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Looks to wear on the beach discreetly 2019

This year, the summer heat was present earlier and the desire to take a vacation, walk with the family and cool off with “shade and fresh water” has already started to appear, hasn’t it? At that moment, we automatically think of one thing: the beach! However, the question may arise: how should we Christian women dress in this environment? What are the trends in evangelical swimwear ?

In today’s post, you will learn how to dress well for the summer holidays and check out ideas for looks to wear on the beach in a discreet and well-mannered way, but without losing charm – and, of course, comfort nishat linen! Want to learn how to be beautiful, modern and stylish on the beach? So, look at that!

What to wear on the beach – bikini, swimsuit, swimwear?

There is nothing better than, after a long period of work and social dress, taking the bikini from the bottom of the drawer and the casual clothes from the closet to spend the entire vacation with comfortable looks , do you agree? If the subject is sea, then even better.

However, some people ask whether the Christian woman can go to the beach with her husband and family, normally. The answer is: of course yes! You should only be careful when dressing.

But this is not a problem, on the contrary: there are many options of swimwear geared to evangelical beach fashion , which were made to make your summer looks different and very elegant.

You can opt for bikinis (that’s what you read) and swimsuits more covered, without much cleavage. Thus, you will maintain sophistication even on the beach.

It is still possible to complement the look with a charming bathing suit, loose and light dresses, those shorts that we don’t wear all year… The interesting thing, for the coast, is to adapt everyday clothes to the sand days too, as kimonos, white shirts over the bikini and more. Check it out below!

Discreet look ideas for beach wear

As evangelical women, we know that, even with bathing suits, we need to take care of the decency of our garments. However, many find it difficult to appreciate it on the beach or in the pool, but it is possible, yes, to wear a more closed piece and remain beautiful and at ease!

Take a look at what we have separated for you!

Women’s shirt :
This piece is perfect for everyday wear, whether for work or going out at night for dinner! But it doesn’t stop there, it is totally possible to use it for a walk in the late afternoon, at a happy hour.

Also, did you know that the shirt can work as a bath outlet? That’s right, the garment can be worn closed, with shorts, or also over the bikini. Besides being stylish, it is very versatile!khaadi sale

01 looks beach fashion evangelica shirt

Dress :
The dress is the most versatile piece of the female wardrobe. It can be used almost everywhere, with shoes, sandals, slippers and more. And on the beach, then, this piece is almost indispensable! Do you know that barefoot walk on the sand in the morning or late afternoon? For that moment, the look is perfect!

You can create different compositions with the piece.

The short dress is the most multifunctional, especially those with loose modeling. It is ideal for creating a comfortable, fresh and stylish composition – just like summer, right? So be sure to put this piece in your suitcase! Oh, and a tip is to bet on colors and prints for a cheerful look and the look of the season.

This tip also works with the long dress . It is widely used in night walks and more elegant, but on the beach, it is possible to choose stripped models and light fabrics, with prints and colors, to combine elegance with the beachy mood. You will look amazing in your look!

The midi dress , finally, can be used on any occasion! Be it day, night or dusk, it is a wildcard when it comes to dressing well. Did you see how many comfortable and elegant dress options to wear on vacation? It is impossible not to love!

02 looks fashion beach evangelica dress

Last but not least, the kimono is the most charming and modern piece of all. You use it to complement the urban look, as a third piece, or as a stylish bathing suit. That’s right! The kimono has been implemented in beachwear in an innovative way, bringing comfort, decency and a lot of elegance!