This is the difference between organic and normal makeup

By  Pao JimĂ©nez  | November 7, 2018In makeup we can find many products. Thanks to the variety that exists, it is easier to choose those products that best suit our skin. There are also different ways in which makeup is made, many of us know the traditional makeup that we find in all stores. Now there is one that you may have heard of, organic makeup. Check out the differences between both makeups, to choose the one that suits you best.

Organic matter favors the availability of phosphorus in oxisols since it contributes to decrease phosphate retention. Guggenberger et al. (1996) found low retention of inorganic P in oxisols and this fact was related to the content of organic matter found in the surface layer. The affinity of the soil for inorganic P decreased significantly with the establishment of pastures, reaching the highest equilibrium concentration of P in the earthworm waste found in this production system.

Likewise, Borggaard et al. (2005) found that the concentrations of humic substances from organic matter, which are normally found in podzoles and umbrisols, do not affect phosphorus adsorption caused by the presence of iron and aluminum oxides.Previous additions of P reduce the ability of soils to adsorb more phosphates. Barrow (1974) incubated four soils for 12 months with various levels of phosphates and then determined the isotherms by comparing them with an initial control, finding that the isotherm curves of the incubated soils had not only shifted to the right with respect to the initial soil , but also the slope of the curves was lower, which means that the phosphate buffer capacity decreased, indicating that there was a conversion of the phosphate to forms that occupied adsorption sites. Low application levels produced a greater effect than high levels.

The ingredients with which they are made

One of the main differences between both makeup is the origin of the products with which they are made. Organic makeup uses natural products that are not contaminated with pesticides. This makeup uses oils such as coconut, almond or castor oil and also contains beeswax and cocoa butter. On the other hand, common makeup is made with some chemicals, paraffin oil, silicones and artificial colors.

Its impact on the environment

Another difference between normal and organic makeup is the damage they cause to the environment. Organic cosmetics, being manufactured with natural products, hardly cause any impact. Some of these products are only made with 5% ingredients of chemical origin. On the other hand, common cosmetics pollute a lot due to the chemical substances used in their elaboration.


Women always look for products that do not break down as quickly and among them makeup. Normal cosmetics often have ingredients like formaldehyde or phthalates that make them last for six months or up to a year. Moreover, organic makeup has natural preservatives, such as citric acid or vitamin E . These make the life of the cosmetic two or three years

Skin benefits

Products of organic origin give a greater benefit to our body. And by using organic makeup our face gets benefits, because it does not cover the pores, much less enlarge them . In addition, it gives a natural finish to the skin and last but not least does not cause acne. As you know, conventional cosmetics can cause greater damage to the skin, so it is necessary to follow a beauty routine that protects it.