Winter is coming: tips to look beautiful this season!

The colder season is coming, in some cities in Brazil it has already given the “air of grace”.

And who here has never heard that expression. “Ah! In winter people are more beautiful ”, you have to believe that this is not true. But today the tip is for those who want to look even more beautiful and combine that wonderful look for cold days.

Get ready to take the coats, socks and boots out of the closet. These combinations leave the woman more elegant and very beautiful, for those who doubt how to combine with skirts or dresses, we have separated an inspiration gallery and where to find the best looks for winter production.

1. Warm looks with overcoats, coats or trench coat:

If you are a card fan of the coats this is a super tip, the coats and derivatives can leave your production a mess if the coat is shorter, use with skirts and an overlay of strong colors.

If you prefer to use a trench coat style, choose to use only it with a high boot with socks or a short boot too, if you choose the short boot know that you are choosing a more stripped style khaadi sale.

coats looks winter blog via evangelica

2. Overlapping looks
The overlapping of max-cardigans, cardigans, sweaters or kimonos, always impress. Because this combination leaves the look more stripped and modern

looks overlap winter blog via evangelica

3. Dress and skirt in winter? Yes!
Skirts and dresses can be wild when it comes to production for cold days. The long skirts refer to the more stripped-down look with the casual boho style face.

The shorter ones bring a modern and traditional style, but without fail. We are experiencing a peak of short boots, so use and abuse these models in the total composition of the look.

dress skirts winter blog via evangelica

4. Winter accessories:
This is the time of year when we use accessories, scarves, scarves, gloves, frock design caps, berets and hats the most. And they can be true allies to the cold and also to the modern look.

For the most daring and stripped women, burrows, hats and berets can be part of the production. For the most classic, nothing like the good old scarf or scarf, to protect from the cold and also look even more beautiful.

winter accessories blog via evangelica

5. Inspirations to look even more beautiful!
Check out the inspiration gallery, so there is no doubt that you can rock winter productions.