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5 Methods to Style a Scarf This Spring

I am a huge fan of bows–a habit I’ve never grew from as a small girl I guess.

Replace your favorite hair ribbon with a silk scarf to produce your ponytail look like a million bucks.
5. Employed as a headband.
Among my favorite techniques to make it feel as though I have a brand new wardrobe would be to repurpose statement pieces, specifically accessories. This upcoming season, silk scarves are proving to be the’It’ accessory since they’re just as smart as they are versatile. They can lift any outfit in more ways than one–that the only tricky part is determining how to really wear them. That is where this post is useful. Whether you are trying to keep your hair stylishly out of your face or attempting to add a little flair to your purse game, you’ve come to the right location. Below I’m showing you five flattering tactics to pull of the must-have trend, one selfie at a time. Here are my favorite ways to wear these cute little scarves…
Finally, a silk vest is my go-to approach to keep my hair out of my face. Surprise! This attachment doubles as a headband too.
Design Guide: 5 Ways to Design a khaadi sale Scarf This Spring
5 ways to wear a scarf this spring
5 ways to wear a scarf that spring


I call that one a lazy woman’s best friend.

By tying a silk scarf round a messy bun, you are going to make an otherwise simple hairdo look blatantly sweet. What’s not to adore?
1. On your favorite handbag.
If you’re like me, then you probably wear the same handbag day in and day out. In the end, an investment deserves to be shown off, am I correct? One way to bring some character into a handbag that is beloved is to tie a lace scarf round the strap. Voilá! Your bag will feel as a brand new attachment.
5 ways to wear a scarf this year
2. Around your neck.
5 ways to wear a scarf that spring
No excursion guide Barbie here, just an effortlessly chic way to spice up an frock design outfit. I usually wear a silk scarf to split up a monochromatic outfit or to add a statement piece without as much jewelry. It could take some getting used to, but this really is a seriously adorable way to put on a silk scarf. Wrapped around a bun. Tying up a ponytail.