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The lace collar hits the streets once again, redesigned and full of style.

Trend alert: Bow collar is back!

It is known as Pussy-Bow Blouse, in Portuguese, a shirt that has a bow as a detail on the collar.

This trend was again, in the most recent international fashion shows, and is bet between the most fashionable brands such as: Chanel, Valentino, ChloƩ, Bottega Veneta, Paul Smith, Gucci and Saint Laurent.

This collar model makes the look much more feminine, romantic and delicate. It is always very welcome in more serious productions, such as an executive.

Combining this model with the combo blazer + pencil skirt = the perfect combination of a serious look, but incredible for meetings or formal events.

The lace collar is already being considered as a timeless model, a fashion classic. That way, there is no doubt about making an overinvestment in a lace collar model, which is so beautiful and elegant.
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The lace collars are super present in the work looks combined with pieces in tailor shops, making the production more sophisticated and serious without being straight, of course!

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The lace collars make the look much more feminine and in many pieces many come with the trend of ruffles, which is another trend (which is another trend that rocks, we’ve talked about it here

The overlapping of the piece with blazer or coats, gives UP the look and modernizes the choice of look.
Third play: favorites for the mid season

A super style trick to increase the look production .

A styling trick to give a total UP to the basic look is the composition of the third piece. You can compose the ritual with a printed kimono for warmer days, the versatile and must have (must have),

denim jacket, biker-style leather jacket or blazer, which can elevate your work look to happy hour without much effort. These pieces guarantee a stripped and modern look, and guarantee a smooth production for the coolest days, which we call mid-season.

Get inspired by the suggestions of looks that we separated to create stylish compositions.

The piece, in addition to lengthening the khaadi pret sale of the body, also provides a super-stylish and stripped production.

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A “must-have” for any wardrobe, the jacket provides a cool personality for clothes.

pieces half season blog da via evangelica 2

It is the perfect choice to make the ensemble more modern and contemporary.

Elongated blazer
The blazer is not just for chic or formal work occasions. When the appropriate composition is made, the piece can be super relaxed next to a denim suit, for example.