neckline can be found in blouses and dresses of all sizes. The model creates a V-neckline that enhances the breasts with great elegance and makes a loose mid-waist mark, different from the evasé dress that has the mark just below the bust.

The trapeze dress is elegant and gives a romantic touch to the look.

It is comfortable and versatile, so it is used by women of all mannequins.

The modeling resembles a trapezoid for starting narrower at the height of the bust, without making a mark, and being gradually more open in the continuation of the clothes. The model has a great fit and is great for enhancing the legs.

Between right and wrong, choose your comfort and what makes you feel good
Often the clothes to disguise the tummy can be uncomfortable for some women, since the bodies are not the same.

Here at Donna Modelli we share tips, we don’t impose rules! Remember that you don’t have to hide your belly to be beautiful and elegant. The important thing is to be happy with your own body .

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