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The clothing for extreme cold recommended by experts

Types of clothing for extreme cold

A lot of people worry about the trip, afraid of being too cold and ruining the trip. And it’s not for less! When protected and well warmed, the trip becomes a magical moment and full of happiness. On the other hand, when the cold is intense and we are not prepared, the trip becomes a real suffering. After all, nobody wants to plan and invest in the dream trip to get in a cold, right? For this reason, the Winter Workshop brings a special selection with certain indications of clothes for extreme cold. With these choices, you will be warm throughout your freezing adventures!

What types of clothes are ideal for extreme cold?

The extreme cold in many places frightens its visitors, while enchanting and inviting visitors. This characteristic becomes a peculiarity in such destinations. Who has never heard of the low temperatures in Patagonia or Alaska ? In these places, being well wrapped and warm is a matter of survival. After all, such low temperatures can cause a number of health problems and even lead to death.

Therefore, in the extreme cold, we recommend clothes that promote thermal insulation (as is the case with thermal clothes) and that provide the barrier against cold, wind and humidity, in addition to being waterproof, as is the case with leather and polyester. .nishat linen

EXTREME COLD CLOTHING: Winter Explorer Jacket

How to wear a jacket in winter

This is the third most complete layer for those who are going to venture out in the extreme cold. Part of the Winter Explorer line, developed by the Winter Workshop for travelers who wish to travel to this type of frock design destination, the Winter Explorer jacket is 3 in 1 (available in male and female versions).

Because it has two coats attached, the traveler can use each piece separately or in combination. In addition, the seam of the two jackets is sealed to prevent water from entering completely. The two jackets together face the cold of -15ºC, with the use of Super Thermal.


Fur coatFur coat

The Winter Workshop, specializing in cold clothing, has a huge variety of doudoune jackets . With the expertise we have, we know that this piece is one of the most suitable for extreme cold. The doudoune jacket is also known as michelin jacket, for remembering the famous doll that is a symbol of the tire manufacturer. This piece is made of nylon or polyester and also features the fact that it is padded. For the extreme cold, it is one of the most used types of jackets. See our models here .

In this excerpt from a special report produced by journalist Glória Maria for the Globo Repórter program, you can see that many people use this type of jacket in the extreme cold.

EXTREME COLD CLOTHING: Blizzard thermal collar

Thermal collar

The Nevasca thermal collar is ideal for freezing or windy temperatures, and is suitable for cold below 5 ° C. The piece becomes essential in very cold places, since the technological fabric covers the entire neck, and if raised, it also covers the face and ears.

Winter accessories

The Siberian wool hat offers protection against the cold down to -40ºC. With high thermal insulation power, due to natural sheep wool and leather in its composition, the piece guarantees greater protection against the cold, in addition to having a super soft touch. Get to know the piece on this link!

The Siberia Line, as its name suggests, is ideal to face the extreme cold, but without losing its glamor. The accessories are quite sophisticated, ideal for those who want to be well warmed up and in style.

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EXTREME COLD CLOTHING: Blizzard thermal glove

Thermal glove with touch

The Nevasca Line has thermal accessories and thermal clothing essential for those who will face an intense cold and need extra protection. This is the case with the Blizzard thermal glove . The piece will leave your hands super warm! Made with thermal fabric, the inside is super velvety and soft. The elastic fabric will give you more comfort and suppleness to use the gloves, which guarantees a more comfortable use.

The Nevasca thermal glove can be used under or over other gloves and has wind protection (cuts wind).

EXTREME COLD CLOTHING: Super Snow thermal sock

The Super Snow thermal wool socks are among our best sellers for use in trips with negative temperatures or below 5ºC and no wonder! The piece is produced with 40% natural wool, all of which is plush on the inside. Comfortable and very soft, this sock has guaranteed thermal protection.


The extremities of the body – head, hands and feet – are the parts that suffer most from the extreme cold. Therefore, it is necessary to redouble the care and keep these mega parts warm. For this mission, wool insoles are the most efficient, especially if combined with thermal socks.

See, in the video below, the recommendation of the mammoth Júlia Evangelista, one of the founders of the Winter Workshop. She explains that the piece is produced with leather and natural sheep’s wool, an unbeatable pair to keep your feet warm!


Winter Explorer women’s boot
The female model of the Winter Explorer boot (Photo: Winter Workshop)

Winter Explorer is comfortable for winter hikes and water resistant because it has water-repellent material. In addition, it has a model with or without synthetic wool inside. The composition is 100% natural leather with plush synthetic interior. Ideal for travelers who want to venture into the snow well protected! Hikes and trails will take on new meaning. Always on the khaadi sale move, these travelers will have their comfort guaranteed!