khaadi summer sale


On the flight track, it usually represents days of good winds! However, autumn, as usual, says goodbye to the summer mood with days that are getting shorter and shorter and with temperatures that are milder every day. At this station, thermometers start to vary a lot, as the wardrobe also needs to undergo some adjustments.

Thinking about it, we have separated some tips for you to follow the changes in the climate and keep yourself well dressed. On the rise in men’s fashion, we indicate pieces and references from the Hangar 33 collections that can help you bring a north to your style in these colder days that are coming. Get inspired!

1 – Total Jeans

No matter how much the wash or the details, jeans are always a timeless option and having it highlighted from season to season is nothing new. However, for this fall, the “ Total Jeans ” look has been gaining space, being easy to combine and great for participating in casual occasions! It is worth betting on this simple and modern composition.

2- Long sleeve sweater or blouse

When the cold is not as severe, a long-sleeved sweater or blouse can be bonanza satrangi  enough to help you keep warm. In addition, in overlays , they can help to create an image of sophistication, in a light and modern way. Wearing them with a shirt underneath or blazer on top, finishes the look with elegance, aligning the style easily and quickly.

3 – Plaid shirt with t-shirt

Plaid is a versatile classic and takes on a young and “ cool ” tone with the flannel shirt . This piece, famous among rockers of the 1990s , is good to warm up when accompanied by a denim jacket or under a sweater or blazer . However, if used open and with a T-shirt underneath, it also serves very well on days of mild temperature, leaving the look relaxed.

4 – Sporty look

The sporty look is a constant on hot days, but it can also fall very well in autumn – if used in the right measure. Sweatpants , for example, are basic, but they can be interesting in a modern and informal style: the secret is to mix them with other pieces that are more enhanced or with cuts that are more adjusted to the body.

5 – Modern tailoring

Shirts with tailoring cuts have been very well accepted by those who like a modern and urban look. With colors, dyes and creative prints , the novelty is that the pieces are no longer used in formal contexts, such as working in the office, and have started to gain everyday life. If in summer the preference is for floral and tropical printing, the cold season makes room for the use of other varieties of printing, such as camouflage.