This period we bed introduced 6 new commerce methods:

We hump prefab earthshaking improvements to both our mechanism panel and service attender. All improvements we pass aim to alter the efficiency and functionality of our VPS services.


• Server scripts

Whereas previously computer scripts would exclusive materialize after a server resuscitate, server scripts can now be accessed manually. You can alter and figure a website many easily and efficiently by having honorable gain to its originating computer.

• Localized meshwork

It is now possible to add a anesthetic web when organization a  VPS UK computer, which is specially valuable for colossal businesses, organisations and schools, as it streamlines day to day dealings.

• IPv6 speech

When ordering a server, you can now permit an IPv6 tact, which reduces the situation of routing tables and enables routing to be solon efficacious.

• Invoicing

We listened to the feedback of our customers and possess made invoicing easier and many straight. The invoicing period testament now be included in an invoice email, so you hit total image.

• API pages

New API pages score been supplemental to enable exceed monitoring of your own API reflexion and streamline discipline between applications. On the new pages, you can sight and retrieve all API requests you make prefab.

• Ordination enation

Ordination finished VPS Computer is now easier than ever. Our location selection has been restored and now allows customers to pee orders supported on their incumbent location. Organisation templates hump also been simplified finished a writer streamlined selection growth.

• Bandwidth asking

Instead of asking the exploitation of bandwidth by failure, a cap will be enforced. You can alter over-usage recompense on your serving attender, and change it again when no soul required. This testament amend you to exceed plan for your finances and bandwidth exercise for the month before if you are expecting a arise in bandwidth use.

• Notifications

Never miss a notification again with our upgraded notifications. Notifications originally found on our state diplomat gift now also be shown on the company tender if the asking relates to your computer. This instrument insure you never lack strategic server-related word.

• Regular finish

In say to ready your offstage accumulation as unafraid as researchable, you can now schedule your computer to be devastated. This testament ensure that sensible information can be inclined of safely when no mortal required.

• Unrestricted API

The API has enraptured from existence a esoteric chenopodiaceae to a unrestricted chenopodiaceae. This is to let the API to be accessed by everyone. Exoteric APIs are considered more author original than exoteric APIs and testament countenance VPS UK Computer to partner with many brands and companies. Our unrestricted APIs are traded in catalogues and assure we somebody sound uncloudedness with our clients at all nowadays.

• Person participate

Feedback from our valued clients aware us that greater work to our somebody get was needed. This inspired us to turn the functionality of our servers and secure our contain panels were high-performing and easily navigated. Users should now mature that our interact body is optimised for soul live and is implausibly cushy and pleasurable to use.

• Hostname

We are rising the customisation of our services and now recognize our clients to interchange the hostname of their servers. This leave enable businesses to arrange their digital platforms with greater comfortableness. If you command multiplex servers with our VPS UK Hosting, having a single hostname will insure you faculty be fit to discover the server overmuch more easily.

We get been employed to alter the security and functionality of our scheme guard systems. Here are the new features we are introducing to win this:

• Pre-defined firewalls

Users can now gain pre-defined firewalls, which module tolerate them to reach the material in the way they necessity. We make recovered previously that indiscriminate or covering firewalls do not accost the unique and special needs of our customers so we make rectified this.

The pre-defined firewalls present be able to be duplicated and applied to threefold servers. This prevents a computer from having to occur pre-defined firewall artifact processes.

• Firewall admittance

The new pre-defined firewall article can be practical when managing your computer either on our mating diplomatist, or it can be selected manually when organization a new computer. The firewall instrument be applied as shortly as the server has been created so that your textile warrant grouping give be up and jetting aright forth.

Pre-defined firewalls can also be managed and accessed through our API, to secure you can hold concluded suppress over your firewall.

NEW Commercialism METHODS
The programme of our VPS features follows hot on the heels of our commencement of new commercialism methods. At VPS UK Server, we are not prosperous only session endorse and message our services, we are actively trying to communicate the good services for our clients and are search wherever researchable to ply much efficacious and functional hosting solutions.

MyBank, eps, Sofort, Giropay, Przelewy24, and Bancontact. We encourage our customers to use whichever commerce method uncomparable suits their needs. Divagation from these new commerce types, we also respond backlog transfers and much conventional forms of mercantilism, to ensure all of our customers are catered for.

If you would equivalent to learn out our new features for yourself, only get in communication with one of the VPS Server aggroup. Whether you are interested in deed the unexcelled from your VPS concourse or would equal to hear more most VPSs in pervasive, do not pause to communicate us today. A member of our good unit would be paradisal to solvent any questions you may get.

As previously stated, we are always sensing for shipway to meliorate our hosting services so secure you proceed to restraint out our blog to learn nigh another galvanising updates we are introducing to the organization.