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We advocate not using FTP

User Command
In this manner, it is going to be harder for unwanted software to be installed on your device.
If somebody else must use your computer, make guest customers or users with limited permissions.
Access control

Use a secure and password for each of the accesses: WordPress, Webmail, FTP administration and for access to the hosting control panel.

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We advocate not using FTP. It’s common for attackers to infect computers to obtain saved FTP access info and so be able to access the hosting control panel. In the event that you have no alternative and need to use FTP to connect to your hosting, then use SFTP or FTPS in order for your client / server traffic is encrypted.

In the event that you only have one physical work equipment (computer), consider the prospect of working with a virtual machine.

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In addition to how practical it can be to move your workstation from a single physical computer to another and make your life easier with copies, etc., also it lets you isolate your work atmosphere.
In this way you don’t mix your own personal things with your professional ones and there is less possibility that a slip in your own personal life will affect your professional life.
Taking good care of your WordPress
WordPress security

Always keep your WordPress up to date!

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When a new version of WordPress is published, it is not only to resolve mistakes or add new functionalities, it’s also done to correct security problems that were detected.
With an older version of the tool is like opening a door to malicious users, because they will just take advantage of known security flaws to strike us.
Update your WordPress every single time you find an update notification in the government; it’s quite straightforward and will only take a minute.
If for any reason you can’t upgrade the WordPress version from the website administration, it may also be upgraded manually. See the content Update WordPress sensibly to determine how you may do it.
As we always advocate, to prevent disappointment, make a backup before upgrading.

2. Plugins are fantastic, take care of those!
The majority of the strikes WordPress receives are completed via plugins.
Like WordPress itself, updates frequently correct security problems, so you need to keep your plugins current.
You are able to do the upgrades from the WordPress administration mechanically and, as in the previous point, it’s highly recommended to create a backup before updating.
Limit Using plugins
Use only the plugins you will want: it is not a good idea to set up plugins in massive quantities since each one could be a gateway to hack on your own WordPress.
Stay just with the vital plugins and if you have installed a plugin that you no longer use… uninstall it! .
It’s also important that you use reliable plugins. Ideally, you should use your plugin search engine that you have in the WordPress administration or download them from the official plugin .
If it’s a paid plugin, be sure that you download it out of its developers’ page.
Never (we repeat, NEVER ) set up a plugin that you have got from a torrent (P2P system ), a download manager or a suspicious page such as”super-plugins-depago-gratis” since it’s quite possible that using the plugin comes with a” present”in the form of malicious code.

It’s better to pay for a plugin license than to run from a website.
Consider the number of plugin downloads (the more the better) and the last update date (if it is 2 decades past, guess ).
If you would like to test a plugin, make a replica of your site and test it on that clone, never on the real site that you have published.
You can install the Safety Scanner plugin which can warn you of new vulnerabilities that look in the plugins of your WordPress installation.

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