The brown to emphasize the green eyes, the blue making way for the brown ones, the white making the olhão jabuticaba jump.

Colors – We invite fashion consultant Jenniffer Nocetti to decipher the tone codes, explain how we can create combinations and, most importantly, tell how these choices can expand our options in the closet and in life

Fashion consultant and stylist

These are some tips that we got from the fashion consultant and nishatlinen stylist Jenniffer Nocetti, adept at what she calls “modaterapia” and who, when she goes to a consultancy, does a little bit of everything: closet detox, tips to recover parts and accessories – “I’m not a crazy personal shopper who wants people to go shopping”, he explains – and, of course, helps guide new acquisitions, but always thinking about how to enhance what already exists in the wardrobe.

And among the techniques he applies, there is a little bit of colorimetry, a science that uses a set of technologies to act on the perception we have of colors. It is in this part of the work that the specialist offers individualized readings on how to use the tones and their nuances in our favor, always in order to highlight our individual harmony, based on the skin tone, hair, eyes.

Left, Windsor bat shirt , burnt red; next to the green Kingston jumpsuit :

good options to highlight clear eyes and bring the tones of nature to the closet
Complementary opposite

But the idea is more to open than to close doors. It’s about experimenting – using parameters that make sense – rather than restricting based on experiences that aren’t even ours.

In general, Jenniffer spoke to us about techniques to emphasize the look, based on the principles of the so-called color ruler, seeking the opposite opposite. In this game, people who have light eyes (in different shades of green and blue) will earn points when choosing reddish tones, including brown and terracotta.

The warmer family of browns can explore the shades of green and blue. And for those who have darker eyes – that olhão of jabuticaba – will win with the lighter tones. “Whoever has a jaboticaba eye, wearing a white sweater, the eye will jump,” advises Jenniffer.

White Cotorna shirt (left) and Maxi Tricot coat (in off white): fit for nishatlinen dark eyes (jaboticaba type) and feeling of comfort
The colors of MyBasic

When she looked at our palette, the first thing Jenniffer noticed was how easy the basic colors are to permeate each other. “Gray, terracotta, white, are colors that are easy to play with”, he analyzes. “And they are colors obviously extracted from nature, which refer to the natural – even gray ones, similar to stone tones”

Learn more about the influence of colors here .

The consultant also comments that these colors refer to handmade, to little industrialized, in line with a more natural purpose. “And referring to the land, to manual work, always brings comfort”.

The earthy tones of green, red (such as terracotta) – in addition to white, gray, black and off white – are also, according to the stylist, direct channels for simplicity. “What I think has everything to do with what we are going through now, this return to the simple”.