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Superdry back to college collectionSuperdry back to college collectionSuperdry back into college collection

For the newest semester, Superdry took inspiration from 1980s New York hip-hop scenes – possibly the birthplace of streetwear. And its influence is clear to all in this high-impact collection, where neon hues and camouflage patterns clash and technical details receive the same focus because the brand’s hand-drawn graphics.
Y our university days will probably be some of the best of your lifetime. Particularly due to these very long summer holidays filled with festivals.
Maintaining your textbooks to your torso, inadvertently falling into Bumble nishat linen games in the hallway and dropping them onto the ground may be a great way to finally begin a dialogue. Regrettably, that only appears to work if you are a teenage girl in an early 2000s coming-of-age film. For the rest of us, Superdry has a pretty cool choice of bags.
You can’t anticipate to pass an exam without having to prepare the ground. Likewise, you can not construct a killer outfit without even laying a solid foundation . And that is where the T-shirt comes in.
With that in mind, we have partnered with Superdry, King of Casual, to deliver you a carefully curated variant of all the essentials you need to carry you through the school year as a committed student of fashion. .
The essentials you Want to be trendy

Superdry straight back to college collection

He may not want it right now, but there will come a time when you can leave the house in something long sleeved without bursting into flames. When that day arrives, it’ll be very helpful to have a selection of trendy long sleeve shirts available to keep your layering game fresh.
However, all good things must come to an end and with the start of the new semester definitely visible on the horizon, now’s a wonderful time to start considering new wardrobe choices ahead of the upcoming academic year. New term, new year, lots of fresh excuses to burst your summer savings on Grade A yarns.
Combining a revolutionary design with high quality fabrics, the range comprises everything from basic tees and hangover sweatshirts to weather resistant outerwear and ready bags – therefore your appearance frock design  stays to the stage, which you depart or collect in.
Dry Originals Pocket TeeVintage Logo T-ShirtWorld Banknote Sort Splash T-ShirtTriple shed pop-panel T-shirt
Long-sleeved shirt
Orange Label Ringer Softball Printing T-ShirtLong Sleeve Top Prospector GrandadVintage Logo Cali Horizon T-ShirtVintage Orange Label Embroidered T-Shirt

Dry Originals Pocket TeeVintage Logo T-ShirtWorld Banknote Sort Splash T-ShirtTriple shed pop-panel T-shirt

Superdry’s offerings are perfect to wear under a T-shirt (yes, that is another thing) about the latest days. Or by wearing a flannel shirt or parka coat to keep the cold at bay to those frigid morning walks on campus.
The bag
Stay on top of the logomania trend with one of Superdry’s khaadi signature designs. Or, if you consider yourself more of a minimalist, check out the very simple pocket tees instead.
From military-inspired camo backpacks to sleek and sleek messengers, each is adorned with the iconic Superdry branding and packed with intuitive features like hook closures, cushioned straps and rubber pull tabs.