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Combining shoes with dresses: unmissable tips!

The dress is one of the most important pieces in the female wardrobe

, with it we can make different combinations and productions, from the most casual to gala. But it is clear that every self-respecting woman always has that doubt of how to combine this very democratic and important piece with the shoe, another very important item when composing the look.

As it is a very feminine and important article, we need to take some care when choosing the shoe that fits the dress model. That is why we have separated some tips to solve the recurring doubts.

1. Formal shoes ask for thinner dresses nishat linen:
For special occasions, combine with your dress a more formal shoe, choose the ones with thin heels, such as pumps, two-strap sandals or peep toe, which are appropriate shoes for more formal looks. You should use this production at a wedding, graduation or gala dinner.

matching shoes with dress blog via evangelica

formal shoes goes with dresses blog via evangelica
2. Casual dresses: combine with platforms or flats.
Casual dresses are perfect for everyday life, and nothing better than choosing a comfortable shoe to create a stripped and light production. Sandals with platform heels, flat shoes or sneakers, is an excellent choice to compose comfortable looks for the daily rush.

matching shoes blog via evangelica

3. When is it possible to merge the styles?

Fashion is very versatile it gives us women an infinite number of options. And dress and shoe production is no different. We can mention several combinations with dresses, such as: pencil dress + pumps = chic production, already the same dress with sneakers = unpretentious and comfortable looks.

Long dresses with fluid touches and platforms make a devastating duo, and if you play that flat? Oh no doubt a perfect summer look.The dress is a wild and super feminine piece, which enhances the female khaadi sale silhouette, it is perfect for all seasons, in winter and summer you can make beautiful and devastating combinations, both for daily activities and for special events.

Check out these inspirations that we separated for you!