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The Brazilian winter begins in June and runs until September. In that time, the population faces lower temperatures, in addition to having to deal with winds, rain and air conditioning in the workplace. You have no idea what to wear? We will help you! Check out our selection of winter looks to work with !

Best winter fabrics
Winter clothes are made of denser fabrics to protect wearers.

The raw materials for cold clothing are usually leather (animal and synthetic), knitting, nylon, cotton wefts and fake fur.

See our article on winter fabric trends for the 2020 collection and start thinking about your winter clothes for work!

Winter looks to work: model with an inspiring look for winter
Winter looks to work with
It’s time to think about clothing combinations to maintain style and elegance without being cold at work! Choose clothes and accessories typical of the season that match your look!

Knitting cold blouse
Knitting is one of the darlings at Donna Modelli.

Our online store is full of models of jackets and blouses made of knitting to please all tastes and rang rasiya combinations.

You will fall in love! Ponchos, coats and kimonos are some of the ideas to add to the list of clothes to work in the winter and that you will know better in our article!

Winter looks to work: model wearing a look with knit blouse.

Knit blouse V neckline braids
The cardigan is an open, popular coat that combines with several pieces and 

nishat linen online favors overlays.

It is lightweight, easy to carry in the bag and to wear when needed. Read our article on women’s cardigans and get to know what must be in your look to work in the winter!

Winter looks to work: model wearing a female cardigan.
Riding Pants
The model of riding pants left the competitions with horses to occupy a prominent position in fashion outside the sport.

It is similar to legging pants, but it is produced with thicker fabric and different modeling, usually valuing the high waistband. Some have a charming zipper that resembles the uniform of horsemen and Amazons.

The riding pants are versatile: goes well with sneakers, boots and pumps.

Thick pantyhose
The thick pantyhose is a piece capable of enhancing a touch of romanticism in the work look and warding off the cold whenever necessary.

For those who do not give up their skirts and dresses in winter, thick socks are essential. From the 80th thread, the stockings start to thicken and lose their transparency.

Winter socks can also be used as a second skin. Combine with dresses, pleated skirts and even shorts, if the workplace allows.

Leather Coats and Jackets
The leather jacket is a piece that reinvents itself every season.

It is not just an article of retro fashion; every year the models change the colors, the modeling, the length, the pockets and the types of zippers to suit the trends.

It can be the piece that will give a cool tone to the work look.

Matches dress shirts and plain or printed t-shirts.

Winter looks to work: model wearing fake leather coat.
Being all wrapped up but with bare feet makes many women feel cold. Therefore, the boot is the darling shoe of winter. Waterproof materials are more popular so that your feet do not get wet after facing rain.

The look to work on winter days will not be complete without the striking accessories of the season. Scarves, gloves, caps, hats and berets close the production of the look with a golden key to keep you warm from head to toe.

Now that you know so many winter pieces, take advantage of creativity to insert each one in your winter looks to work!

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