Use the variety of types of blogs for good content marketing

The types of blogs provide a huge scope for your own content marketing! However, it is the subtleties that count. Because not every blog is really suitable for your own marketing. I have summarized here what is important and what details you should pay attention to for your content marketing.

Use types of blogs for content marketing

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What exactly is behind content marketing?

What opportunities do the types of blogs offer for content marketing?

How can the types of blogs be used meaningfully for content marketing?

This is what matters when choosing a suitable blog

A little trip into the variety of blog types

Two practical examples

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What exactly is behind content marketing?

Content marketing is part of online marketing. For example, companies want to

Reach (new) target groups (and thereby also win new customers ),

increase their reach and awareness or

strengthen their customer loyalty .

And companies want to achieve these goals through content that is useful for the target groups. This can be, for example, emotional, advisory, entertaining or informative content. Incidentally, this content does not only mean texts, but also photos, videos, (info) graphics or audio content, for example.

What opportunities do the types of blogs offer for content marketing?

If you want to use blogs as advertising space, there are basically two options: push marketing and pull marketing.

About the Push Marketing one uses external channels for content marketing. These are, for example, sponsored posts or banner ads on external blogs.

The pull marketing , however, takes place on the dedicated channels from. For example, this is content that the company publishes on the internal corporate blog.

So if we look at the possibilities of the types of blogs, you can implement your content marketing on the blogger channels. If you rely on push marketing, it is usually a matter of paid advertising on external channels. Pull marketing, on the other hand, costs you to create content for your own channels. For example, on the personnel costs of the employees who write the texts. Or you can hire a freelance copywriter or blogger to create the content .

How can the types of blogs be used meaningfully for content marketing?

There are various options for content marketing on external channels. Because the content can not only consist of texts, but also, for example, of photos or videos. While the text is in the foreground on the blog, influencers in particular focus on image and sound. The influencers then spread their content (mostly with little text) in the social media landscape. For example on Instagram and Youtube. Even though influencers may seem more tempting, bloggers should not be underestimated. Because your texts on your own blog are sustainable. The text can be found permanently by searching on Google & Co. In addition, many bloggers not only create texts, but also their own photos or videos. And like the influencers, the bloggers scatter their content on the social media channels.

If you want to cooperate with a blogger for your content marketing, there are a number of options available. Which of these makes sense is a completely different question. Because not every blog is really suitable to present your products. I have summarized how you can find the best blog for you under the next heading.