Velvet-like fabric: see everything about suede!

Brazil is a tropical country, but we know that winter, when it comes, comes with everything, especially in the southern regions, right? On these occasions, staying warm and protected is very important.

For this, we invested heavily in powerful fabrics, such as suede and suede that mimics velvet well, for this season.

Is that you? Do you know how to differentiate these darling materials for winter? How to choose between them? Continue reading our post and understand more about it!

Fabrics that look like velvet: know the differences!

What they have in common we already know and love: a velvety touch , a plush and delicate appearance. In addition, all are used to compose clothes and shoes, they are warm and comfortable.

With that, of course, we come to the main point of our question: how to differentiate them? Check it out:

The velvet is a kind of fabric, natural or synthetic, with its smooth side and the reverse side covered by the external and short clenched. This type of material appeared in India and started to be commercialized in the middle of the 14th century.

At the time, silk fibers worked on handlooms gave rise to the fabric, nowadays, cotton, acetate, wool remnants, fiber mixtures and rayon are used for their production. This substitution of materials has also lowered its cost considerably. Velvet has a narrow weave, which produces a soft touch texture .

Velvet skirts and jackets are a timeless trend. They express elegance and make everything much more delicate and noble!

Suede: know how to replace it!
The chamois is the product made from the tanned leather suede (animal), but the term generalized to any animal skins tanned. It is a type of fuzzy leather made with the inner layer of the skin of animals such as chamois, goats, cows, pigs, calves, deer and especially lambs.

Because only the inner layer of the skin is used, the product is less  nishat durable but softer than ordinary leather . The softness, lightness and flexibility of the material make its use in clothing and other applications that require thin materials, such as gloves, satisfactory.

Suede is also widely used in tapestry, shoes, bags, and as a lining for leather products. However, because it is of animal origin and is not an ecological option, it is usually replaced by alternatives such as suede or velvet itself.

Suede: the fabric for decoration!

The suede , normally used in decoration, is a synthetic polyester fabric, with a suede-like finish. He is also very dear to us, even though he is not so present in clothes.

The material is an excellent coating option for furniture and accessories such as sofas, armchairs and pillows due to its functional characteristics, such as durability, resistance to stains and damage caused by humidity and nishat high aesthetic appeal.sapphire online

Winter fabrics! Find out how to take advantage of them!

Velvet is certainly the fabric of our winters. With its soft touch, it brings an air of sophistication to the look. The material has always been a classic and returns this year with a more decorative and luxurious air.

It comes not only in party looks , but also in the day-to-day life of those

who enjoy fashion and like to mix retro style and contemporary pieces. With great influence of the 70s, velvet will be used a lot in skirts, blouses, dresses, sneakers, hangers, tailoring pieces and even in chokers, the most beloved accessory of the moment.

The suede has been rehearsing to enter the scene since the summer, but it is in the winter that it promises to become a hit. The fabric will be used in shoes, bags and backpacks. And with its soft appearance, it is ready to make the look even more glamorous.

Suede is also inspired by the 70s and is very present in the boho chic style . Like velvet, it transforms the look without looking old-fashioned if used in the right measure. But it is not restricted only to shoes, since it promises to be successful in clothes, dresses, skirts, blouses, vests and jackets, bringing very varied sports options!

Despite appearing more in brown and caramel, colored fabric is also a possibility.

With a more casual feel, it can be used in the total look or combined with jeans , leather and silk. It works super! Like velvet, suede appears in necklace chokers and other jewelry.

The suede has been migrating from the living room to the closet lately, and has been gaining more and more space! For this winter, the fabric remains high and is the darling of it girls, it imitates suede and appears in trendy looks .

With its versatility, it stands out in all types of garments , skirts, blouses, pants, dresses , vests! The suede can be colored, but earthy tones predominate, and let’s agree that they are the face of winter, right?

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