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Bulk Email Hosting Option Tutorial – What You Want to Know


What’s a self hosted email marketing solution? Should you use email marketing on your company a self hosted option would the ability to bulk mail from your own server rather than using 3rd party solutions like GetResponse and Aweber. If your new to email marketing then this might not be the best solution for one to start with you might be better off using a 3rd party support to start with.
Improved Control Of Data Security – You do not have to rely on 3rd party’s to secure your data from spammers or risk using untrustworthy employees who have access to it.
Increased Control Over Technical Issues And Down Time – When there’s a problem you’ve got root access to this host to fix it without having to wait for 3rd party technical assistance to contact you back about your issue.

personal email hosting
Reduction In Prices – If your mailing are large volume of data then you will find it substantially cheaper with a 3rd party service (they have to make a gain )
Improved Control Over Mailing Platform And Customization – Desire extra attributes added or switch to a platform that has the features you will need for your email marking campaigns? Then you can implement these modifications as you’ve got complete access to this host.
Can Mail Single Opted In Leads – Transferring your information from 1 platform to another? It’s not necessary to get every one to opted in again like with most 3rd party auto responder providers force you also. You have more control over the data and can even mail co-registration leads.
Fully Customizable Double Opted In Confirmation Messages – Unlike many auto darkening services its own verification message you can personalize it as far as you prefer, you may even place the people which did not affirm onto a different auto responder and mail them with followup messages.
Reduced Security – Should you no nothing about computer safety and do not have sufficient technical assistance then it might leave you more vulnerable to SQL Injection and other data theft type attacks.
Server Downtime – If you do not have the technical skills to fix server difficulties and do not have adequate technical assistance to assist you then you can suffer longer than normal from any downtime your server experiences.
Increased Prices – If you only mail quite small volume such as 1000 emails then you might find it cheaper to not have your own server and might be better off with a 3rd party solution.
Technical Knowledge – You will need to be able to run and manage your servers as well as install and upgrade applications, if you do not know how to do this and cant learn it fast you might battle managing the job.
Duty – with 3rd party services your are mostly outsourcing the duty concerning CAN-SPAM compliance although in case you try hard enough that you could still violate it by for example providing an invalid postal address.
With your solution you are accountable for making sure you’re compliant and can be sued if you do not follow the guidelines itself best email hosting uk software may inform you exactly what you trying to perform could be non invasive but wont force you to stick to the instructions just like most 3rd party alternatives will.
For instance you can mail your prospects without including a chosen out link and certainly will continue to email people that have unsubscribed from the list. If you ignorant of the guidelines and the law then this could put you in trouble.
Server Form
VPS – This rack for”Virtual Private Server” this gives you root access and the exact same degree of control as dedicate server and can have your own IP address space but your are still sharing the same server with other users so there’s a limitation to how much you can drive it.
This really is a good starting solution and may be acceptable for those who have mailing lists of 10,000 – 50,000 subscribers based on the server specifications.
This could cost you anywhere between $30 – $200 a month determined by country and specification
Dedicated – If your mailing bigger volumes of prospects or are doing time based mailing in which you find that individuals are most responsive at a given time on a particular day for your market then you may want to have the ability to process a massive quantity data in a really brief period of time.
You’ll need to get your self a domain and email hosting. But you wont get this kind of performance from one of those very low end specification servers you’d start out with.
This could cost you anywhere from $100 – $2000 per month determined by specification and country.
Software Solutions
There are lots of types of software solutions available for this, some are free some are compensated. The paid ones may be better in terms of providing you more features and greater support. Just to name a few, this is not an entire list I have certainly come across better complimentary alternatives than the one recorded just cant recall what they are known as:-RRB- but this should get you started.
– PoMMo Mass Mailer
– Interspire
– Autoresponseplus
Make certain your server isn’t operating an open relay. Find out more about this by Wikipedia:
Installation SPF for you domain name so that other individuals have a more difficult time pretending to be you.
Setup domainkeys to help with deliverability to Yahoo mail accounts
Some web mail systems (e.g. Hotmail) foundation (at least in part) crap filtering on the standing of your ip address. If you have only just gotten an IP and so are becoming filtered into the junk then You Might Need to develop reputation as a valid mailer before you stop becoming filtered into the junk mailbox
Make Sure That you send from a domain which really has MX records setup in DNS and each mail server listed will accept mail for the domain name you are sending from
If you’re running WHM on your VPS or Dedicated server it is sometimes a fantastic suggestion to check your email queue after you do a send out, since the mailing software you use will just send to the email queue and will record the mails as sent, but they may not have left your server however. If this seems to be building being slow to send out then you may have to upgrade your server.
There are 3 Chief things which can get blacklisted as soon as your sending email and these are
IP Blacklisting – This is when your IP address Your server uses gets blacklisted
Domain Blacklisting – This is when the domain your linking to in your emails gets blacklisted
DNS Blacklisting – This can be when the name server which points to your personal email hosting gets blacklisted so if everything will junk mail and your IP and Domain Name appear fine this might be the thing that is causing it.
Things to do if you get on a blacklist?
Just contact them and ask them to remove you works the majority of the time. They may request that you supply them with all the”Time Stamp” and”IP address” of this contributor that made the criticism. Which you should have if your mailing a legitimate list. If you don’t collect this info then you might find it hard to get out of any escalating complaints from you and may Wind up in legal trouble
There are 2 things that you can do for you, you is help identify any information theft strikes if the mails you seed your listing with start receiving mails from anyone else but your self then you know somebody has stolen your listing some how. But more importantly is having email address with all the significant email providers and ISP’s so which you can check that your email is causing it to the inbox not the junk box.
To go around the problem of blacklisting, and deliverability issues you’re able to get white recorded. As soon as you have done this correctly all emails you send will be trusted treated with less suspicion and sent to your readers. You will have to maintain good relations with all ISP’s. Different ISP’s and Email Providers have different requirements and it is sometimes a long and time consuming process but ultimately well worth it.
CAN-SPAM Compliance
Make sure you stay compliment some of the things you will need to do
Collect IP Address and Time and Date Stamp for many readers for evidence
– Include a legitimate return email address in all emails you send out
– Include a valid postal address in all of your mails
– Do not falsify email headers this is very illegal
– Procedure unsubscribe requests
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