How much does it cost to set up an online store?

All that said, let’s do the math, how much does it cost to set up a professional-looking online store?

To start a business, I like to calculate first the cost that it will entail during the first year, so that I can have the money saved and be able to face my project with guarantees and time so that it can work.

In this way, the basic expenses that you would have to have in the first year are:

Freelance expenses
Here you have to keep one thing in mind, you do not have to register as a self-employed person until you make your first sale, although if your initial investment is large, it can pay off for you to register from the first day to deduct any expenses you may have.

In Spain, the freelance fee for the first year is € 60 / month, so the first year will cost € 720.

To this it would also be advisable to add the hiring of a gesture to present all the quarters and forms and not have any problem with the Treasury.

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The one I use is GesYou, only € 35 per month! And they are super professionals, they answer you on the phone when you need it and they have liability insurance if you have any problem with the Treasury because they have not processed something well for you. So here we would have to add another € 420 for the first year.

We are already going for € 1,140. Don’t worry, there’s little left …

Maintenance of your online store
If you have chosen to hire a hosting and set up your store with content managers such as WordPress or PrestaShop, the price of a hosting in Webempresa for the first year is € 59.25, the first year using the discount that I comment on in this article.

If you have listened to me and you have mounted it in Shopify that costs $ 29 per month, a year will cost you about € 295.

Total and alternative to do everything much cheaper
In this way, doing things as God intended, with your Shopify store , your freelance registration and with your hired manager , the investment for the first year would be € 1,435 of fixed expenses.

Start without money
Before starting to create your store without money, I recommend you find at least what I have mentioned above to start with more peace of mind and be able to focus with more guarantees on your project.

But if you still don’t want to spend any money, you can start selling your own personalized clothing in stores like the ones I mentioned before: Printful or La Tostadora .

You can create your designs and share the links they give you on your Instagram profile or on a first web page that you do with WordPress , something that will only cost you a little more than € 60 a year if you do it as I explain in this tutorial .

In addition, if you are starting out and you have bills less than the minimum wage or you earn less than in another employed job that you have, you could declare your income in the Treasury and not have to pay the self-employment fee.

How to invoice without being self-employed

What I recommend in this case is not to complicate yourself and sign up the moment you make the first sale, never before.

How to get money to set up an online store
If you don’t have money, you can always work a few months in any job, a Burger King, a clothing store or even if you have registered as a freelancer on a platform like Amazon , Glovo or Deliveroo, if you still can. .

When you have your own project to carry out, any type of work will seem good to you if it helps you achieve greater goals , such as having your own clothing brand .

Tell us about your online clothing store
I hope I have given you some ideas and if you finally dare to set up an online clothing store , leave it in the comments, maybe I can be your first customer!