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Lately, the rush and lack of time are no longer a problem in our lives, on the contrary, we are currently having enough time to catch up on tasks and explore new things that bring us a sense of well-being. Have you ever thought about fixing your closet? If you have questions about how to organize your wardrobe, we at Upperbag have incredible tips that will help you a lot. Check it out below!

Everyone has gone through moments of doubt

what to wear and how to organize the wardrobe. Due to the disorder and many old pieces that take up space, we ended up wasting time when choosing a look .

With this storage method that we are going to list now, this impasse is over. Therefore, in this text, you will learn:

At first, the first step is to take everything out of the closet, empty all the drawers and other parts of your wardrobe. One tip is to take advantage of the fact that the closet is completely empty and clean it completely.

In addition, if it is those wardrobes with mirrors, then you can use a cloth to make it very shiny.rang rasiya lawn

how to organize the wardrobe

It is important to determine the space that each item will occupy in your wardrobe , so it is possible to store each piece in its proper place, avoiding confusion and mess.

wardrobe with clothes and shoe

Now, this is the moment when you are going to let go! Certainly, in your wardrobe there are many pieces that you haven’t used in a while, for several reasons, like tight clothes, pieces that have gone out of style or that are no longer part of your current style.

After all, fashion is always changing and there are also those pieces that are already well worn after a lot of use.

With these points in mind, the time has come to decide the pieces that really make sense to remain in your closet. Those clothes you don’t want anymore, so you have 3 option

this is one of the best options for those who are detaching, since the donation can be for someone unknown or even someone you know who loves to borrow a piece. In addition, there is also the option of detachment groups that are found on social networks. Remembering that for donation the pieces must always be in good condition.

2nd SEWER: this option is for that piece that is not 100% in good rang rasiya condition, but you can still clean it up, we always have the little darlings that we can’t let go of, right? The seamstress is a solution.

3rd GARBAGE: this is a very radical tip, but necessary, so it is for clothes that are stained or torn and that you do not use at all. You can detach it and send it to the trash, they just take up space and help with clutter.

woman arranging clothes


After going through the screening, it’s time to decide what stays and what goes! The tip is to take it piece by piece and ask yourself: Do I use this often? ”. If the answer is yes, then this piece is ready to go back to your closet!

how to organize the wardrobe rang rasiya lawn
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this point, you will decide how to organize your wardrobe. Therefore, there are numerous options for storing the pieces inside your closet, so you can separate them by criteria of fabrics, colors and even functions. For example:

Fabrics : from the lightest to the thickest.
Colors : from light to dark tones.
Functions : from work to party.