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The best legging for European winter is the Nevasca line

We need to be honest: winter in Europe is not easy! On the other hand, truth be told, you don’t have to suffer from the cold. We usually repeat this mantra here and those who accompany us already know that with the right information you can face even the cold of Siberia. Thinking about it, the Winter Workshop presents the leggings for European winter that nishat linen online  fulfills the mission of warming up with excellence: our legging Nevasca!

This legging is one of the pieces of the Nevasca line, ideal for the intense cold. We teach everything about how to dress in winter here .

European winter legging

The piece is plush on the inside and an outer fabric with a thick and smooth fabric, the fabric has a closed weave, which does not form the terrible balls and does not let wind through as in knitting. Knowing that the European winter reaches very low temperatures and so that you can make the most of your travel destination , be sure to wear thermal clothing . We highlight the Super Thermal, which is also part of the Nevasca line, for double dose protection!mariab


In sizes P, M, G, GG and Plus Size, the Nevasca legging is also available in different colors: black, brown, navy blue and royal blue. They are colors that work easily as different types of pieces, which helps to assemble a compact suitcase.

For those who intend to take little on the trip it is ideal, since it weighs little and heats up a lot. After all, luggage costs don’t help, right? This is also why this is an excellent legging for the European winter.

Versatile, this legging can be used as leggings or pantyhose, in addition to perfectly matching skirts, vest leggings or dresses . From the plane to the club, leggings can be used!

European winter legging

Comfort cannot be left out and it is also one of the attractions of the Nevasca legging. There’s no use in a super well-planned travel itinerary, if you get there you don’t feel comfortable with the chosen clothes. For long walks exploring a city like Paris, for example, it is worth combining leggings with lined boots and a warm jacket !

Nevasca legging withstands low temperatures mariab
The Nevasca legging can be used in temperatures below 15ºC. We recommend that you pay attention to the temperatures at your travel destination. For this winter, we have already advanced this work for you and researched the averages of London , Paris , Berlin , Amsterdam , Dublin , Lisbon and Madrid . For other destinations, search here . Note that temperatures can vary throughout the day, so see the forecast for each day of your trip in detail.