The long skirt has been following women’s fashion for centuries.

Like sneakers, they are versatile and can compose looks of all styles. Romantic, corporate and street fashion lovers will find a combination to call their own.

No matter the age, the long skirt is a great choice to add a touch of femininity and comfort to your combination.

Looks with accessories
An accessory can be the transforming key of a garment. It can be the point of light for a composition, the perfect contour for a cleavage and the icing on a hairstyle. They are called accessories but, in fact, they are essential when putting together the look of the day.

For those who don’t know where to start or for those who need new ideas, we have a post on the best way to harmonize looks with accessories , such as rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

How to compose looks with accessories: girl in profile showing the earring.

From one extreme to the other: tips on how to dress in unstable weather
You leave the house in the morning, the weather is closed, it is cold, windy, there is no sun. Therefore, you put on clothes that protect you from the cold.

In the middle of the morning the weather is different: you are dying of heat! Do nishat linen you go through this? Well know that we made a post for you with tips on how to dress with the unstable weather !

These are timeless tips, since Brazilian women go through this at various times of the year, in different places in the country.


Women’s clothing for office workSome everyday items can be incorporated into your women’s clothing looks to work in the office smoothly.
The time has passed when the modeling of women’s clothing to work in the office was monotonous, even dull and without style. Today it is possible to put together looks with personality to frequent the corporate environment, be it more classic and traditional or cool and fun.

Often, all you need is to see with different eyes the pieces you already buy and even already have in your wardrobe.

Some day-to-day pieces can be incorporated into production to work smoothly. A touch of color or a different accessory can also be part of the composition of women’s clothing for work.

Want to know some cool tips and pieces to add to professional looks? So check it out below!

Women’s clothes for working in the office: model wearing a black lace top.BUY NOW
Women’s clothing for work: how to modernize the look?
Incorporating some trend pieces into the office look will make the production more fashion and modern. We have separated some suggestions:

1. Different modeling for the pants
Modernize the production with pants that do not follow the corporate standard. For example, high-waisted pants lengthen the silhouette and are elegant, while pantacourt pants and women’s pantaloons update the look. There are still khaadi sale options for flare pants and pantaloons.

Women’s clothes to work in the office: model wearing green pants.

2. A touch of color
If your goal is to keep the air of seriousness in the outfit, know that you can invest in colors anyway. The tip is that they are in more opaque, sober tones. The print, depending on your working environment, can also be more contained. It can come in shoes, accessories or clothing details.

3. For the hottest days
In summer, some pieces can be fresh (learn more in our article on spring summer 2021 look trends ) and still suitable for the work environment. Dresses and overalls are great examples of this!

Opt for pieces that have a more structured fabric and a longer length. Midi dresses are perfect in these cases! Look for pieces of light and soft fabrics, like linen and cotton.

Model wearing a midi dress ideal for the corporate environment.

4. Skirts can also
Skirts also cannot be left out of this list, especially on hot days. The more fashion versions, with discreet slits and asymmetry, can be part of the production for the office. Midi length skirts are also elegant and modern, perfect for the professional environment too.

Model wearing a long black skirt with a black shoulder to shoulder blouse.